Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire stumble on a temporary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far away. The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has.

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May 6 2017 Anchor

There are ALOT of capital ship synergies in the interregnum mod, leading to unrealistic situations where ships are basically immortal, and capital ships become more desirable than rank and file units.

Suggestion 1: All capital ships in a gravity well reduce the shield regen of ALL units (friend and foe) by a certain %. This is a stacking debuff, making large capital ship only fleets vulnerable to sustained combat.

Suggestion 2: Increase capital -> cruiser synergies, specifically passive synergies.

Suggestion 3: Further specialize bombardment, anti fighter/bomber cruisers and frigates. Specifically, fighters should make bombers have a chance to miss their targets (pull up and redo the strafing run) Secondly carriers should have the ability to be locked into immobile positions, to push out another squadron, or increase antimatter regen. Bombardment ships should all be out of range of starbases.

This will lead to the only reasonable method of deploying ships is to spread capital ships between multiple star systems with detachments of lighter units. Massing your capital ships without overwhelming superiority is suicide.

May 6 2017 Anchor

Synergies overall are a good thing IMO. Rank and file units are crucial for raw DPS and health, abilities are the main reason to get capitalships. Just play some games online if you want to see the consequences of neglecting non-capitalships.

This would also be very unpopular with the average player. They want to build this massive fleet of doom and obliterate every world one by one. And they lots of capitalships, even though they level up quicker apart.

Finally synergies are a huge part of vanilla sins balance, especially for the Advent. This would be a huge nerf to them.

The only way ships can be truly immortal is if they get close to 100% shield mitigation. If you saw a synergy do that, then please detail the faction and ships involved so that specific situation can be adjusted.

If the combat is too slow for you, there is the faster combat minimod to help with that.

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