Take over The Galactic Civil War and witness the major conflict fought between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic all across the galaxy. The Mod allows you to play as the evil Empire or the Rebel Alliance, in the civil war that occurs two decades after the Clone wars and the Great Jedi purge and is depicted in the original Star Wars trilogy. It is one of the most ambitious total conversion for multi award-winning rts Company Of Heroes, with unique, quality custom content and original gameplay. Coming soon!

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Status report ; what we are up to, and what to expect. And a test at sharing with you a bit of the thinking process behind the gameplay.

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Dear Star Wars and Company of Heroes fans,

Facing the common issues of all little modding teams, we've been lurking in the shadow for a bit too long. Advised that we give some insights into our - even minimalistic - progress, here is a little something to break the silence.

First thing first, life signs ! We are not dead, still breathing, and hopefully summer brings a little extra time for us. Members have been struggling between university, finals, thesis and new PCs to re-setup... You get the picture. To brighten it up a little, here are some news.


AI is rocking again !

It's been a struggle, this being completely new to me, but we've got a working AI. Picture above shows a Hard CPU in high resources start capping all the map within the first few minutes of the game.

As expected, it's only a temporary solution that will most likely break when we get to the point of adding base building and the rest of the gameplay. But for now, it will do the job. This AI behaves normally, but do not expect it to be smart : subtle Doctrine gameplay is not there yet. Human opponents are still be highly advised for the full experience.


In the following section I will try to share with you some game-design thoughts. I expect feedback of any kind, including whether this kind of format interests you, and if you would like to see more of these as Dev Diaries.
(Everything displayed is subject to change (esp. upgrades and abilities costs)

So, while planning Alpha 0.1, many things need to be seriously, to even completely reworked. Here I chose to focus on the Rebel Militia Fireteam because it embodies both some new features and ideas that are peculiar to the mod.

So here is the complete redesign of Alpha 0's "Rebel Weapon Team" (originally equipped with a DLT-19 heavy blaster). This 4-soldiers squad now fits a much deeper and more interesting role than a simple MG team, granting the player a more natural alternative to the Rebel Smugglers as an early rifle squad. Rebels have had that issue that there was no clear definite riflemen squads in early game. Smugglers were supposed to fit that role but it didn't feel natural considering their engineering purpose.


The new Militia FIreteam thus fills that gap. And it gets nice features to make it good. First and foremost, a brand new, complex ability called Careful Progression.

  • What it does : the squad switches to a slow pace, so careful not to use it anywhere.
  • The effects are various and depend on the active Warfare(s).

Wait, what are Warfares ? A feature peculiar to Rebel gameplay that we have not expanded upon a lot. Basically, they are passive bonuses tied to the Doctrine you choose. Obviously, with only one Doctrine available as of now, it's far from its full potential. But as we keep adding features to the game, it will become an important part of rebel gameplay.

The key point is that as long as you do not choose a Doctrine, all Warfares are active simultaneously. This means extra benefits for waiting. This buys time to choose the perfect Doctrine according to the situation, and increase your element of surprise as a sneaky rebel player.

The link with Militia Teams and Careful Progression : it changes a lot depending on the active Warfares :

  • While all three are active (no Doctrine chosen yet) : the ability combines all benefits and the squad gets bonuses to its LoS, detection radius, firing range, cover, and shooting skills.
  • With Ambush Warfare (Guerilla Tactics Doctrine) : the squad conserves the LoS, detection and firing range bonus, which increase in strength !
  • With Defense Warfare (Defensive Measures Doctrine) : the squad gets even stronger protection and can even camouflage when under cover.
  • With Assault Warfare (Armored Counter Attack Doctrine) : the squad gets stronger bonus to its shooting skills.

Careful Progression when Ambush Warfare is selected
Notice how the description changes to fit the current selected Warfare

What are these bonus to the shooting skills ?

  • When moving, the squad fires a lot faster and with extra punch (although it loses accuracy). Scary at close range !
  • When static and under cover, the squad takes a bit more time to aim but lands extra accurate shots.

As you can see, Careful Progression is a complex modular ability which gives quite an edge to a well-used Militia Fireteam.


Now that we've got that part covered, what about their weaponry ? Militia Fireteam come with 3 DH-17 light blasters, and 1 A-280 assault blaster. This means they effectively pack more firepower than Smugglers (just 4 DH-17), without having the super-early suppression ability of the original DLT-19 setup.

But what about these two upgrades icons you spotted ? (Yes they are placeholders for now don't worry) Well here's some material to specialize this squad into a specific support team.

  • Two available upgrades : DLT-19 Heavy Blaster, and RPS-6 Missile Launcher.
  • Mutually exclusive : you choose between a suppression squad, or an explosive role.
  • Each heavy weapon comes with a special ability to replace Careful Progression.

DLT-19 firing

The DLT-19 is nothing new in itself. Choosing it turns the squad back into a suppressing MG role. Careful Progression gets replaced by the original Quick Adjustment, a short sprint followed by an extra-powered salvo.

It made perfect sense to conserve this ability for the DLT-19 as it magnifies its rate of fire and allows the squad to move quickly, a big plus for a MG (and very fitting of the rebel archetype).

RPS-6 Missile Launcher upgrade

The RPS-6 on the other hand is a brand new weapon we have only showcased on our Discord (link at the end !) and it packs a punch, either against soldiers in hard cover, or vehicles (yes, some will be coming).

Moreover, it comes with a game changer ability to replace Careful Progression : you can load it with a High Explosive long range missile extremely deadly against large infantry groups, effectively granting the Rebels the much needed frag grenade they were lacking. With the huge benefit of having it as a missile (main downside is its minimum range) !

High Explosive missile on Stormtroopers !

In either case, the Fireteam loses Careful Progression, turning into an assumed support team instead of its more versatile rifle squad role. This is a choice for the player to make !

All these changes are contributing to make the mod stand out as more than just a Star Wars skin for CoH, and bring complex design issues and solutions to the game. I hope you are with us on this policy !

This is it. A shout-out to the Edain Mod team (one of the greatest mod ever made) that inspired me for this game design-related diary. I hope you liked this kind of format, and if it sparks discussion, you are very welcome in the comments or (even better) on Discord !

Thanks for your patience and support, and as always,

May the Force be with you.

Join the Discord for sneakpeaks : Discord.gg !


Wouldn't the "Camouflaged in cover," thing make more sense with ambush, rather than defensive warfare?

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.Eol. Author

Interesting remark. The point of this choice was to give an extra bonus a bit more exciting than just a cover advantage. Moreover the Guerilla doctrine tree has many other options to allow for camouflaging. This gives a little extra taste to the Defense tree while staying true to the Rebel spirit of warfare.

If this turns out to be bad to the consistency of the design, we can always change it ;P

Reply Good karma+6 votes

Interesting. Sounds like it does make more sense in the wider context.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It's crazy that the community makes better star wars games like this, than Disney.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Disney doesn't make the games, it just rents the rights out to the highest bidder.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I love star wars, and I love company of heroes so I can only love this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

great to see the mod progressing. would like to ask if summer brings the same time off for university as it does for regular school. (ie. 3 months off)

can't wait to find out about aplha 1 and replace my aplha 0 rar on my desktop.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This is amazing, glad to see you guys are alive and still kicking ***. I was thinking about this mod a few days ago, and now the news lol :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This looks like awesome! im tracking it :) You thinking on maybe, in the future, making a Clonne Wars mod? More kick-*** than that would bbe The Old Republic :) Continue the good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
.Eol. Author

The plan is to get the GCW done within our lifespan. Then Clone Wars. Then we will probably be old men D:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

But awesome old men! Try to make a cool game as a side project and then put it on steam. And then PROFIT and you will have some kind of money!

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