This is a Submod for the Star Wars- Clone Wars mod for Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption. It's based off of the 2003-2004 Miniseries and will feature content that is unavailable in the original mod. The developers of the Star Wars- Clone Wars Mod wish to focus more on the current Clone Wars series so, they have commissioned this submod as a side project. This mod's goal is to appeal to fans who grew up whatching the miniseries and provide a sense of nostalgia to those fans.

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gaur says

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great mod, nice texture, i really like the story line of this mod!


The mod is awsome, the models and the planets are amazing and the game is well balanced

Fantastic mod, still going to receive an update from what I hear, and the nostalgia when playing makes all the better.

space combat is wonky as all hell, but you made land combat it this game actually fun, a feat yet to be copied.


Muy buen trabajo :).

Awesome mod stays true to the original cartoon wars 10/10

Just a great mod

the mod is ok but when it came to the battle of geniosia it crashed and the arc troopers we not really a squad and it works better if it was individual trooper

Terrible and very buggy. Quite alot of crashes in the campaign missions. Needs some rebalancing as well. Overall if you want a clone wars era mod for EAW:FOC, this mod isnt for you. Republic at war is far better than this one.

Great mod. But very difficult AI!

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Wonderful,brutal.Nothing else to say.MOTY

Dec 5 2013 by Shadowguard1000