Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire stumble on a temporary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far away. The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has.

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I know little old to point this out but just came across this mod anyways. New Republic was not established untill after the liberation of Coruscant, so should be labeled Rebel Alliance if the Empire is still at strength.

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The New Republic was established in 4 ABY just a few months after the Battle of Endor. So it would have already existed after the Liberation of Coruscant in 7 ABY, two years before this mod takes place, based on this image.

This shows when the New Republic was created.

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GoaFan77 Author

That is true Rissien, however, Star Wars: Interregnum has its own storyline in which the races from Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion invade/flee to the Star Wars Galaxy before the Battle of Endor, which forever changes Star Wars history from Episode 6 onward. Among other things, Darth Vader survives a rather different Battle of Endor, and while he was unable to prevent the fragmentation of the Empire, he did prevent the core from falling despite facing much stronger forces. Hence Coruscant is still securely in Imperial hands 5 years after Endor.

In this mod's timeline the New Republic was founded when the Empire was forced to abandon the Outer Rim soon after Endor, and has basically decided to make its institutions from scratch rather assimilate the Rebel Alliance directly. Thus while the New Republic and Alliance are basically the same side, they have totally different goals and commands, with the Rebels still focused on raiding Imperial territory while the New Republic seeks above all to preserve its new democracy from Imperial retaliation.

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Tirio a chin, รบ-anethir.

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Coming back to see this now, the whole end result of the wars happening in that galaxy ended up being more broken than China's historical cycle of breaking up and gluing itself back together.

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For those interested in the lore, A map of the Galaxy in Interregnum, 5 years after the arrival of the Sins races at the period in which the player takes control. After the initial invasions all of the factions have been worn down into a stalemate with the shown borders.


The Triple Alliance refers to the combined forces of the TEC, Ascended Advent and Vasari Independent Republic. While most planets are actually run by only one of the factions (though there are a few key jointly run worlds), as a military force they largely work together.

While too small to label on the map, the orange sectors of Naboo and Sullust are worlds that were liberated by the Rebel Alliance before the arrival of the Triple Alliance. These worlds have remained as exclusively Rebel bases and are used as staging grounds.

Finally, the above map is constructed using intelligence on already populated planets. Factions on the edge of the Galaxy, such as the Human Trader State and Grand Admiral Thrawn, are believed to control substantially more territory than shown, but their precise borders are not known.

Original Map by Modi.

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