Essentially, Survivor started out as a "disaster sim", something to let you see what it'd be like to live in New York City if no one were left alive. Then I saw I Am Legend and realized it's basically the same thing, so I opened it up to the community, and it changed again. Then I read Brian Wood's DMZ, and it took its present form. New York is occupied territory, and you're smack dab in the middle of it. Work with the Insurgents of the Free America Coalition, or run missions for the Army that's occupied Manhattan - the choice is yours. Here's a typical "Day-in-the-life" of the Survivor player.

You wake up on a hard mattress in a Bed-Stuy apartment. You look around for something to eat, see the stash of power bars you snagged while you were doing some recon on Wall Street. You eat one, restoring your energy, and you snag your M4 from a weapons cache you've assembled over the past few weeks. On your cell, you receive an incoming text from Lao, your FAC contact in Chinatown. They want you to steal a consignment of arms from the National Guard base set up by Ground Zero. You think for a moment - it's bound to drop your reputation with the NGs, but it could open up some new travel routes for you with the FAC. So why not? You hop in a Yellow Cab you've restored and armored, and drive down with some of Lao's men. You take a potshot at some of the propaganda speakers, and the broadcasts stop, allowing you to enjoy your iPod. The NGs are initially relaxed as you approach, but pretty soon Lao's boys have let off a few rounds and your rep counts for fuck-all. The NGs give chase as you fly down Broadway doing 75. The National Guardsmen are catching up, but you're making 'em work for it. Lao's guys have let loose with their AKs, but it's no use - the NGs have called in a helicopter. Just in the nick of time, you pull into a side street on Delancey - good thing you and the FAC took back the area a couple days before. Your efforts pay off - as you slide through the gates they've erected, a masked guerilla launches an RPG right into the chopper, allowing you to make it to safety. A quick change of disguise, and you're free to make your way around the city at your leisure. You're starting to feel hungry again, so you head uptown to a vegan place your friend Angela runs. Since you MEDEVAC-ed her friend from a blaze in Washington Heights, she hasn't let you pay for a meal. Alright with you, though - could just as easily spend the money on some fresh kevlar purchased off the back of a National Guard truck, or a new apartment closer to civilization. Ready to relax, you decide to do some rooftop hunting. After taking shots at pigeons for a couple hours, you realize you should be heading home. You stop buy an FAC supply depot, where a friend gives you a ride back to the pad in Bed-Stuy, and tuck in for a night's sleep. Who knows what you'll be doing tomorrow?

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Survivor Diaries

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So, the rundown on Survivor. Yes, I will admit, it died. FOR A BIT. But now, it is back, and better than ever. I'm attacking it with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor, writing and documenting and blogging and *ahem* assembling a team. So if anybody out there is interested in lessening the load and speeding up the pace (or knows somebody who might be), hit me up either via PM or at

Also, a sweet piece of news: The hero of Survivor (The Guy you'll be playing as), Matt J. Carter, has just opened up a blog! You can locate it here:

Feel free to check it out, friend him, talk with him, send him naked pictures, whatever. For all intents and purposes he is a living, breathing guy, and he'll keep you updated on the escalating situation in New York.

Now, for the features that are gonna make the cut:
Key Features
to scale map of New York City. Climb buildings, drive through abandoned
city streets, take up sniping positions atop the Chrysler Building,
rappel down the front of the Empire State Building, or drive a
motorcycle through the subway tunnels.
tracker - keep track of the relationships you forge in your adventures
in the war zone that is New York City. Unlock better gear, vehicles,
and favors. Of course, a well-placed bribe will also do wonders.
- Fortify your base to make the ultimate safe-haven in the city. Find
an abandoned warehouse on the docks, or an apartment in Bed-Stuy, and
trick it out with claymores, alarms, mounted guns, reinforced doors,
and ammo caches.
War Tactics - Capture areas of the city, and the FAC or Army will
reinforce their presence there. It will become "their" area, and
depending on your reputation at the time, you'll either be shot at or
Real-World Clock - Time in game is synced to your computer's clock.
World Needs - Your energy in the game will drop as you perform grueling
activities, and you'll have to eat to regain your strength. Have a
snack every four hours or so, and you should be alright.
Assets - If you capture a radio station, it'll stop playing the
state-run propaganda, and will instead broadcast some good old
fashioned underground pirate radio. Capture an area, it'll become
friendly. Liberate some hostages, they'll open up their shops and give
you a discount. Quid pro Quo, Baby.

I will talk to you all very soon!


UPDATE At Last, Now With A Poll!

UPDATE At Last, Now With A Poll!


Bblakeney details what's going on with 'Survivor'.

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All the good god damned mods are dead )':

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Is the mod still going?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is this mod dead?

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bblakeney Creator

Yes, sadly, for the moment. My computer **** the bed and I went without one for about 8 months (although part of that time I was shooting a movie in Brazil), so now that I've got a new MacBook Pro I'm a little less inclined to start the project back up again. I do still want to build a mod, I'm just gonna have to reexamine what I'm going to be investing such a sizable portion of time into. Turning 22 kind of made me prioritize a bit, but hopefully I'll be able to organize a team for the next iteration. Thanks for your lovely support to everybody who showed it.

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**** i realy wanted new york in crysis

if you need extra help i am offering

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Awesome mod, can't wait to play it!!

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Funny!!! "friend him, talk with him, send him naked pictures, whatever" hahaha

Sounds great im trackin it for sure....please don't die...

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bblakeney Creator

Thanks for the encouragement, dude. Everybody make sure to friend Matt! He should have some pretty interesting things to say soon. :D Besides, the more subscriptions he gets the more progress we have the motivation to make. Totally recruiting in all capacities if anybody's interested; just PM or email me at

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No idea how to mod..... I play mods not make them

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bblakeney Creator

Haha, well thanks for the support you've shown thus far. A watch is as good as anything I could ask for.

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