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Bug: Rakatan Star Map makes gravity wells bigger (Games : Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion : Mods : Star Wars: Interregnum : Forum : Feedback : Bug: Rakatan Star Map makes gravity wells bigger ) Locked
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Jan 18 2018 Anchor

I noticed the Rakatan Star Map artifact makes gravity wells bigger for my ships - they have to get farther from the planet before they can jump. The description makes it sound like it should have the opposite effect. If so, I think the "Gravity tolerance increase" modifier needs to be negative (-10% instead of 10%); compare the Vasari Gravity Tolerance research, where it is negative. Thanks!

Jan 22 2018 Anchor

Thanks for the report! I think this might be an issue in the vanilla game as well, need to find out if it's just a flip in values or some deeper bug.

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