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Suggestion: remove the Vengeance Frigates from Mandalorian pirate raids (Games : Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion : Mods : Star Wars: Interregnum : Forum : Feedback : Suggestion: remove the Vengeance Frigates from Mandalorian pirate raids) Post Reply
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Oct 6 2019 Anchor

Hear me out on this one: the Vengeance Frigates, obviously, are the Mandalorian equivalent to artillery frigates (Broadside Cruiser and Assault Frigate Mark II). The problem is they do so much damage while outranging everything that, unless a player intervenes and manually controls strike craft to target them, they are actually capable of taking down a fully tactically-upgraded system (7 Golans and 4 repair yards + starbase or Rebel equivalent). This is VERY bad for AI players, which simply cannot cope with this; generally speaking, if pirates hit an AI system, the AI will lose that system. If a player manages to repeatedly get the pirates to target a particular AI player through bounty manipulation, that AI player may even be completely eliminated from the game. Pirates should NOT stand a chance against built-up systems. Players shouldn't have to waste time fighting them if they've built their defenses right, and AI should have some chance of repelling the attack.

Oct 7 2019 Anchor

I'll look into the raids and numbers, but I do want high tier Mandalorian raids to do some damage at least to fortified worlds, if not take them out.

There was a bug that caused far more Vengeance frigates to spawn than intended for level 4 or 5 raids, I don't remember if that was fixed before or after Alpha 3.4 was released, but perhaps that's what you were seeing.

Oct 23 2019 Anchor

I'm running 3.4.

Doing damage is a far cry from obliterating the whole planet. Their typical zerg attack can do some damage by eliminating some turrets and such from a heavily fortified world, and the Acclamators can kill a world that's not been properly fortified. But the Vengeance frigates blow huge holes in the defenses which the Acclamators then sit in, unopposed, while they take out the planet. Honestly I think remove the Vengeance frigates or reduce them by 2/3, and halve the Acclamators. The AI cannot handle this. A 1 v 1 match against the AI can be won simply by paying off the pirates on every 15 minute pirate raid. You never have to engage them yourself.

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