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.::THE „NEW ZONE“::.

The „New Zone“ attracts people like a magnet. In it, many mysteries are hidden, the solution of which promises riches to the end of life, and therefore dozens of adventurers flock to „Chernobyl Areas“ almost every day. For incomplete 3 years that have passed since the „Third Massive Emission“ entire local combat - ready population managed to share in five groups:
-„Salkers“, „Bandits“, „Militaries“, „Mercenaries“ and „Scientists“.
Each faction has its own groupings, which often differ from each other, but on the whole they share the same general idea. So, „Stalkers“ try to work out the „New Zone“ in and out, collecting artifacts and other rarities, thus earning a living. „Bandits“, as it is not hard to guess, are trying to get the stalkers' business to their hands, and they are doing it well! This faction includes all those who are hiding in the „New Zone“ from the law, without shirking at the same time and earning. The „Military“, in turn, is trying to stop the actions of „Stalkers“ and „Bandits“, and also to protect the „New Zone“ from invasion from outside.
-If not for them, then the waves of mutants would have overwhelmed all the surrounding villages long ago! In addition to defense, the „Military“ is also engaged in reconnaissance inside the „New Zone“, and is providing all possible assistance to „Scientists“. „Scientists“ are in the „New Zone“ for its detailed study. Unless, they have different goals:
-Some want to destroy the „New Zone“, others - subordinate, the third is just wondering how it works. Particularly stand out against this background „Mercenaries“ - a separate part of the local population, consisting entirely of former soldiers, representatives of private military companies, or simply experienced stalkers. „Mercenaries“ also often come to the „New Zone“, but only to fulfill a certain contract. It can be for searching for a certain artifact, for reconnaissance of the terrain, and even for killing unwanted persons.


‘’River Band“ Stalkers:
Leader: Ar „Fisherman“.
Goals: Same as „Loners“, but on rivers and swamps.
''River Band'' faction Is a subdivision of loner stalkers faction In the '‘New Zone’’. They are very positive and happy peoples that the zone have to offer. They have no different goals then the normal loners and rookies who came to the zone for money for work, hunting artefacts and many other different things. The difference between this guys and the basic rookie or loners Is only one, '‘River Band'' are choosing '‘Pripyat River'' for theyr base and they choosing the method to be allways on move. They aren‘t staying In one place for long time and very often for more than 2 days. They are collectors of toxic anomaly artefacts, best of the best fishermans, good hunters and gunslingers no leadership are known for them, maybe few squad leaders around the river and swamps here and there and the founder of the band – Ar '’Fisherman’’. But even this guys are having bad problems with pirates and army patrols around the river and the bog, and how to blame them the bandits and army are everywhere around the zone. Another interesting fact about the '’Rivers’’ Is -they are building a little ports over the river and the swamps for fast reaching from shaq to shaq into the base or into the main building of the leader there. The second thing Is ‘’Rivers’’ are using harpoon based weapons and traveling with small boats from point to point around the river and the swamps.

Leader: '‘Saint‘‘.
Goals: Destroying collapsing human kinds and „Heretics“, all around the „New Zone“.
'’Inquisition’’ Is military-scientific faction, who most of Its members Is the ‘’heartless'' ex or survived '’Monolith’’ members after the third massive emission that create the '’New Zone’’. This faction goals are to destroy the collapsing human kind, which zone’s gives them souls even If they are already mutated enough and lost their human look and minds. This faction grubbing up how they called '’Heretics’’, not only In the ex territories controlled by '”Monolith’” faction members and horrifying blood thirsty hunting them all around the zone too. The faction's Idea Is:
-We fight the unlimited chaos born Into the zone, and the anomaly activity who’s like bubonic plague.
The anomalies existence In the zone has a negative impact on most part of the stalkers groups, and makes them '’Unclear’’ or '’Corrupt’’ human. We are the cure for all hurts, we killing all bandits, monsters and anomalies. When anything bad born, the '’Inquisition’’ are there to destroy It. Even Into '’Monolith’’ faction circles you can’t find this kind of psychos, '’Inquisition’’ are very Into using flame throwers, mostly use them In their works
-For burning everything, around.

„Red Shield“:
Leader: General „Bullet“, General Voronin (retired).
Goals: Destroying the „New Zone“, like their past life as „Duty“.
The „Red Shield“ faction formed already 3 years ago from ex „Duty“ faction members. After the faction collapsed due to a lack of human force, corruption, deserters and or traitors.
How It‘s all begin:
-2 years ago „Duty“ faction formed special squad for capturing „Brain Scorcher“ for second time with mission codenamed „Chains“ with the head squad commander then „Bullet“. In the time when mission Is In action, rumors goes around „Rostok Factory“ that a missive raid Is about to breach „Duty“ base sooner. Many soldiers got scared about this attack, and run away shitlest and panicked. But attack doesn't happened at all, this was the first-ever that faction getting slowly collapsing, Soon after members keeping refusing „General Voronin“ orders because of the untrue rumours for the planned attack before. Many peoples of „General Voronin“ closest circle stands close together to their leader but many more chose to leave him behind their own ideals. First-ever was „Colonel Petrenko‘ who choose to go further through „Red Forest“ soon this week information comes to „General Voronin“, „Petrenko“ was KIA after that later „Colonel Skull“ killed In „Military Warehouses“. „Voronin“ losing control on the faction very fast and later that year „Voronin“ gets really sick, the reason was „Blood Cancer“ and now he Is In bed. „Duty“ collapsed fully, not enough soldiers, lack of powers and easy as targets. Later „Bullet“ was pissed off of this lower percent force, so he's chose to traveling around the „New Zone“ territories to find all members left to unite them once again and return their old good power, and to be big again. And soon somehow this basically happened, but not from first time try but later of the year 2018 . Then the all newer faction appears, the new name of „Duty“ was now the „Red Shield“ faction. With leader now –„General Bullet“, faction grows slowly but with full powers. And chasing they‘r old goals and thinkings.

Leader: „Forester“ as a ex-partner of „X-Projects“ who left the projects, „Zver“.
Goals: Fighting against the corporations who've run the „X-Projects“ and their allies.
„Inhumans“ faction members are peoples surviving „X-Project“ or runaway from It. Semi-mutants, they appearance and spiritual world are greatly altered. It is usually dedicated to the mysteries of the „New Zone“. Some believe that they control all of its processes, mutants, anomalies. If they do not like this or that stalker or mutant, they can punish him, or on the contrary, for example, help a stalker get out of the labyrinth of anomalies and get straight to the artifact place, or by deducing a small blind puppy who lost his way in the forest to his camp. Many hate them, many worship before them. One helps them always, others only sometimes in criticism. These peoples survived the second, the first catastrophe, the „X-Projects“. Perhaps the „Forester“ is like that. They are not visible, but they live among stalkers or in the wilderness, under the earth, in the sky, in the air with water, and time. They are the „New Zone“ herself . Her eyes, ears, tongue, hands, nose. They are the owners of all processes in it. They are in it ...

Leader: „Bes“, „Fanat“.
Goals: Many, to get rich, hunting artefacts, running from the law and many more.
„Loners“ are the bulk of the population of the „New Zone“. Stalkers, who for one reason or another have not joined the groups . The main occupation is the search and sale of artifacts, as well as any other things of potential value - habara. As a consequence, they are extremely dependent on traders who often use stalkers for their business and personal purposes. Less hired for work, for example, the protection of a scientific laboratory. They walk alone, or join in small groups from 2 to 5 people. They can not in the full sense be considered a grouping, since they do not have a single leader, but from time to time they can be combined into large detachments with veteran commanders. Armament is diverse. Stalkers in the Zone of Alienation attract a variety of motives: enrichment, thirst for adventure, the urge to learn the unknown, the desire to start life from scratch. As a rule, in each case all these factors act simultaneously. Some neutrals may eventually join the "Red Shield " or "Free Rebels", but most singles do not tolerate any control over themselves and prefer to be masters to themselves, even without communicating with the rest of the stalkers, while maintaining a neutral relationship with all groupings. The main source is „The Stalkers“ departure is the collection of habar: artifacts, parts of monsters, weapons and things of stalkers who died. Very often, it may be very profitable to carry out different tasks of traders, scientists, representatives of factions or the same stalkers. However, for a considerable part of the time, stalkers prefer to crowd around bars or campfires, listening to stories and anecdotes and playing the guitar. As a rule, all the legendary stalkers are loners. In fact everything is simple. To be a stalker means to be a man. Help a comrade in a hard moment, do not rats, do not commit to to share a aid kit or a piece of bread, to cover your back in battle, to share a night's lodging at the fire. And the main enemy for us now is the bandit scum that only does that parasitizes our stalker on our brother. Our goal is to once and for all purge the Zone of these vyrodkov.Otets Valerian on how to be a stalker Some stalkers are looking for a hub not in the open air - on the ground - and under the ground. They are called diggers. Due to the knowledge of the arrangement of many dungeons in the Zone, they spend almost all time digging up debris leading or to the rich tvam, or to a terrible death by an unknown miracles of the „New Zone“. Bringing a lot of interesting information and swag from various subsurface sooruzheniya.Odinochki occur throughout the zone, and can get into places where the supervisor boars did not drive. The main base of neutral stalkers is Cordon.

Leader: „Kapitan“, „Boar“, „Yoga“.
Goals: Get rich, sell artefacts, head hunting, murdering stalkers for money, stealing and etc.
„Pirates“ are perhaps the most dangerous category of bandits in the „New Zone“. Members of this formation are notorious thugs, murderers, maniacs, suicide bombers, well, just a scumbags. But that was in the past, now it's cold-blooded killers with a specific and harsh moral code, a difficult past, and a bunch of ambitions. Their main goal is to create a powerful faction with a clear hierarchy and rules. All members of the group are experienced fighters. In fact, these are the same gangsters who can both rob and shoot. Only in contrast to ordinary gangsters, they do everything in an organized way. They basically work the same way as mercenaries - quickly and noiselessly. They are armed with mostly good assault rifles, both NATO and other countries. They are dressed in camouflage (they have even camouflage exoskeletons). Their leader was sentenced to capital punishment in four countries of the former Soviet Union. Holy believe that only a strong life worthy. They are hated and afraid at the same time. They are practically incorruptible, act in their own interests, and spit on threats. In addition, they quite often go deep into the Zone, and live there for weeks.

Leader: „Goga“, „Jack“.
Goals: Robbing and killing green stalkers(newbies), easy getting money In all costs and In anyway possible.
„Gopniks“ Is a small group consisting exclusively of the most despicable persons of the „New Zone“. Bandits, marauders, traitors and recidivists and former members of other groups who have changed and betrayed their views. This rabble does not have an organized structure. Most often occur along the perimeter of the anomalous exclusion zone. You can not join them. „Gopniks“ are dregs, even by the standards of the underworld. This is the very bottom of the local hierarchy, since here are all the murderers, outcasts and even deserters. Despised by all, they truly have fun, as they can: they rob everyone in a row, kill for fun, sometimes they even shoot in the middle of the city! „Gopniks“ have become a real scourge of the military, as well as many stalkers, as unlike marauders, they are able to shoot, and their actions are unpredictable. „Gopniks“ groups operate only on scripts. For a bandit at a special rate pays a trader. Theyr clothing are bandits worn one (almost torn). Only newcomers or weary wounded stalkers are attacked by singles, group stalkers are avoided (scared). Bandit groups can be found in the "Waiting Room" of the „New Zone“, they are afraid to go deeper. The „Traders“ are paying big for „Gopniks“ members PDA‘s.

„Gentek-Project X“:
Leader: Still Unknown, possible U.S. genetic research corporations.
Goals: Biological and genetic research and experiments over humans, for making super-soldiers.
„Gentek“ is a scientific corporation engaged in biological and genetic research. The company was founded by „Dr.Raymond McMullen“ on November 1, 1976. Thanks to Gentek's extensive experience in genetics, the special government unit „Blackwatch“ contacted the corporation. An agreement was concluded between the two organizations, according to which a research company engaged in the study of viral biological weapons. After the beginning of cooperation with the secret unit, many leading scientists of the world engaged in biological research were recruited in „Gentek“. At the same time, employees of the corporation were investigating the virus „Redlight“, experiments on which conducted „Blackwatch“, and the creation on its basis of the virus „Blacklight“. Most of the company's secret research studies were based on the study of „Elizabeth Green“, the only survivor after the experiment in Hope. The woman was transferred to one of the research institutes „Gentek“, located in „New York“. Trying to study the structure of the „Redlight“ virus, based on numerous experiments on „Green“, scientists managed to create 14 new strains of the virus. The only source of infection was found only by „Alex Mercer“, the head of the department of genetic researchers. The scientist's attempt to uncover the truth was brutally suppressed by the employees of „Blackwatch“. During the attempt to eliminate Mercer at the Manhattan train station, a test tube with a successful strain of the Blacklight virus was broken, which led to a critical situation and contamination of half of New Yorkers. On the next year, special squad was created with special purpose with head leader then.
–„SSgt.James Heller“ for fighting „Alex Mercer“ and „Blacklight“ virus once for all. Later that year both „SSgt.Heller“ and „Alex Mercer“ was found KIA.
Projects was destroyed and filed „Top Secret“. „Gentek“ was closed forever and evicted from USA and „New York“ city. Later years they moved to European countries and specialy one's from Soviet blocks, basically Ukraine and the „Exclusion New Zone“, Chernobyl areas for leading „The X-Projects“ In year 2015.

Leader: Lt. Cross.
Goals: Special-purpose unit for fighting biological threats, former U.S. PMC.
„Blackwatch“ Is a special-purpose unit created to suppress viral and biological threats. Officially, this squad does not exist, while its members have complete freedom of action, as well as access to huge military resources and experimental technologies, including information management in order to preserve the secrecy of their activities. If a decision is made to enlist this unit to eliminate an emergency situation, the remaining involved troops and law enforcement agencies are transferred to the full disposal of the secret unit. The „Blackwatch Detachment“ was created on June 9, 1962 by the „Advanced Defense Technologies Agency“ and the „US Army Department“. The head base is located in „Fort Detrick“, Maryland. Initially, the group was formed to study and develop biological weapons. Subsequently, the main goal of the detachment was the detection and suppression of viral and biological threats, as well as hiding information on these issues. Each member of the detachment undergoes special training, which allows you to effectively operate in any conditions, fighting with a superior enemy. At the same time, the „Blackwatch“ command staff believe that the end justifies the means, therefore, the detachment officers easily go for the use of heavy equipment in urban areas, not paying attention to civilian casualties, and in case the situation can no longer be controlled, they prefer to clear the territory with fire , causing a bombardment in the area. „Blackwatch“ participated in the suppression of a viral outbreak in Hope, Idaho, in 1967. Then during the secret operation, the whole city was destroyed, along with all the inhabitants, thanks to the complete elimination of the settlement, the spread of the „Redlight“ virus was stopped. In addition to operational activities, „Blackwatch“ continues to work on the study and development of biological weapons in conjunction with the country's largest research organizations, in particular the „Gentek Corporation“. As part of „Blackwatch“ can be divided into two large groups: operatives, who are often called "Ghosts", and „Researchers“. „Ghosts“ are carefully selected from various types of troops of the US armed forces. In the „Ghosts“ are allocated soldiers, officers and supersoldiers. In April 2015 „Blackwatch“ entered the „New Zone“ as assistance and security of the scientists from „Gentek Project-X“ to continuing their work outside of USA and New York, and inside into the „New Zone“ and Chernobyl areas, leading the „X“ projects.

„Der Armour“:
Leader: Cpt. Zagatorv.
Goals: „Neo-Nazis“ fighting for only-russian „New Zone“,fight against any other race than Russians or other than Ukrainian government controlling the „New Zone“ and save It In any costs possible.
„Der Armoür“ from the north of the „New Zone“, a fairly large gang engaged in robbery and other atrocities Is formed. Noteworthy is the presence of the so-called "ideology", which completely copies the „Slogans“of the modern „Neo-Nazis“: "Slavs unite, beat non-Russians," and everything in the same spirit. Some even pierce „Swastikas“, supporters of "Der Armoür" appeared even among the civilian population.
-In order to attract criminals with a lifetime sentence. With their consent, they will be marked with "Insignia" (special marks), and after that they will be sent to the „New Zone“. Equipped with commissioned weapons and suitable equipment, they turned into beasts, using all methods for survival. In the group there is no permanent leadership, the "Leader" is chosen by way of a duel. There is only one way to attach to them - to put a code mark - maniacs, psychopaths, murderers - they have little choice. Or remain on life imprisonment waiting for the government to lift the moratorium on execution, or... To put a „Code Mark“ on the neck and go to the „New Zone“. For each of them, the code is their new name. The military only addresses them by their surname, the state knows them only under surnames. In the event that one of the „Der Armoür“ gets promoted and leaves the „New Zone“ alive, he will be granted not just an amnesty.
-But a new name and an opportunity to start over.
The prospect for criminals with a lifetime is very tempting, but the state also understands the whole danger of such "Pure" personalities - so no one should leave the „New Zone“. The label of the „Der Armoür“ is tantamount to a death sentence - any stalker, after seeing the tagged, will eliminate it without hesitation. They were captured and given no other choice, while others were promised to help in establishing control over the „New Zone“ the way to the „Great Land“ with all the havoc and money, while others want to eliminate one of the stalkers-competitors. All stalkers consider „Der Armoür“ to be traitors and kill at the first opportunity. This is precisely what the „Der Armoür“ are dangerous - under the pretext of simple stalkers having passed fortifications and having fallen into neutral territory by the group, they can arrange a slaughter on it no worse than a pair of platoons of soldiers. However, sometimes in a group someone breaks and gives themselves out .
-Then with a high probability the group will not do any damage at all, they will be killed quickly and easily.
Some of the „Der Armoür “ soldiers received a patrol and military posts that had been handed over to the military. Those from „Der Armoür“ members who have moved to active action, sew a special „Chevron“ on their clothes. Assignments of the „Der Armoür“ faction are - sabotage, elimination, assaults and so on. The tasks against them are to go to the mole among the military, enter the organization under the guise of the „Der Armoür“ members and pass on information to the factions (the main thing is not to get caught), working as a double agents, then to strike the top and disband one of the networks in any other factions.

Leader: „Zakhar“, „Sepator“, „Sutuliy“, „Dan“ and others.
Goals: Hunting mutants and animals alongside normal stalkers, and getting payment from this.
„Hunters“ hunting mutants and animals professionally. Their labor demand, as „Game“ in the „New Zone“ a lot, and trophies are in great demand among „Traders“ (who sell them eventually to the mainland and „Scientists“ (for them it is valuable objects of study). By the trophy include body parts or bodies of mutants completely. Sometimes they receive orders for live specimens. „Hunters“ clan members are engaged in hunting for mutats. It's easy to pay for parts of some animals or stuffed ones with huge money. It's quite easy to distinguish from simple stalkers:
-Almost always these guys use hunting weapons. They are respected amongst stalkers, for they destroying many dangerous creatures. Most of them are former poachers. They know life in wild conditions, and the „New Zone“ for them is not much more dangerous than any jungle. The advantage to that is that the beasts are not less than the ones, and for their shooting they do not just catch that - they thank and the money is paid. Ideology small grouping, but sufficiently efficient, engaged in hunting, and also earning money. They fulfill small tasks. They have different leaders: Zakhar, Sepator, Sutuliy, Dan and others. Most of theyr time Is spent In hunting. They‘ve have several detachments all around the „New Zone“.

„Last Day“:
Leader: „Ghost“ (possible ex-leader), „Ara“.
Goals: Study „Zombifield Stalkers“ and develop theories about psy weapons and their effects on humanity.
„Last Day“ studying the Zone, they believe that the world is rolling towards the „End of the world“ and soon the territory of the „New Zone“ will increase many times, thus in the „New Zone“ there will be several countries whose population will not have time to evacuate. They track and study „Zombified Stalkers“, develop theories about psychotropic weapons and effects. Considering that they were located to the west of the „Yantar Factory“, the „Zombies“ -the main material for research - was enough, moreover, it made it possible to spy on the research of „Professor Sakharov's Group“ and conduct their own, during sorties to „Yantar“. The marshes gave safe shelter to the grouping from prying eyes, it can also be assumed (because of the interest of the group by the psy-radiation and the locality where it is located) that the leader (s) of the grouping, like the leaders of the "Clear Sky", come from the „Project-X“, refused to join the „C-Consciousness“.

Leader: Professor Sakharov, Professor Germann, Professor Ozerskiy.
Goals: Studying and researching the „New Zone“, all of It‘s nature and how It effects on the outside world.
The totality of scientific groups operating on the territory of the „New Zone“. A single group can only be called conditionally, there are separate groups of scientists sent by the government to study. They do not have a central base as such, but they have two mobile research laboratories. Outside the laboratories they go out only accompanied by guards. In the „New Zone“ scientists support the military, although they can not always arrive, so scientists often turn to „Loners“ for help. With them, they maintain business relations, despite their illegal location in the „New Zone“, scientists perform well for a quality work, buy artifacts and parts of mutant bodies at fairly high rates.

Leader: Dimka „Phantom“ (ex-leader), Unknown.
Goals: Teaching newcomers for „Monolith“ spec-ops line of the faction (In the past timeline). Now trying to survive only.
„Phantoms“ are original employed trainers of the fanatic fighters, conduct special operations of „C-Consciousness“ you can say that the „Phantoms“ are mercenaries of the „C-Consciousness“. Why they are in alliance with ordinary „Mercenaries“ Is unknown, most likely „Phantoms“ are former „Mercenaries“. But „Mercenaries“ dressed in green exoskeletons (similar to exoskeletons, in which are dressed the paratroopers) and armed with „AS VAl‘s“. All the "Phantoms" are of the master in rank. Very well armed and protected, also great fighters. „Fang“ says that „C-Consciousness“ uses them as „Guard Dogs". The base of the „Phantoms“ Is in the city of „Pripyat“, In the house near the statue of „V.I.Lenin“ In the city.

„Last Frontline“:
Leader: Stalker „Mut“.
Goals: Destroying all fanatic based groups or factions ever made.
„Last Frontline“ have some fighters who‘s hide behind cover of the usual „Loners“ The aim of the grouping is to completely destroy all the fanatic factions In the „New Zone“. Known only one fighter „Last Frontline“ Is stalker by the name of „Mut“. There are persistent rumors that fanatic detachments are slowly decreasing the new clan has crossed the road.
-The "Last Frontline", which consists mainly of „Military Stalkers“ and „Loners“, who are left out of work.
The guys from the „Last Frontline", having buried in their time many friends on the outskirts of the „Chernobyl Sarcophagus“, have a very serious tooth on the fanatics. And as if even sworn to lime fanatics of all to one. Where are the fanatics and find out who they command and where new sectarians come from and theyr cntrolled positions in the city of „Pripyat“. The number of fighters is not known for certain, according to various estimates, on average about a company (100 people). „Last Frontline“ are neutral to the groups of „Loners“ to the group "Wolf Guerillas". With the group of the "Mercenaries" relations are strained, those and those do not share, often there are skirmishes due to disputes. With "Red Shield" and „Army“ friendly relations. With „Bandits“ and all of the fanatics they are In personal strong hostile.

„Echo 1-6“ Military Stalkers:
Leader: Ukrainian government and the U.S.S.
Goals: Special command units for infantry deeper Into the „New Zone“, cover squads and creating maps through the anomalies and danger areas.
„Echo 1-6 Military Stalkers“, are soldiers who have passed special training after the service in the „New Zone“ or stalkers who signed a contract with the „Army“. Arisen when the higher military command decided to conduct special operations on the territory of the „New Zone“. Simple military for this did not fit, since to train the whole army to survive in the harsh conditions of the „New Zone“, it was impossible to make a decision to create specialized detachments for special tasks. For the „Military Stalkers“ they did not spare any weapons or equipment, but only selected people, with combat experience and passed special training courses, got to the detachments. Veteran soldiers who have received special training are hung with a bunch of equipment. Well armed they are rare. The army is interested in studying the consequences and causes of the catastrophe, mapping the „New Zone“ and its anomalies. For this purpose, they use „Military Stalkers“, which are recruited among stalkers and soldiers' elite. „Military Stalkers“ can walk both singly and in groups of up to five stalkers. Meet simple stalkers with fire. „Echo 1-6“ are sent to several objects of interest to the military (a place of great catastrophe, a lost research institute, etc.). For example, „Military Stalkers“ on the territory of the „Agroprom Scientific Research Institute“ are studying residual radiation and local anomalies, obey orders of the command. But the „Echo 1-6 Military Stalkers“ are wayward and often depart from the plan of operations, nevertheless, they carry out the assigned tasks of the command.

Leader: „Wild Napr“, „Leshiy“.
Goals: Studying abandoned caves and excavation of contaminated sites, hiding chests and caches.
„Diggers“ along with the traditional stalkering and hunting is also developed the diggering. „Diggers“ are engaged in the study of abandoned caves and excavation of contaminated sites, buried after the first accident in 1986. Often, they stumble upon a very interesting things like:
-Weapons caches left over from the war, secret labs and bunkers, "Nest Egg" of former residents ...
Special interest attracted „Diggers“ Into the „Garbage“, because there's just only piles of garbage, where you can find a lot of value. The dungeons, catacombs and tunnels are also interesting but sometimes can be very dangerous... Experienced „Diggers“ valued scientists and the military, very much.

„Research Group „New Dawn“:
Leader: Professor Katherina.
Goals: Studying and researching „New Zone‘s“ flora and fauna on natural way.
„New Dawn“ faction contains mostly ex-proffesors or docents. Basiclly members of this faction, Is working as renegade-scientists. The main reason are to help peoples like scientists, but outside of the goverment projects. They collect artefacts, study the animal life In the „New Zone“, experiment with probes to grow the nature back without mutated It. Making meds, for long live Inside the „New Zone“ without any sort of sickness or poisoning the life amound. Very often, they using the help from the „Traders“, „Loners“ and „Free Rebels“ faction soldiers. They collect details for most of the anomalies made Into the locations, writeing documents and do harmless tests with some of the animals, but In very rare cases. Some of the stalkers from different factions become volunteers for some simple testings. Because they knew that, soon some of the meds will help a life. „New Dawn “ are neutral for many of the factions, but always someone's try to prevents them, from doing their peacefull work, like „Inquisition“, „The Army Specnaz“, „Bandits Bands“. Leaders of „New Dawn“ researchers is two strong and brave womans, under the names:
-Senior Proffessor Katharina who studyied psychology and microbiology, she sees the different prespectives of studying the „New Zone“, on natural way, not just steal artefacts from It, or killing big percent of animal life.
The faction collects the best of the peoples In the „New Zone“, very good and brave peoples. Who wanting to see the „New Zone“ to be feeling normal and quite alive.

„Zone‘s Childs“:
Leader: „Fox“, „Seriy“.
Goals: Trying anything to survive and living quite normal.
„Zone‘s Childs“ Is the pure, and the one faction. That live In the „New Zone“, not fighting for It. Most of the members of this faction, are young and brave childs of the city of „Pripyat“ and territories arround the city. These are the kids and adults refused to left the city after 1986. They grow there and live there till now, when other factions are created here In the Zone. They try to make connections with them, to help them grow the city again with all the trees, buildings and etc. But the Important thing for some faction are, faction wars and holding positions. So the „Zone's Childs“ trying only by theyr own powers and with the help from „Traders“, and the „Loners“ to protect the town from destruction. But two problems are ahead:
-The „Army“ and „Inquisition“ soldiers.
„Zone's Childs“ don't want to use any sort of weapons. But In the „New Zone“, this ain't an easy quest. And if power is needed, you have no other choice than use It.

Leader: Petrenko.
Goals: Head hunting for pleasure and money sometimes , sabotage.
„Phoenix-SKAT“ faction Is full with ex-militaries and deserters from powerfull factions like „Red Shield“, „Free Rebels'', „Mercenaries“ and etc. They still work like „Mercenaries“ elite forces, but more like head-hunters. They are not that huge power but enough strong to destroy medium stalkers camp. Most of the members are, with ranks over Sergeant or even Captain. They aren't scared to attack frontal or from the back, they not working with some kind of „Code" or someone huge from the outside world. No leadership are known for them. They work for they'r own pleasure, arround them any stalker from the zone, and any faction ls in danger.
-Interesting fact about them ls, that they using „German Shepherd“ dogs, In some of they'r missions. No one knows from where they've got them, maybe domesticated dogs, or they're got them from outside world.
If some stalkers are detected near them, don't expect anyting else that a rain of bullets for you, and your buddys.

„One Life“:
Leader: „Prophet“, „Kron“.
Goals: Destroying the „New Zone“ and the peoples living Into her (for them they are the ones who create the zone) and they deserve to die.
„One Life“ guys are seriously brain-damaged. All kind of crazies and psychos and even worst. They'r studyes ls teaching, that the Zone Is pure-middle of evil and that the end, Is too close then we suspecting. For them all stalkers even „Monolith“, are the peoples who destroy the teritory and then the „New Zone“ appears. And soon or later the „Core“ will eat the world from inside out.
-Most of the soldiers of this faction are willing to suicidal attack. To end you. They'r names are synonym to crazy In all terms, even „Monolith“, It's too normal than this guys, all stalkers can said that. Some of their known scars are, facial tattoos and very rusty and jammed weapons.
They are easy to kill but they very rarely goes alone, most of them are In squads of 4-5 persons and 1 how they called It „Prophet“.

„Iron Wolfs“:
Leader: „Wolf“, „Bronx“.
Goals: Mercenary based faction, guarding big peoples and peoples of Interest. Working undercover too, training newcomers for advanced and tactical jobs Inside and outside of the „New Zone“.
„Iron Wolfs“ are an mercenary faction that are professionals at they'r work. No one ever meet this kind of „Tacticaly-Proffesional Mercenaries“, that are the best than any mercenary group „New Zone“ ever meet. „Iron Wolfs“ are more than elite mercenaries. They are veterans and proffesionals, from all arround the Europe countries. They are very well trained In any conditions, from junlge areas to desert and urban areas too. They are learned In stelth and, they are the best In guerrillas attacks too. They don't work for only one big person, out of the „New Zone“. They are working with huge countries too, like UK, Germany, France, Russia and etc. They'r members are ex or active SAS, GIGN, GSG-9, KGB soldiers. Mostly the best In tactic assault and VIP guarding. They have bigger connections Inside the „New Zone“ too, some of theyr contacts are factions like „Red Shield“, "Free Rebels“, „Military Stalkers“, „Specnaz“. So as helping and buying Information from „Loners“, „Bandits“, „Mercenaries“ and the „Traders“. Normaly trying to be neutral to most factions. But haveing problems with „Inquisition“ faction and „Army“ patrols.
-Rumor says that, they have base around „Jupiter Factory“, some of the „Iron Wolfs“ are working undercover, so this may be true, no one knows.

„Great Khan“:
Leader: „Khan“, „Sultan“.
Goals: Head hunting, weapon trading. Professional robbery and special killings, artefact selling and base conquering for money and points controlling.
„Great Khan“ well when we talking about „Bandits“, we somehow get scared for not robbing us. Well this Is nothing, these guys are specialists In professional robbing, this faction contains the specialist and veterans from all gangs of „Bandits“, robbers and killers. Yeah they work like bandit gang too, but they also make a lot of connections with the „New Zone‘s“ best fighting-power factions like „Free Rebels“, „Mercenaries“ and the „Traders“, even with the outside world too:
-They are bandits but with a lot of specializations, they will not ambush you, just like that, they making early plans for the attack on you. They can kill you and robbing you, when you don't suspect anything. They working very clear or total agressive, depends on the sitution.
Every stalker got chills when heard „Great Khan‘s“ name. Because stelth Isn't unknown for them, even if stalkers are In groups.

Leader: „Hunter“.
Goals: Fighting for equality Into and out of the „New Zone“ and It's areas around.
„Equality“ faction members are very good soldiers, trained by the years hiding In the shadows. But till thesse days, they can‘t take this anymore. „New Zone‘s“ gone crazy, now she‘s been tear apart by betraying, faction wars, deadlines starting and etc. But „Equality“ raised for fighting something new and unknown...
-„For the equality“ Into the „New Zone“, and „Equality“ follow their goals and will do anything to helping you. But the „New Zone‘s“ world are not feeling the same towards them. They trying to keep the equality between big factions or the action that's happening these many years between the „Loners“ and the „Army“ In the „New Zone“.
They try to not starting any kind of conflict or faction war. They keep theyr neutrality for the most faction's or groups, made in the „New Zone“:
-But once again, the „New Zone“ doesn't like the good guys. And trying to clear the roads for „Bandits“ gangs to get close to them.
For hinder their cause for fiendships and equality, by robbing them and eventually kill them. But the „Equality“ will grow strong now, when more and more peoples join them. They maybe can finish, theyr goals one day soon.

Leader: Lt. Heller.
Goals: Fight for proclaim the independence of the „New Zone“, and for the creation of single state on It‘s territory.
„Enclave“ Is a group of stalkers who decided to proclaim the independence of the „Exclusion Zone“, and the creation of a single state on this earth. The „Enclave“ Is a secretive political, scientific, and militaristic organization that is descended directly from members of the pre-war „U.S.S“, and claims to be the legally-sanctioned continuation of the government, while also styling themselves and their overall demeanor as such:
-The „Enclave“ Is comprised of (mostly) ancestral descendants of top-ranking officers of the „Army“, „Specnaz“ and „Red Shield“ (and most notably, the last standing ex-„U.S.S“ liutenant and elite members of various branches of the „U.S.S.“ militaries), as well as a few others such as those who had considerable ties and/or sway with powerful corporations that worked closely with the „U.S.S“:
(-I am the elected representative of the people. The „Enclave“ does still exist. God bless us, every one. We've just had to adapt in order to survive after the war (1stLt. Yurik P. Heller))...
Many stalkers laugh at these amusing people. The „Enclave“ conflicts with many clans of the „New Zone“, especially with „Bandits“ gangs and „Free Rebels“. For they believe that it is they who prevent the creation of a single state.

„Free Rebels“
Leader: „Vano“, „Mityai“.
Goals: Keep the freedom of the „New Zone“ and all of Its nature, free entrance to It. Without „Army“ patrols controlling everything and everyone, and destroyed It.
„Free Rebels“ Is faction found and made from veteran stalkers of „Freedom“ faction groups left after the betrayal of their leader then „Lukash“ before few years...
How It all starts:
-The year was 2014, „Freedom“ faction already captured the „Red Forrest“ next objects was „Brain Scorcher“ and eventually the city of „Pripyat“...
The leader of the squad then was „Mityai“. Later that day then „Mityai“ was making strategy with his squad, how to begin the attack for capturing the next points...
When a strange noise was captured by a group member around the water towers close to their camp, the soldier choose to expect the incoming noises. And soon later he was welcomed by a bullet through his neck, and soldier sees a group of unknown „Mercenary“ squad, no marks or badge on their vests, no nothing familiar for any „Mercenary“ squad...
The mercs leader looks the diying soldier, and with dishonorable smile sayed only 3 words before headshot‘s the „Freedom“ soldier...:

-Greetings, from „Lukash“...

Other „Freedom“ faction member was close enough, to hear the mercs without been spotted. And fastly running towards the camp and to „Mityai“ for reports, what's he heard...
-After that, few hours later „Mityai“ canceled the capturing mission. And suggest the squad for returning to their base, the „Military Warehouses“. To be surer, If Is this true about „Lukash“ and those „Mercenary“ who attack them earlier...
Later this day the squad returns home, and „Mityai“ almost imidietly goes to the head building, where „Lukash“ staying most of the time...
But no one there's (strange), „Mityai“ goes down the first floor, no ones there too. Then he‘s go to the armory room, and he sees „Vano“ his buddy and they starts talking about this situation, and how they can saves their clan after the betrayal of their ex-leader „Lukash“ and so on...
Few months later, April 5, 2015. -The „Free Rebels“ was born:
(They chose „Wolf“ for their symbol, the symbol of unity, symbol of power, symbol of brotherhood)...
They‘re reborn as a clan, big and powerful clan, clan that refuse and fights against betrayal and traitors of their pure and good ideology. They are the nature boys who wants the freedom of the „New Zone“, free entrance to the „New Zone‘s“ nature. Without „Army“ patrols controlling everything and everyone, and destroyed It.
They are tribe with good souls and positive seeing on the world, and to the „New Zone“. Charismatic minds and positive thinkings, like their leaders now –„Vano“ and „Mityai“, hopefully they can reach their goals soon now.

Write and edit by: TheR3MAK3R ® (20.09.2018)

TCZ Team In search of: Missions writer and scripter.

TCZ Team In search of: Missions writer and scripter.


Good evening to all of our supporters and s.t.a.l.k.e.r. gamers, we from TCZ Team are In searching for member to join our team, to help us with the future...




The mod It's still frozen.But we will post maybe some info,and later updates.Stay tuned.



News 7 comments

Some information,for the future of our mod.Don't worry and keep tracking the mod,maybe we will upload new screens from the mod,till this time.

New weapons and spawns.

New weapons and spawns.

News 1 comment

New weapons ,alcohol , npc spawns.

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The Cursed Zone Winter

The Cursed Zone Winter

Full Version 10 comments

sorry for the late release if there are any bugs or errors please do tell ! Enjoy :)

The Cursed Zone (BETA) 1.0

The Cursed Zone (BETA) 1.0

Full Version 7 comments

This is the first BETA release of The Cursed Zone mod.There's a new HUD and it's working without crashing. ENJOY !!

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TheR3MAK3R® - - 252 comments

If you want to learn more about the future of the project, follow me TheR3MAK3R® and visit the page of the new part of the mod, based on the original addon: ->

Thanks for the support these years, and keep It waiting for the future part of the project.

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liufupeng - - 1 comments

thanks for your efforts,and when i start a new game on steam of soc 1.006 ,it crashes when syncronizing,is there any solutions? really want to play this mod

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MrBAZZINGA_ - - 58 comments

Despite the new article that have been posted few days ago,im going to say that the mod is pretty much DEAD.Even if the rest of the guys plan any kind of development (which I doubt after almost 3 years of nothing.),I have NOTHING to do with it.Im focused on another things in my life,not a really big fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as I was years ago and actually I have never been active in the development of the project.I hope you had atleast a little fun with the mod,despite of all the bugs,non-finished features and problems.

With best regards,Milcho Georgeiv (MrBAZZINGA) ..

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Zoinks1.3.2 - - 634 comments

This mod is as dead as it can. Don't know what people are wanting to see last time the creator helped someone with mod problems was 2 years ago.

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EnzoLorenzo - - 2 comments

Could you write on which version this mod works or just what i need to do to play it? Like i have Steam version 1.0006 and it just crashing on CLIENT:Synchronization process without any crash log :<

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mynez2 - - 31 comments

I have just shut off the brain scorcher and my vision is blurry from the psy radiation and now im permanently walking around with blurry vision. I can't shake the blurry vision. I've slept three 9 hour sessions in a row and a couple of 3 hour sessions and it's still there. It's starting to give me headache and I want to play more, but if I can't get rid of it i'm gonna have to retire. Please help if you can. thanks

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DJmerv71 - - 3,679 comments

you may be zombiefied,not sure im about to give this mod a run myself and find any bugs and maybe fix them etc,all new to me so here goes.

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bhelen - - 525 comments

Mod needs to be archived. The winter version won't even start. I'm sure the previous version is also riddled with problems.

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poomanchu - - 65 comments

The Cursed Zone full version is crashing during synchronizing with a new game. No crash log even with ctrl v. Windows 10 64bit, steam version, soc 1.0006. Does this mod require the russian version or something else I'm not seeing?

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FoxyDouds - - 212 comments

What's about "PCM spawner NPS" in gamedata ?

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