Just in case I forogt to update this here in moddb, check here.


For more details, here are the older versions:


Overall changes:

.Different fleshwounds depending on the gun used

.Fixed blood splash so it doesn´t glow in the dark

.HD blood splatters

.Improved descriptions for some weapons and emails from delta2b in the pda

.Increased health and damage of some monsters

.More realistic grenade

.Larger ejected shells for chaingun

.Ammo containers carry the ammount of ammo they should

.Replacing your armor vest with any other found gives you the maximun

.Plasma leaves burn marks on bodies

.Blood stained chainsaw

.Synthetic handle for pistol

.Shotgun shells are now loaded one by one

.Tweaked health and damage of some monsters

.Decreased max ammo capacity for all weapons (ex: 8 grenades only)

.Corpses can´t be gibbed by hand, flashlight hits, and low caliber guns (except env ragdolls)

.Casings ejected from weapons stay for a LONG time

.Decals stay for a LONG time

.Glow effect from certain impacts fades slower, specially for the bfg

. Re-balanced weapons and tweaked values
- Damage dealt increases or decreases depending on the area of the body
- Added +1 recoil value for pistol, plasmagun and smg so you might miss at long distances
- Increased recoil, muzzle speed, clip capacity, reload time, and damage for chaingun
- Decreased spread for shotgun
- Fists no longer leave bullet holes when hitting bodies
- Fixed grenade detonating on touching an enemy
- Several damage value changes

. Tweaked A.I
- Most enemies move faster, they run
- When hurt, most demons move out of the players line of fire frequently to avoid further damage
- Most enemies might move erratically at times, making it harder to hit them
- Leaping enemies like imps, leap frequently and further, and they can also jump to areas out of their path way to reach the players, as long as it is not too high up.
- Cherubs can sometimes fly above other npcs when leaping to reach the player (needs open spaces)
- Mancubus doesn't stop his plasma barrage when it starts if the player takes cover, keeping the pressure on (be very careful now)
- Commandos with cgun have less accuracy from afar just like the player, but their damage is very high, so you might die a lot if one gets too close
- Regular zombies can run just like zsecs
- Some enemies will attemp to dodge incoming attacks rather than wait to get hit.
- Imps can strafe towards the player route to block his path. - Revenants will take cover and strafe while supressing the player with rockets.
- All that combined with the fact that your weapons deal less damage, the monsters have more health, and cause much more pain, only demons and commandos are very vulnerable to headshots.

. Casings finally fly to the right as they should

. Improved graphical effects
- Dafama´s awesome new shaders for more realistic lighting and better effects on shiny surfaces.
- Perfected bfg projectile effect, originally by phrozo- Improved impact for chaingun, plasma and chainsaw
- Some weapons generate a heat distortion when the player fires
- Ejected casings have a smoke trail when they come out of the gun - Fixed several projectiles from monsters not leaving marks on impact
- Added impact effect for npc bullets
- Glowing projectiles iluminate surroundings
- Several new effects

. Minimalistic realistic HUD- Only relevant digits are visible
- Ammo left in clip of weapons without a built in ammo counter is no longer visible (You´ll have to keep track yourself of bullets left like in real life)
- Only reserve ammunition is visible for weapons without a built in ammo counter.
- Minimal crosshair- No random information from just looking at a npc or entering a room
- Most icons are barely visible so they don´t clutter the screen

. All marines have been retextured to be more consistent among themselves and the player
- Custom normals for additional details
- Custom specular for bloody effect

. Tons of new sounds for everything
- Quality sounds that do not get cut off only
- Custom scripts to add more audio variety and fix some distance issues
- Added stereo effect and new sounds for distant combat in mars city level

Among several other things, comes with a .bat file for direct startup


-Dafama2k7: ideas, shaders, scripts, and ai tweaks
-Strelok: sounds, textures, scripts, overall tweaks, hud, and effect tweaks
-sikkpin: help, base shader
-doomtrinity: fixed shell ejection
-sir random: guidance with codes
-The happy friar: guidance with codes
-phrozo: main new effects -Venom: HD mars texture -Wulfen: HD blood

.Sources of some audio used:
-sound ideas
-GSC gameworld

If you have any issue, let me know so I can do something about it.

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Strelok´s mod final "updated"

Strelok´s mod final "updated"

Full Version 7 comments

Some minor changes include improved texture for default mars model, changes to one of the commando lines, and also a hardcore version of hellhole "cyberdemon...


well sorry if i'm too stupid, but how i install this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tehstrelok Creator

put the folder of the mod inside of the doom 3 directory and then run the bat file, or start it from the main menu in mods

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice mod, haven't played Doom3 for years so looking forward to playing with better gameplay & graphics tweaks.

Can I suggest an option to make the really faint dot a bit brighter, don't want the crosshairs back but I'm struggling to aim properly although that may just be old age creeping up on me ....


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I have the same problem. Love the AI changes, but the crosshair is unusable.

Given how important it is to be able to make headshots, particularly against Zsec using crates for cover, having an invisible crosshair makes the game almost unplayable.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey, I like what you did here, but is it possible for Player to wear standard marine uniform (like bravo squad members) but without helmet, like Sarge and Campbell ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
tehstrelok Creator

The thing is, it would conflict with the armors you find laying around, and also, in the ending cinematic it would be inconsistent as well

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


better then BFG edition

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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