--Storm over Europe: Asia Expansion-- ver.


to get latest informations about SoE Mod

SoE AE is a Mutiplayer and Singleplayer Mod.

Asia Expansion addes Japan to game, the only problem is, that it is not possible to add a hole new Nation to the game.
Thats why UK is now part of US-Army.

Best played with Cinema Sound Mod

---First start Cinema Mod before using SoE!!!---


Soldiers: Heroes of World War II (v. 1.28.3E)


--Known issues-------------------------------

-Bonus Missions and Training are not
selectable in Singleplayer


Changelog ver. |Final Bugfixes


-Fixed bug caused crash in SoE Missions
-Fixed bug caused crash in SoA Missions

-Fixed SoE Mission 1


-Added multiple small goodies
-Added new soldier outfits
-Added new weapons (model)

-Overworked Textures

-Fixed wrong ammo trucks
-Fixed various small bugs

-Removed Rocketlaunchers (we need the place for new vehicles)
-Removed Minetanks (we need the place for new vehicles)

---Changelog--- ver.


-Overworked SoE Mission 1


-Added Type 1 Chi-He (no new model)
-Added Type 3 Chi-Nu (no new model)
-Added Type 4 Chi-To (no new model)
-Added Type 2 Ho-Ni II (no new model)
-Added Type 4 Ho-Ro (no new model)

-Added M4A3 E2 "Jumbo" Sherman
-Added SdKfz 251/22
-Added SU-85
-Added Ammo trucks

-Added Map Normandy

-Changed speed of Vehicles
-Changed MG-firerate of Infantry

-Overworked German Elite Soldier (Model)
-Overworked German Elite Mggunner (Model)
-Overworked German Medic (Model)
-Overworked German Engineer (Model)
-Overworked German Combat Engineer (Model)
-Overworked German Heavy Smg (Model)
-Overworked German Grenadier (Model)
-Overworked German Rifleman (Model)
-Overworked Soviet Tankman (Model)
-Overworked Soviet Tankcommander (Model)
-Overworked Allied Smg (Model)
-Overworked Allied Mggunner (Model)
-Overworked Allied Commander (Model)
-Overworked Allied Elite Soldiers (Model)
-Overworked Allied Engineer (Model)
-Overworked Allied Medic (Model)
-Overworked SdKfz 222 (Textures)

-Fixed wrong damage textures T-34-57
-Fixed bug causing crash when M3A3 Stuart is damaged
-Fixed various small bugs

-Removed none useful vehicles
-Removed M4A2 Lendlease

---Changelog--- ver.


-Added Nation JAPAN to game

-Added Japanese Smg
-Added Japanese Rifle
-Added Japanese Mggunner

-Added weapon Type 100
-Added weapon Arisaka
-Added weapon Type 99

-Added Japanese Fieldcap
-Added Japanese Helmet
-Added Japanese Fieldcap Officer
-Added Japanese Fieldcap Tankman
-Added Japanese Camo Helmet

-Added Japanese Speech
-Added Japanese Names
-Added Japanese portrait Elite
-Added Japanese portrait Tankman
-Added Japanese portrait Officer
-Added Japanese portrait Sniper
-Added Japanese portrait Scout

-Added SoA Mission 1
-Added SoA Mission 2

-Changed Logo
-Changed Logo small
-Changed Mainmenue Music

-Overworked portraits
-Overworked SoE Mission 1
-Overworked SoE Mission 7
-Overworked SoE Mission 8


-Added Japanese Smg
-Added Japanese Heavy Smg
-Added Japanese Rifle
-Added Japanese Antipersonalminer
-Added Japanese Antitankminer
-Added Japanese Combat Engineer
-Added Japanese Grenadier
-Added Japanese Assault Grenadier
-Added Japanese Engineer
-Added Japanese Medic
-Added Japanese Mggunner
-Added Japanese Elite Soldier
-Added Japanese Elite Mggunner
-Added Japanese Tankman
-Added Japanese Officer
-Added Japanese Tankcommander
-Added Japanese Sniper
-Added Japanese Scout
-Added Japanese Flamethrower Infantry

-Added Japanese tank Type 97 Chi-ha
-Added Japanese tank Type 97 Chi-ha Shinoto
-Added Japanese tank Type 1 Ho-Ni I

-Added weapon Flamethrower
-Added Sovjet air-bag
-Added Allied air-bag
-Added Japanese air-bag
-Added Jagdpanzer IV
-Added PzKpfw V G
-Added PzKpfw III F
-Added PzKpfw III J
-Added T-34-57
-Added ISU-122
-Added Sdkfz 222
-Added M4A2 Sherman Flamethrower
-Added PzKpfw II Flammenwerfer
-Added KV-1 Flamethrower
-Added I C Achilles
-Added Flamethrower Infantry
-Added Su-100
-Added Stuart M3A3

-Added map Rising Sun

-Changed USA and GBR are one country now (Allied)
-Changed GBR is now Japan

-Changed US-tankman has now Colt
-Changed Flags of Nations
-Changed PzKpfw 4 G is now playable in Light only
-Changed Renamed tanks
-Changed Fuel trucks carry now Flamethrower Fuel

-Changed Armor settings to realistic
-Changed Fuel consumption to realistic
-Changed Fuel amount to realistic
-Changed Ammo

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Storm Over Europe: Real Warfare Mod

Storm Over Europe: Real Warfare Mod

Full Version

Storm over Europe Real Warfare Modifikation for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II. This modification changes the gameplay totally to real warfare environment...


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oh and if you want to download it Codemasters.co.uk
have fun ill still be siting 7 hr 38 min later put it sounds good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

do u still plat showw2
and if u do, do use gameranger?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

sorry man i shavint being on in a while and no i use gamespy

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

it take's to long to download :( oh will i am only on dial up till next year

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Just, goodbye...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

Thid mod is allready out, go to codemasters webiste look for shoow2 and look for it its out and ready

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Good MoD§

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Any screens for the new Japan faction?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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