Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire stumble on a temporary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far away. The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has.

RSS A Timeline of Star Wars: Interregnum, Part 9 - Terrors from the Void

In this period of total war, the most terrifying foes plan their moves, undetected on the edges and in the very core of the galaxy.

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This is the 9th article in the Timeline series explaining the alternative history of Star Wars Interregnum. You can catch up on the previous events here.

4.5 years after Endor (8.5 ABY)

Admiral Ivpikkis slowly tapped his leftmost talon against the floor of his flagship, the Shree class battlecruiser Shriwirr. To his subordinates he hoped this was interpreted as his typical impatience. In reality, he was suppressing anxiety with every fiber of his body.

Admiral Ivpikkis

Lwhekk is on lockdown. The Shreeftut has been evacuated” a young ensign communication officer growled.

The surface shields protecting Lwhekk’s cities and the Grand Shreefut would cost a fortune in Entechment energy to power, but it mattered little if the capital fell. It would be the end of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium.

Suddenly, alarms rang out as he saw the first gleaming, metallic hulls of the enemy materialize out of the black abyss of space.

“T-minus 3… 2… 1…”

Vice Admiral Galsavich watched the swirling tides of phase space unravel, replaced with a luscious green orb in front of a backdrop of utter darkness. It stood in stark contrast to the ambient faint red glow of his Marza Dreadnaught’s bridge.Lwhekk

“This star cluster truly is out in the middle of nowhere” Galsavich thought. “I suppose if a species as degenerate as these Reptilians would develop anywhere, it would be here.”

“Threat assessment.” Galsavich called out.

“On screen sir. The planet lacks a full size planetary shield, but hundreds of population centers have powerful fields that will deflect most bombardment. More immediately, dozens of large cruisers and space stations are gathering in a defensive formation over the planet’s equatorial region. They are supported by at least… 10,000 drone fighters…” briefed the lieutenant commander at the intelligence console, her voice displaying only the slightest concern at the final number.

“Those must be the same drones we encountered earlier. I didn’t think it was possible for a species to develop technology more twisted than the Advent, but the prisoners we rescued claim they are powered by some sort of life energy stolen from humans and lesser species.” Anger momentarily flared through Galsavich’s veins. “They will never trap another human again.”

“Order our task force to form up as planned. We’re on a tight schedule, so give the order to advance once the Vanguard is set” Galsavich barked.

The front of the Human Trader State’s Armada was an arch of Kol battleships and Garada Flak Frigates, with a pronounced tip at the top of Kodiak Heavy Cruisers. Behind them, the main force of Cobalt Light Frigates, Javelis LRM Frigates, and Marza Dreadnaughts assumed a standard combat formation. Well behind them were Ogrov Torpedo Cruisers, Perchereon, and Sova carriers in a more sparse formation. Above and below the task force were Striken Corvettes in a flexible formation to ward off any flanking attempts.

“All ships advance together until the Orgrovs are in range of their space stations, or their fighters engage us. Squadron leaders, stay in the rear until I directly order you otherwise. Kols, prepare for the signal. All other units, keep formation and fire at will!” Galsavich shouted. The crew cheered as the thrill of battle gripped them.

The fleet advanced, the tension between the two sides growing until an invisible thread finally snapped, and all hell broke loose. The Ogrov’s fired their first volley for torpedoes, the Reptilians retaliated with ion cannon attacks against his forward units, and their fighter drones charged at max speed into his fleet.

“Just as I anticipated.” Galsavich thought. A crooked grin distorted across his face. “My human pilots don’t stand a chance outnumbered by that margin, but now I don’t have to risk them.” He pushed a button on his command console.

A band of fire suddenly shone into existence, blinding anyone looking out the main viewport at the battle ahead as all the Kol Battleships activated their Flak Burst. Thousands of smaller explosions dotted the scene, as tracer shells from the Garadas dashed through space, making short work of any survivors. In mere moments, the enemy’s overwhelming fighter advantage disappeared as suddenly as the fire arrived.

“All strikecraft, attack! Corvettes, get behind the enemy and encircle them. Kodiaks, engage thrusters and charge - cut their line in two. All other combat units, get to a comfortable firing range and engage the enemy cruisers.”

The strange, bulbous enemy ships ended up being tougher than Galsavich gave them credit for, but outmaneuvered and outnumbered, they began to pop like hydrogen balloons pierced by the flaming arrows. They fought to the last ship.

“Bomber squadrons, lock onto power signatures on the planet and begin your runs. You have 30 minutes.”

One by one, the shimmer of the shields that pierced the jungle canopy on the planet below faded as Galsavich’s Marzas and Krosov siege frigates assumed bombardment formation.

The last bomber squadron returned with only a minute to spare.

The jungle below vaporized into a flaming hellscape. A mushroom cloud larger than a titan rose out of the atmosphere. An all consuming fiery shockwave raced towards the planet’s poles at a terrifying speed, sending billions of Ssi-ruuvi to meet their gods. Far away on the new Jedi Order Academy on Yavin IV, Luke Skywalker felt a sickening echo of despair and the death in the force. Now he had an idea of what Obi-wan must have felt on that fateful day they traveled to Alderaan.

Galsavich looked at the intelligence officer. “Your first Novalith detonation, Lieutenant?” he asked.

“I’ve seen the footage sir, but never in person” she answered.

“Yes, nothing quite prepares you for its luminous beauty, as it purges alien scum and makes way for the future of human enterprise and industry.” Galsavich stroked his chin with pleasure.

“Signal Hesperides our mission was a success, and send back any ships that can’t be patched up by Hoshikos immediately. All bombardment ships, target the location of the former power sources and cities. I don’t want to leave any Reptilians left for Colonization Command to encounter. All other ships - prepare to head out within the hour. We don’t want our enemies or even our Imperial friends to realize we’ve diverted this many ships from the front line.”

Five years after Endor (9 ABY)

Executor Nom Anor disengaged the hyperdrive of the Lambda shuttle he was piloting. His journey from Coruscant all the way to the edge of the galaxy had been tiring. Normally he would spend the time devising his next plot to put in motion, but this meeting was too important. As important as a good plan is, occasionally the gods show their favor to such a degree that it would be idiotic not to stop everything and take advantage of it. Assuming a restless warrior on the Koros-Strohna filling up the viewport doesn’t kill me by shooting at the first metallic vessel he sees, of course…

Safe in the core of the Yuuzhan Vong Worldship, Anor finally entered the office of High Prefect Da’Gara.

“Executor Anor. I have found your reports most helpful in plotting our invasion, but I am quite surprised by this unexpected meeting. What was so crucial you had to come tell me in person, but not so urgent you could spend weeks traveling out here to us? I hope you weren’t discovered and that our element of surprise is lost.” Da’Gara asked.

“Not to worry Prefect. I only bring good tidings to your domain… and an opportunity to secure glory for your Praetorite Vong.” Anor replied.

“As exciting as it is that one of your schemes is giving results, Executor, it seems far too early for glory. Our main invasion force is over a decade away. The Supreme Overlord will have my head for attacking so far ahead of schedule.”

“Even if you handed him a whole quadrant of the Galaxy?”

The Prefect’s expression changed from guarded interest to genuine curiosity. “How could that be possible? Your early reports estimated that we would need the entire invasion force to defeat the Empire in this galaxy.”

“We would have. However, the last several years have shifted suddenly in our favor. As much as it pains me to admit it, this galaxy has plunged itself into a state of chaos and conflict so severe, even my most ambitious plans could never match it. As unbelievable as it sounds, another galaxy has beat us to invading this one. Unlike us however, they are not united. They have conquered significant portions of this galaxy, starting new wars while continuing to fight the old ones in their new territory. The Empire of this galaxy, while it may have defeated us without intervention, has fragmented under the onslaught. It’s ruler has been killed, and the different fragments fight among each other as often as they fight the invaders. The galaxy is now divided into over a dozen warring factions, forming a handful of fragile and shifting coalitions, who are rapidly depleting their manpower and resources.”

The Prefect pondered the implications of the new information for a moment. “We only have a few worldships and escorts. Do you really think it is enough to secure a beach head already?”

“With fighting in so much of the galaxy already, no one is sending forces to fight a threat that isn’t already at their doorstep. We will have the luxury of picking and choosing where to strike. My informants are already working on finding promising attack vectors. I have no doubt you will be able to stake out a large claim on this galaxy, and begin building up the infrastructure to both grow your own forces and ensure the invasion fleet can be fully prepped and resupplied faster than we even hoped for. Assuming of course, your forces can fight as well as you claim.”

Prefect Da’Gara didn’t think twice about accepting the challenge. “We will escalate our invasion preparations and exercises. A year or two should be all I need to be ready. Give me your data and recommendations as soon as possible Anor. The Praetorite Vong will seize this opportunity and victory. And we will both reap the rewards.”

In the Dark Center of the galaxy, dozens of lifeless bodies float in a sterile chamber full of medical tanks. The chamber had been still and pristine for years. As the war swept across the galaxy, this room remained absolutely unchanged. Many in the facility began to lose hope and believe it never would.

Then one day, the hand of one of the bodies briefly twitched. For a moment, it seemed like it might be an aberration. But then it twitched again. The limbs began to move in their liquid prison. The status monitor beeped for a minute, then the liquid in the tank began to drain. The doors of the tank opened, freeing its prisoner and sending him sprawling on the ground.

The naked body gasped for breath, and slowly began to pick itself off the floor. It seemed lost and perplexed at its existence.

Finally, a door opened, and a dark and spiky haired human with a lightsaber entered the chamber. “My lord Palpatine… is that you?”

First, silence was all that greeted the question. Then the body slowly raised its head to look at the new arrival. “Who else… would it be?”

The visitor's face smiled with delight. “I knew this day would come my lord! Most of the others have lost their hope that you would return. But I knew your power could not be destroyed forever. Not even by the outsiders.”

“Your faith was well placed, my child.” The Emperor studied his visitor more closely. “Sedriss, I believe? It seems like an eternity ago since I was last here.”


“Yes, your excellency! It is I. If I may be so bold as to ask my lord… but what was it like? Dying, and coming back to us? And why did it take so long?” Sedriss responded.

“The outsiders that attacked us… the women. They possess a strange power. Not the force, but a real power nonetheless. It seems they too know of ways to project their spirits beyond material form. Among the incorporeal vastness, on the very edge of oblivion itself, I battled the leader of the ship my Death Star destroyed along with her acolytes for a lifetime. They tried to drag my essence as well as my body into the void of death. But in the end, they failed. I was on the verge of insanity by the time I finally prevailed, but then I remembered this place… Byss, strong in the dark side. And after another lifetime of searching... I finally found it.” A faint, yet still chilling sinister laugh echoed through the chamber as the body finally stood up.

“But tell me Sedriss, how long have I been gone? Have the outsiders been crushed? And what happened to Lord Vader?” Palpatine asked.

“No my lord, the outsiders continued to pour into the galaxy after your death. Some we have allied with, for now. Others are just causing havoc for everyone involved. For five years now, the galaxy has been torn asunder by war from one corner to the next. The Empire has fragmented, and while Vader commands the largest chunk, he has not had the strength to end the war. There was some debate inside the Inquisitorius as to whether we should reveal your plans to him, but in the end we kept it a secret as you asked, even while we continued to work for him. Those that thought differently… were made incapable of telling him.” Sedriss grinned with smug satisfaction.

Palpatine turned to Sedriss. “Gooood. You have done well Sedriss. I suspect Lord Vader was complicit in my defeat. He is no longer satisfied with being my second in command. He will need to be destroyed if we are to reunite my Empire, and bring order and peace back to the galaxy. You shall take his place, Executor Sedriss, and lead my military forces to victory.”

“I am honored, my lord! What are your first orders?” Sedriss asked.

“We must tread carefully, and slowly regain our strength. Let Vader be worn down fighting this war. Find those who are still loyal in the Inquisitorius and throughout the Empire Sedriss, and begin to bring them back into our true Empire. By the time Lord Vader suspects anything, it will be far too late. With my traitorous apprentice gone, I will reforge my Empire’s fragments into a new, Dark Empire.” Palpatine vowed.

“As you wish, my master. Come, let me see you to your quarters. Once you are properly rested, I cannot wait to show you the new weapons we have been building for you to command.”

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First of all, a reminder to vote for Interregnum as a finalist in the Moddb Mod of the Year contest. :)

We are in the end game now. Five years have past since the races of Sins of a Solar Empire arrived in the Star Wars galaxy. The wars since have reshaped the galactic map and rewritten galactic history. It is almost time for a new commander to begin to shape the fate of the galaxy. However, they are not the only ones that will be attempting to impose their will on the galaxy...

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General_Green - - 168 comments

Love your work, the timeline is well written too. You have my vote!

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deathtrooper900 - - 780 comments

Love these posts, and congratulations on your well-deserved top 100! Here's to getting the whole thing!

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legion9 - - 238 comments

new playable factions or more minor factions?

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GoaFan77 Author
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Perhaps something new entirely. :)

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KidCanis - - 91 comments

"Sedriss grinded with smug satisfaction."

... ewwwwwwww

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Grr, auto spell check strikes again.

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Lmfao. After seeing this, you should have added Palpatine thinking "Ewwwww. . . maybe get rid of him later" but carrying on like nothing is happening.

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gundam_pheonix - - 48 comments

if i may ask. could you guys perhaps take all the timeline's text and pics and combine it into a downloadable pdf for your adoring fans?

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Astartes_Marine - - 146 comments

Oh lovely, Emperor Pruneface is back...I would like to keep Vader please if possible, I find him to be far more capable as a leader and less purely evil, Vader's more grey.

And the Vong are coming too. Oh joy, because they are so much fun to fight...just kidding, mostly. SoGE's Vong are a miserable experience to do battle with for me.

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GoaFan77 Author
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Vader isn't going anywhere. And after running the Empire for 5 years, he's not going to step aside for Palpatine to retake the throne. 🙂

I honestly don't remember how the Vong played in SoGE. But I can confidently say they won't play like they do in any other mod.

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itsdakoolaiddude - - 54 comments

As much as the Vong would be in an advantageous position, I think that the Sins factions already had a taste of what happens when they decide that one threat is greater than each other. And if something comes along and starts presenting themselves as great of a threat, they're more likely to stop, say "ok you're the biggest problem here" and kill off the threat before going back to their personal wars.

Though thats a pretty significant "if" should they find the Vong a difficult problem.

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It is worth mentioning the Praetorite Vong are basically the Yuuzhan Vong's advance scouting force. The main invasion force is still over 10 years away from the mod's time line. How dangerous they truly are may not be fully apparent, at first. :)

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Sypher297 - - 3 comments

Bloody brilliant. I've waited years to see Palpatine's return in this new timeline. Can't wait to see where this goes. Vader is far too blunt an instrument to be that interesting. Palpatine is an artist. Thrawn (second only to Sidious but isn't really a villain), Isard, Zsinj, Xizor, and Tarkin are all infinitely more interesting characters.

Nice to see the Ssi-Ruuk getting some attention too as their main (if not only) appearance was in this time frame as well.

Absolutely can't wait to see what you all come up with to integrate all of this into the mod.

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