The Chosen's Way is the mod with a truly heroic aim, in some ways.

If to be real short about what this mod is - it is Fallout 2 remake in 3D, which you might have been seeking. But this is not the exact truth. To be more certain, it is not the truth at all.

The basis is of course Fallout 2 and we are striving to recreate it as faithfully as possible, but we also intend to recreate the cut-content found in the Fallout 2 Restoration Project along with the addition of a couple new things. Some of these "new things" will be based on the work of other authors (Fallout 2 MegaMod), but some of them will be our own original ideas. Naturally, the game mechanics will have lots of changes done to it. We won't enforce oddly done turn based combat or move the camera away to proudly name it "isometric view", since we know the difference. Also we won't be going crazy, removing content that never was present in Fallout 2 and that we see now, be it weaponry, armor or a new perk.
Story-wise the mod will be built on Fallout 2 with some entries from those two projects mentioned before. The quests and dialogs are going to remain mostly untouched, excluding some moments, which have no use emphasizing the attention on, but, this way or another, new lines of dialogue and ability to pass the quest alternatively will be added.

There won't be (and there are none at the moment) any intentions to remove every thing we never saw in sprites in Fallout 2. As a result, assortment of objects will be coming from Fallout 2, 3 and Fallout New Vegas. The wrong logic "it wasn't present in Fallout 2, so it shouldn't be present here" is not even taken into consideration within our team, unlike other attempts of making mods with such goal.

Character advancement system won't replace skills and traits we already have by now, but also will merge all existing once after they're fit in new game mechanics. Those additions like hardcore needs, and debuffs coming after failing to fulfill character's needs, will be fully integrated in the game and will be used all around the game world.

It is a frequent question about our progress and lack of material to show in our gallery and news. We answer this question in forward: all classic content is being done as close to the original as it is possible, so it looks like its original prototypes and pictures of it, so it takes more time than we'd wish. And thus, we don't really have much time to answer badly put questions like "why is it different in color", and thus we usually show our content in nearly-done stage, which explains why our gallery feels empty and abandoned. We finish one thing and move forward to another one instead of making badly done models, hoping someone else will do this job for us.

If you read all this and are willing to help, all the information is in our Discord server - you're welcome to join!

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RSS Articles

Below goes a list of frequently asked questions; it would be much obliged if you'd look through it thoroughly to avoid misunderstandings in future communications we may (or may not) have.

  • Is the project dead? No.

  • Are you alive? Yep.

  • Will there be a car/vehicle/Highwayman? Yes, there will be. You won't be able to drive it from first person perspective - it will act the same as in Fallout 2, speeding up fast travel.

  • Will [any item/creature/town/quest from Fallout 2] be present in-game? Yes, they will.

  • What is the estimated release date/what percentage of the mod is done? Unknown.
  • Why is it unknown? It is unknown because the work is more than huge; because it is being done by people with different kinds of loads on their back in their course of life, different work efficiency and other parameters affecting the work being done. Simply because we have better things to do in our life.

  • Will Nuka-Cola be blue? Nope.

  • Will Frank Horrigan be present? Yes, he will be.

  • What does Molten Clouds stand for? You see: 'Molten Clouds' writing. Seems like it is the name of the team making the mod.

  • So, what's the project's name again? You see: Mod heading. It is hard to believe you actually missed it before. It says 'The Chosen's Way'.

  • Will there be any new towns or key story changes which were not present in original game? Yes, of course, because the project is being made not only based on the original game, but also with some input from Megamod addon and Restoration Project.

  • Will there be isometric view? Nope.

  • Will V.A.T.S. be present? Yep.

  • Will there be an ability to shoot one's groin? It is not assuredly known.

  • Is it possible to make groin shootable? Yep.

  • Will there be dual wielding (e.g. shooting two pistols at once)? Nope.

  • Will V.A.T.S. be always on during combat? No, it will be available as it is in F:NV.

  • What kind of weapon Gauss rifle will be? Light weaponry.

  • Would you be able to loot Frank Horrigan's armor? Nope.
  • Why you wouldn't be? You wouldn't be able to because it is twice bigger than your character's average height; it is also a part of Frank Horrigan's life support system and his exoskeleton, thus making it anything but an armor.

  • Which Pip-Boy the protagonist will posess? 2000.

  • Why Pip-Boy 2000 of yours is not handheld? It is not because PIP-boy 2000 was not a handheld device.

  • Why news are not so frequent? If there are no news, it means nobody writes them.

  • You use some assets from *input mod name here*. Do their authors know you use their content? Yes, they do. And we have their permission to use their works.

  • Can you play as a dumb character? Yes.

  • Will radscorpions be brown? Not all of them.

  • Can you take Frank Horrigan's weaponry? Nope.
  • Why you won't be allowed to if you were able to do it in the original game? Because bug abusing is not a feature.

  • Will there be voice acting? Yes. But it will be coming in due time and, probably, as the last priority. We won't use Fallout 2 voices or any other Fallout 2 assets as it's simply illegal.

  • How will you move between the towns? Our towns are actually big and extended worldspaces. Inside such worldspace you will be able to fast travel like in New Vegas. Between those worldspaces we have a worldmap, similar to Fallout 2.

  • Will savages have bows from Oblivion? Nope.

  • Will there be random encounters? Yep.

  • What color will supermutants be? It will be different. The main colors are green, gray and blue..

  • When will DEMO be released? There will never be DEMO version of the mod. We intend to release a finished version with only minor improvements in form of patches.

  • Will minigun also contain a backpack? Yes, it will.

  • Will you be able to fire sniper rifles while laying down on the ground? Nope.

  • When will there be new articles/pictures/videos on the mod page? The exact moment when someone puts it in there.

  • Do those pictures present in here show us the last iteration of the object on the picture? If the picture has the team logo (Molten Clouds), then this is the last version of the object (90-100%). If there is no logo on the picture, then it is 50/50 that the object will not change at all. It also depends on whether the object is marked as WIP or not.

  • Why are you responding so agressively to 'are you alive?' question? Try asking the one who sleeps whether he sleeps or not. This question distracts from work.

  • When will town screenshots be posted? When the towns will be more or less ready to be shown.

  • Why can't you make the project on Unity or Unreal Engine 3? Nearly everybody knows JavaScript nowadays? If to forget that making a free-to-play project from scratch is kind of irrational for us, you should look at the game name, and at the copyright owner respectfully.

  • Will your character be able to wear any armor or only a few sets of each armor category? Your character will be able to wear any armor he is able to wear.

  • Will *put item name here* have normal maps? Yep.
  • How are you going to make this one? It depends on the model and its creation process.

  • Are you going to fully replace Fallout New Vegas story or are you going to keep it? Fallout New Vegas and The Chosen's Way will have separate stories; you will be able to choose one at the start.

  • Will there be a ghost in the Den? Yes, there will be.

  • How will vault suits be designed? It will be something in between, but mostly it will be done more like original pajama-like suits.

  • What kind of currency will be used in game? NCR dollars will be the main currency, but Nuka Cola caps and mine scribs will also be present.

  • Will radio be present in game? Yes, but not everywhere.
  • Will our decision not to listen the radio cut some possibilities from us? It depends on you.

  • Will there be the Bridgekeeper's Robe? Yep, naturally.

  • How the inventory will be done? Via a separate menu or in PIP-boy? As a menu in PIP-boy.

  • What will be maximal skill percentage be like? Will it be 100, like in Fallout New Vegas, or 300 as if it was Fallout 2? For now we are not quite certain, but it is more likely we'll have to stick to 100 points.

  • How many companions will you be able to have simultaneously? The amount of your companions will depend on your character's appeal at the moment when you took your companion; it will also depend on the follower and on some perks/abilities/quest situations.

  • Are you going to reuse Fallout New Vegas's Markus or are you going to remake it? We are going to use New Vegas assets with some changes done to it as we see suitable.

  • Did you consider starting a Kickstarter/GoFundMe/Patreon page for the project? It should be obvious since we don't own the rights for Fallout franchise, the only thing we are legally allowed to create is a free mod. Anything else is considered a copyright infringement.
30.08.2018 Mod Update Newsflash - Videos

30.08.2018 Mod Update Newsflash - Videos

News 9 comments

A summary of recent alpha previews on our YouTube channel.

21.07.18 Mod Update Newsflash - Arts

21.07.18 Mod Update Newsflash - Arts


We're not writing too much. But we still draw, and the arts are being made.

13.07.18 Mod Update Newsflash - Mapping

13.07.18 Mod Update Newsflash - Mapping

News 2 comments

We're not writing too much. But we still live, and the mapping advances.

28th March's Tiny Update - Mod Update Newsflash

28th March's Tiny Update - Mod Update Newsflash

News 7 comments

We are alive, as we usually say. Here's a little bit of info.

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I’ve remade a lot of the fallout 2 locations in fallout 4, like the oil rig, New Reno, Navarro and San Francisco. My name is the wasteland architect on YouTube if you want to have a look 👍

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God,hope you guys can carry on!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
F@Nt0M Creator

Well I would suggest looking at our Discord, all the action is there, here at best the pictures are updated a couple times a year so far.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

This is amazing. I know your team still probably has a long way to go, but from the content seen here, you and your team should be proud of the work you've done.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Just my personal opinion, but Abbey and Jacobstown was too boring. It would be nice if you do some changes. Restoration project added generators in every map and changed Navarro and tanker map which didn't look too good in my opinion. Finding Sulik sister was also boring. I think she should be with shadow-who-walks. Again just my personal opinion but some changes there would be nice

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

I have a few quick questions, the first regarding skins and textures in the mod - are you planning to overhaul textures such as the Laser Rifle or Plasma Rifle, which Bethesda changed from F2 to F3 and FNV, or will you simply keep them from FNV? Same goes for things like the Minigun and Gatling Laser, the "Transport" Vertibird and the Enclave Advanced Power Armor, which all had random texture changes (because Bethesda hates established lore lol).
Also a nerdy little side question, will the FNV Plasma Caster be the "The Chosen's Way"s Plasma Rifle??

Can someone will little to no experience with game or level design be able to help you all develop this mod in any way? I'd love to be a helping hand if possible.
Love the awesome work!! You have all really captured the spirit of F2. Keep it up :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I would love to play this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is this Project Still Alive? and is it true you switched to fallout 4 for this remake?

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Adash Creator

Yes, the project alive. No, the project still based on Fallout New Vegas.

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