Star Wars: Interregnum is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that builds off of the highly successful Enhanced 4X Mod. Fleeing the unknown terror that is chasing the Vasari, the factions of Sins of a Solar Empire stumble on a temporary wormhole that takes them to a galaxy far, far away. The sudden arrival of armadas with trillions of refugees and thousands of warships between the events of Episodes 5 & 6 forever alters the Star Wars universe and plunges the galaxy into an unprecedented period of chaos and violence. Begun, a new conflict has.

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Sep 8 2018 Anchor


I started playing this mod about a month ago and its probably the best Star Wars mod I've encountered in a long time (despite it technically still being in Alpha). I also started recently playing with some of the minimods which are awesome.

After playing several games I had a few thoughts with regards to some potential new units and some modifications to the random structures. I'm not sure if any of this would even be possible within the game engine but this is a raw thought dump of what I was thinking.

1. I was going to go into detail about adding the Eclipse, but then I saw that its already slated to be added. Looking forward to that.

2. Centerpoint:

-Add a multi-planet wide interdiction field. Something like 3-4 planets seems reasonable. If Phase jumping can't be halted entirely then this would cause something like a -1000% charge up and a -500% phase speed. It could also potentially reduce sub-light speeds as well. The ability would automatically end when Antimatter (AM) runs out, and you wouldn't be able to fire the cannon while its active. Once stopped, there would be some sort of a buffer time before you could activate any ability, even if there is still AM.

-Give the gravity cannon multiple firing modes.

A. Minor Damage Only. Removes 25-50% of the health of all ship/structures in the Gravity Well (GW). Also restricts abilities and sub-light speeds for some time after impact. Uses less AM than the main shot and has a smaller cooldown time.

B. Destroy Orbital. Kills everything in the GW less than a level 3-4 capital and some starbases. Something like 4-5k of damage per target. Uses most of the AM reserve and has the longest cooldown time.

-Make Centerpoint the equivalent of a planet and restrict it to 1 per map (maybe 2 if you wanted to throw Sinkhole station into the mix). It is always entertaining to fire multiple Centerpoints at an enemy and then move in an kill everything when it only has 100ish health, but it would make it more of a strategic tool if there was only 1 rather than a long range flyswatter. Making it only exist once on a map would also make it harder to hold onto since it would now be a fixed target.

3. Star Forge:

-Limit to 1 per map, similar to Centerpoint above. This would make it harder to hold onto since it would also be a fixed target. Since its not a "planet" it might need something to make it lost if you lose the host planet.

-Let it work on capital ships provided that crews are available. It would only produce 1 clone with capital ships as opposed to the 10 you get with frigates.

4. Death Star:

-Would be a variation of a capital ship, since it can move from planet to planet unlike a starbase. Maybe make it start at Lvl10 but with no level buffs.

-To avoid making a given faction too OP by allowing them to build this, make it one of the random encounter items. Imagine if you found the prototype in the Maw and added armor, shields, and weapons to it. Once captured, it would have a significant delay time before it could be used (construction time to add the previously mentioned items)

-Its phase charge up and speed would be the slowest of all units that can phase jump.

-Stats would be along the lines of the Super Fortress Starbase. Very slow movement speed, a titan could easily outpace it within a given GW.

-The main weapon would use the full AM supply, which would recharge at a max of 1/sec. It would have a range of the full GW, but would not be able to target ships. It could use the Vasari's "Strip to Core" mechanic but leave an asteroid field instead.

-There can only ever be 1 in a game. Once its gone, its gone. Destruction would destroy EVERYTHING in the GW and cause -1000 culture for the owner for a very long time.

-maybe make it so that you need something special to be able to kill it. Special research, artifact, etc.

The thought of the Sun-Crusher also crossed my mind, but given that you can't interact with stars in SOASE I'm not sure how that one would work.

Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Hello RoboticSith,

Only 1 Star Forge/Centerpoint: Sadly it is not possible to do that. Random things spawn by % chance in Sins, and there is no way to set a cap for things spawned at the start of the game this way. It also cannot be set per map, which means that I have to use the same chance per planet on small maps as 100+ planet large maps. I suppose I could do something funky like tying it to a planet (add Rakata Prime/Talus), but that might take out some of the fun of exploration.

Centerpoint: I'll admit while I have read a lot of the old EU novels, the only one I read that actually had Centerpoint station in it was when they used it to cripple the Yuuzhan Vong fleet at the Battle of Fondor. Was its gravity generators ever used only to hinder the movement of ships?

Star Forge: Sadly the mechanism used to clone ships does not work on capitalships (or titans).

Death Star: It would definitely be a (very slow) titan. I am actually not very fond of planet killers though. The mod is also technically set after Episode VI, so both Death Stars have already been destroyed.

If it ever were added, I would probably try to do some sort of historical Battle of Endor map via minimod. I don't think it would be possible to balance it for regular gameplay. For the moment though we're focused on adding the New Republic so this is all just speculation at this point.

Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Its been close to a decade since I read the majority of the EU novels myself, but I believe it was in the Corellian Trilogy (I'm sure someone will correct me if I got that wrong). In a nutshell, on the brink of a civil war in the Corellian System, the party that controls Centerpoint uses it to establish a system-wide interdiction field as part of pushing their agenda.

I kind of figured that the "limit to 1 per map" thing wouldn't be possible, but my own (successful) modding efforts in SOASE never went beyond adjusting the stats of several units so I wasn't sure.

I've played several games with planet killers and I definitely agree that they change the game dynamics drastically, so a minimod would almost certainly be the best home for it if it was ever added.

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