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Hello to all the stalkers in the Chernobyl Zone, I present you a standalone modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl 1,0006 / 7 + ZRP 1.07 RC5

A complete and organized list shows you the idea that Strelok's Diary mod has to bring to the player. This is not a graphical mod or realistic textures. Many mods already have this feature and all players are already familiar with this type of mod.

I will leave the complete list of modifications being made for this mod:


Strelok's Diary will be accompanied by the Weather Overhauled 3 modification, bringing more beautiful sky textures (Atmosfear Style 3 for Call of Pripyat), and a complete set of Build 1935 sky textures, all in 2k resolutions.

  • A new climate system for each map from SWO 3;
  • New sounds for rain, storms, thunder and winds;
  • New visual effects like lens flares, sunset and thunderstorms.

Map cover will have its unique climate set, but everyone will keep the current event that happened on the map that the player is on and then adapt to the events on the map that the player changed.


The textures will be kept the Vanilla pattern of Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. There may also be a transfer of textures from CoP to SoC, from CS to SoC.

Meshes and Models

All Shadow of Chernobyl Npcs and Monsters have lesser faces. The most polished version of these monsters and npcs is in Call of Pripyat, and all models of monsters and Npcs will be replaced by Vanilla models from SoC.

  • Polished NPCs and Monsters models;
  • Monster Wounds with wet appearance

All weapons of Shadow of Chernobyl have a low quality texture and models not as polished as Call of Pripyat, their position in the HUD is also a little flawed, or let's say a little clumsy than usual. I cannot guarantee that I will bring the Call of Pripyat weapon models and animations to Strelok's Diary, perhaps this can be done after the mod is finished and released as an official addon.

  • Correction in the position of weapons in the HUD;
  • High quality weapon textures based on Vanilla CoP textures;


Thanks to the Ambient Audio Overhauled mod, I will use it as a basis for the development of Strelok's Diary, but I will also compile as many sounds as possible from other mods to bring immense variety and immersion during gameplay.

  • Variety of Sounds for the Environment in General;
  • Variety of Sounds for inventory;
  • Apply sounds for the use of medicines, foods, etc;
  • Variety of sounds for Mutants and Npcs;
  • Variety of sounds for weapons, steps, etc...

What is remarkable about Shadow of Chernobyl is the incorrect sound when you are reloading your BM 16, the sound for Viper 5 and AK 74, we also have a sound like Gauss Rifle. In this part I will remake the sound of these weapons trying to keep as much Vanilla as possible.

Bugs Fixes

As mentioned before, the most stable fix patch we have is ZRP 1.07 RC5, and Strelok's Diary uses this patch as a basis for the development of the mod.

AI Advanced

With the help of ZRP and OGSE, a series of features will be implemented in the AI of the Npcs.

  • Npcs can use any type of weapon depending on their rank;
  • Npcs can use scopes and grenade launchers;
  • Npcs can heal themselves and heal their companions;
  • Npcs can drag bodies and make loot;
  • Npcs can crawl behind the player and kill him (if the NPC sees the player before he sees him);
  • Npcs can attack the player with knives and fists.

As development progresses, new features can be added.

Other Small Features

Speaking of features, Strelok's Diary will be full of them for immersion during gameplay.

Repair and Repair Kits

Screw and Barman will offer a repair service for costumes and weapons, this service will be a little more expensive than normal, but prices will vary if you are being a good ally for stalkers or freedoms. Screw can reject the repair service if you join Dutyers, or can charge you in the face if you fulfill the tasks that Petrenko and Vorin offer. Bartender can readjust prices if you make many allies in the Stalker faction.

Repair kits will be on sale, both types, for weapons and for costumes, but buying them will also not be cheap, so I will be providing a 40% chance of the player finding him in bodies

Weight Limit, Suits with additional weight

The default weight limit is 50kg, but in Strelok's Diary this changes. The standard weight limit will be changed to 15kg, but don't be alarmed because here comes a new feature for SoC.

Costumes will be separated into some sections:

  • No Resistance ( +4kg to +10kg )
  • Low Resistance ( +11kg to +18kg )
  • Medium Resistance ( +19kg to +26kg )
  • High Resistance ( +28kg to + 40kg )
  • Maximum Resistence ( +50kg to +80kg )

New costumes will be added, all of them present in mods like StalkerSoup, Autumn Aurora 2, OGSE, Narodnaya Solyakna.

New weapons and changes in their characteristics

New weapons will be added in the mod, rather a set much larger than Vanilla. All weapons will be worked out carefully in their aspects and differences, from the recoil, handling, weight, cost, size of the magazine, damage, accuracy, sounds, etc ...

Artifacts and new Artifacts

It also applies to artifacts, all will be worked on in their characteristics, and I will unite as many new artifacts as possible that I will remove from several other mods.


A severe change in the economy and in the trade between the characters will take place. New medicines, new foods, etc ...

Everything will be very expensive or very cheap, it will never be the same price for Bartender or for Sidorovich, also new Merchants will be added in the game. The trade will be more immersive. You can make a lot more money by selling weapons to Bartender or you can make a lot more money by selling costumes to Sidorovich. Selling artifacts and mutant parts is going to be much more advantageous for you to do for scientists.

Sidorovich can offer more weapons than the Bartender and charge a lot for it, or it can be the other way around.

A new severe change is going to be made in this part.


Now let’s address a subject and a much more important change in Strelok's Diary. Yes, all maps will undergo severe changes.

The map, which was vague, will be filled with new objects and threats. Not all maps will maintain the same dog lair, this can be replaced by Blodsuckers or psy dogs.

I can't say much about it, but a severe change will happen on all maps.

Are you interested in helping?

If you have a lot of experience in modding for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and want to help me, please send a message to my email

I thank everyone who will support this mod, I sincerely want to bring a great modification to Shadow of Chernobyl

Good Hunting Stalkers!!!

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News 1 comment

Ukraine again

Ooh glorious Ukraine, after much effort I managed to get back to my native country. It was very difficult to get a travel authorization for Ukraine, I had to pass several medical exams and also justify my departure from Palermo - Italy to Odessa - Ukraine.
I returned to my country that I love so much, I went through some difficulties to enter Odessa and almost had to be forced to return to Palermo. I am living at my parents' house and I will stay here for about 3 weeks. All my work material for modding is in Donetsk, where my home is located and is also the hometown where I was born.

Enough talking about me, let's talk now about the news I have for you and some changes I made on paper during the short time I had to pay attention to modding in Palermo.

News and Changes

All my time that I worked on Strelok's Diary in the city of Palermo - Italy was saved on the Dropbox cloud service. As well as the draft I made using One Note to make some changes to the mod, I will list this whole list here for you and I also want to ask the opinion of everyone who is following the mod if it is worth implementing in Strelok's Diary, remembering that this mod will try to keep as much Vanilla as possible.

Weapons and Clothing:

My plan for the Shadow of Chernobyl weapons is just to correct their position in the HUD, bring the CoP textures to SoC and change the properties of all of them (recoil, accuracy, handling, weight, price, damage). To keep as much vanilla as possible, I didn't want to bring any HD texture or more realistic models like OWR or AO3. Not all players like to be forced to play Stalker with these addons.

So my proposal would be to keep the models and animations in Vanilla as I already said, or to bring the LURK mod models and make my own changes so as not to get a CTRL+C CTRL+V.

If some players prefer the Vanilla models and others the Lurk models, it is no problem that I launch the Official version of the mod with the two optional versions (Vanilla Weapons, Lurk Weapons)

In order not to extend too much about weapons, both versions will have the same amount of weapons and the same changes either in sounds or properties. But it is clear that reload sounds will keep the original according to their respective standards. In Vanilla I will correct some faulty sounds and in Lurk I will not need it.

Now speaking of Suits, yes in relation to Strelok's Diary suits it will be full of them. I've been looking at some SoC and CoP addons and mods where I will be removing the suits and importing into Strelok's Diary.

At the beginning of the development I would add only 4 or 5 more suits but then I was using my imagination and I want to add a ton of suits. And as I said it will not be a ctrl + c ctrl + v, I already made my own changes with the Vanilla suits and in my opinion it was very good, but the reason for increasing the quantity of suits is not only the variety but the difficulty for the player to choose which suit he should wear.

"Damn AIxStrem, it's obvious that I'm going to choose an Exo suit over a SEVA Suit."

That's the problem, the SEVA suit or Exo suit will not always be the best option for the player. Sometimes it will be a little tricky for the player to choose which suit to buy and which to wear.

To be more explained:

Suppose you arrived on the mission where you have to enter Lab x16 to disable the bloody giant brain. You will look at your Stalker suit and see that it will be difficult to get in there with it, because of several mutants and zombies, and the Stalker suit in Strelok's Diary is no miracle.

So you decide to see what Sakharov has to offer. Yes, you will see several scientific suits, some with armor and little anomalous resistance and others with little armor and high anomalous resistance.

You will see later that the anomalies in Strelok's Diary will be 10x more deadly than the standard Vanilla. So the player will be in doubt as to which suit to wear and which medications to take, as there will be a huge variety of medications and this issue is further ahead.

And here ends my idea regarding weapons and suits.

Dynamic weather and sky textures:

I said I would compile as many textures as possible for the sky and thus leave Strelok's Diary like no other mod.

But I changed my mind, and I saw that I would have a lot of work to add countless textures to the sky and also when organizing which texture to appear at a certain time of the day. I tried but got lost and disorganized.

And here's my change. Instead of doing all this useless work, I will use the SWO3 mod as it has a beautiful dynamic system. However, instead of using the sky textures that SWO3 offers I will substitute the textures of Atmosfear 3 for CoP.

Well folks here I finish showing you my proposals regarding weapons and costumes and my change in the texture plan for sky.

I hope to soon show you some exciting screenshots.

Good hunting Stalkers.

thumb 1920 253120

Strelok's Diary by AIxStream

Strelok's Diary by AIxStream


Strelok's Diary by AIxStream is a standalone mod made for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl mixed with patch 1.0006/7 + Zone Reclamation Project 1.07RC...

AIxStream Creator
AIxStream - - 6 comments

04/21/2020 - 15:35 Local Hour. ( AixStream )

Guys, a little warning to everyone who is following the development. Soon I will bring you new news about the development of the mod and its progress. I have new changes that I made to the papael during my quarantine process in Palermo - Italy.

Good Hunt Stalkers

Reply Good karma+2 votes
CheekiBreeki_VomVom - - 27 comments

Feel better soon champ.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
exostalker - - 323 comments

Good luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
YuriVernadsky - - 424 comments

Good Luck Stalker! wish you the best!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DutyMember - - 1 comments

This sounds really good, i hope it's ready for this year.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,075 comments

Nice, now im started waiting. :)

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AIxStream Creator
AIxStream - - 6 comments


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