This is a Submod for the Star Wars- Clone Wars mod for Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption. It's based off of the 2003-2004 Miniseries and will feature content that is unavailable in the original mod. The developers of the Star Wars- Clone Wars Mod wish to focus more on the current Clone Wars series so, they have commissioned this submod as a side project. This mod's goal is to appeal to fans who grew up whatching the miniseries and provide a sense of nostalgia to those fans.

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A couple of things you'll be seeing from this mod this week, read more to find out.

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Working Installer for 1.0 To Be Uploaded Sometime This Week (Tomorrow Hopefully)

As you all know, the installer version of the mod doesn't work the way it should. Its actually a really simple problem, one that had been overlooked, A simple folder was missing. With that being said, The new installer version, which will hopefully work this time, will be uploaded sometime this week (tomorrow hopefully).

Next item on the agenda is the 1.0.1 Patch. That too will also becoming out sometime this week, most likely after the upload of the 1.0 installer version. Unfortunately, the ARC troopers will have ridiculous animations. The lazy modeler who rigged them, who will remain nameless, gave the ARC troopers the vanilla rebel infiltrator animations.

so, until I can get that re-rigged you'll have to put up with the ARC troopers holding their rifles as if they were pistols for the time being. believe me, it annoys me just as much as it will annoy you.

What The 1.0.1 Patch Will Fix:

  • Not being able to advance in tech level on the "Bridging the Saga" GC as the Republic
  • Not being able to construct research facilities as the Republic
  • Crash on Geonosis when entering the bunker
  • Crash on Muunilinst
  • Crash on Fondor
  • Crash on Hypori
  • No Garrisoned units on Jabiim
  • No garrisoned units on Pammant
  • Balancing Issues

Things To Be Added In The 1.0.1 Patch:

  • Generic ARC Trooper Squads
  • Muunilinst Ten (Accompanies Captain Fordo)
  • New Ability For Captain Fordo: "Backup Now!" Summons the iconic ARC Gunship

Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

"New Ability For Captain Fordo: "Backup Now!" Summons the iconic ARC Gunship"

Gonna be epic

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hey i have the mod and i was wondering if you are aware the AI isnt aggressive at all. they dont upgrade anything, attack, ect.

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Commissar_Delta Author

are you playing as the republic on easy mode?

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ive played as the republic and the confederacy on hard medium and easy.

they just wont attack D:

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Commissar_Delta Author

do you have Republic at War installed?

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republic at war? no
just your sub-mod

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