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Misaligned Iron sights (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : MISERY : Forum : General subjects : Misaligned Iron sights) Locked
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Jan 18 2012 Anchor

I saw some weapons has misaligned iron sights problem :
1. APS Stechkin: the iron sights is a little bit too high
2. Mosin Nagant: the iron sights is a bit left, but the orbez has perfect iron sight
3. FAMAS: Way off to the left
4. Kar98k: not iron sights but the reloading action is a bit unrealistic?
Aside from that, i really enjoy playing Misery mod. Thanks :D

N.Aaroe MDT Lead
Jan 18 2012 Anchor

It takes a considerable amount of time to align and test a single weapon. If anyone is interested in helping out you could post the corrected values here :)


Jan 18 2012 Anchor

I'd be willing to mess around with the values, although I, being an idiot, first have to ask what I should be looking at here? I'm not even 100% sure which file affects this, let alone which variable[s].

Jan 18 2012 Anchor

The ironsights appear to be fixed, but they're slightly off to the left. Most players who don't mod probably don't know that the sights need to be on the center of the screen, and assume it's just bad aiming/bad gun. I don't see why this fix hasn't been implemented after three versions of "Patch 1", considering it's the starting weapon for a popular class.

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

1600x900 75 grade FOV
1280x720 and 67.5 FOV

and this isn't the only one, the gsh is also slightly off the right .. customized far 15 also has this, and many of the other weapons i am sure but haven't tested because first savegame i played without crosshair, just a habbit i got used to, it makes the game more immersive; now i had to start a new game, unlucky me

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Jan 19 2012 Anchor

Is there any knowledge available on a script-on-the-run possibility in this game?

Most games nowadays have the ability to reload a script instantly after it has been edited, I don't want to restart my game 55 times just to see if my weapon has shoved up half a mm or not.

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

I would fix the iron sights myself if I knew how. Is there a program that lets me re align them or do I have to edit the values manually in the .ltx files?

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

For the Mosin Nagant (16:9) - w_m1891.ltx :)

  • hands_position_16x9 = -0.072000,-0.15099,0.125
  • hands_orientation_16x9 = -0.28,-0.17,0.0
  • aim_hud_offset_pos_16x9 = -0.08100,0.0507,-0.150000
  • aim_hud_offset_rot_16x9 = -0.0025,-0.005,0.0

I will do more if I can be bothered (very tedious work)

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

Wow, thanks 0800. You've done a great job for everybody, make sure this is widely disseminated because I'm sure at this point a lot of people are just assuming the Mosin is innacurate

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

GSH-18 with reference point



Jan 19 2012 Anchor

For the SKS (16:9) :)

  • hands_orientation_16x9 = 0.04,0.0,0.0

Tweaked the iron sights to be spot on


For the GSH-18 (16:9)

  • hands_orientation_16x9 = 2.449998,2.78,2.849998

'hands_orientation_16x9 = 2.449998,2.78,2.849998'
';hands_orientation_16x9 = 2.449998,2.78,2.849998'
(one without the semi-colon before)

sloooowly getting there lol...

Edited by: 0800

Jan 19 2012 Anchor

Thanks alot, mate.

Though I take it these don't work for 4:3, huh? :p

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Jan 19 2012 Anchor

sorry, no

Jan 20 2012 Anchor

i found wierd how all was going well with the sniper rifles when i installed the mod, unpatched
after some patches, they didnt score a hit at all when using sights/scopes

TT-33 is terribly glitched and texture is moving along with arms swaying like hell when you look down the sight and i'm a sniper; all other pistols hold still when low crouching
patch 1.6.1

0800 I made your modifications and mosin is now good
The GSh is now as above description of TT-33 and i modified the correct value; it shifts while looking down the sight in low crouch, but otherwise the alignment is now good, good job

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Jan 20 2012 Anchor

For those who love the Russian APS Stechkin, which is my all time favorite, now has the corrected iron sights :D
Change the values here:
im_hud_offset_rot_16x9 = 0.040500,0.056000,0.025000
IMPORTANT: i work with 16:9 monitor so no promises

Jan 20 2012 Anchor

Thanks so much, 0800. Mosin is now a deadly weapon!

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

The iron sights for the Galil and Famas seem to be very poor quality, so I wont bother correcting those until they are fixed

Jan 21 2012 Anchor

Thanks 0800 and GyozaRamen for these fixes, now finally we can use these weapons with the proper ironsights.
However, here's a little .rar with the .ltx files already "fixed", for the guys that doesn't know how to modify the .ltx files.
Easy, fast and user-friendly:
(I didn't forgot to name the authors in the Info.txt :D)

Iron Sights fix pack 1.0:
Virus Scan:
www(dot)virustotal(dot) com /file/6166d40dc1c62fde7e049bba4b41ce51b2efc35df53e4899901016361cb04cd2/ analysis/1327165639/
Enjoy, Stalkers in MISERY. ^^

Jan 22 2012 Anchor

great, thanks!! :)

Jan 22 2012 Anchor


  • hands_position = -0.017000,-0.154000,0.002500
  • hands_orientation = -0.4250000,0.05000,1.149999
  • item_position = 0.000605,-0.000185,-0.000516
  • item_orientation = 1.239378,-0.134046,-2.052052
  • aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.109500,0.03700,0.000000
  • aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.012500,0.007000,-0.030000

Cant remember exactly which values I edited, so I just added them all :D

Edited by: 0800

Jan 22 2012 Anchor

Let me share some of my fixes for 4:3 screens.


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.08800,0.05000,-0.043000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.01250000,-0.0010000,0.000000

Set the scope_zoom_factor to 60 or 67.5 to avoid having cliping problems.

BM-16 fullsize:

aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.08500,0.065000,-0.052500
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.027500,-0.0100,0.007500

scope_zoom_factor from 60 to 70 should work well. I'm using 60 right now.


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.10400,0.0400,-0.063500
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.0005,0.007500,-0.035000


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.101000,-0.015,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.03600,-0.033500,0.020000


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.104950, 0.0427500, 0.003000
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.005000, 0.006000,-0.037500


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.1225,0.01,-0.0225
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.009,0.0165,0.0075

AK47m (AKM in-game)

aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.10200, 0.03900,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.01000,-0.032450, 0.020000


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.09988,0.0305,0.0;-0.046000,0.032500,0.000000
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.0,0.0,0.0;0.000000,-0.012500,-0.035000

Jan 23 2012 Anchor

Thanks for these fixes, it's nice to be able to use the GSH-18 and the SKS now.. even though the AKM is more accurate / does a bit more damage.


Jan 23 2012 Anchor

More fixes for 4:3 resolutions


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.078500,0.041800,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.028000,-0.0327500,0.010000


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.103500, 0.015500,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.0255000,-0.03150, 0.020000

scope_zoom_factor = 50
aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.1100,0.04000,-0.035500
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.01500,-0.0500,-0.022500


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.0925,0.053,-0.018
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.035,-0.03125,0.01

Optional: I modified it to make it more realistic becuase I just couldn't allow a PPSh in 7.62x39mm. So, I changed it to 9x19mm Para, and it will accept 9x19mm suppressors instead of the 7.62x39mm one. I also reduced the recoil so it feels like it's shooting 9mm PARA rounds.

ammo_class = ammo_9x19_fmj, ammo_9x19_pbp

cam_relax_speed = 150
zoom_cam_relax_speed = 150
zoom_cam_max_angle = 10.0
zoom_cam_max_angle_horz = 10.0

silencer_name = wpn_addon_silencer_9x19

Edited by: Subway2033

N.Aaroe MDT Lead
Jan 24 2012 Anchor

To Subway2033:
I will be including these in the next patch also, thanks.
If you want your silenced PPsh41 to follow the caliber puffs when silenced you should change this also:

snd_silncer_shot = weapons\silencers\silencer_762x39
snd_silncer_shot = weapons\silencers\silencer_9x19

Edited by: N.Aaroe


Jan 24 2012 Anchor

N.Aaroe wrote: To Subway2033:
I will be including these in the next patch also, thanks.
If you want your silenced PPsh41 to follow the caliber puffs when silenced you should change this also:

snd_silncer_shot = weapons\silencers\silencer_762x39
snd_silncer_shot = weapons\silencers\silencer_9x19

No, thank you for the mod.
Here they are my latest fixes:

IMI Galil

aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.10200,0.02200,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.01100,-0.032500,0.020000

Famas Felin (w_famas3.ltx in the files)
Note: This weapon has the ironsights messed up. The front sight is too short and wide to be any of use and the rear sight is like badly rendered, so I decided, for practical terms, that I one can only aim properly with the rear sight only with this particular weapon.

aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.0885000,0.0200,-0.148000
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.01050000,-0.004500,-0.010000

Stechkin APS:

aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.106000,0.035000,0.000000
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.009000,0.00575000,-0.007500

Sig SG-552:
Note: there's two lines of code that start with a ";", like this ;aim_hud_offset_pos . Just delete them. It all should look like this:

aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.112000,0.034000,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = 0.017500,0.014500,-0.010000
aim_hud_offset_pos_16x9 = -0.111900, 0.032300, 0.000500
aim_hud_offset_rot_16x9 = 0.033000, 0.001800,-0.010000gl_hud_offset_pos = -0.112000,0.034000,-0.018000
gl_hud_offset_rot = 0.017500,0.014500,-0.010000
;gl_hud_offset_pos = -0.053000,-0.059000,0.000000
;gl_hud_offset_rot = -0.145000,0.000000,0.000000gl_hud_offset_pos_16x9 = 0,0,0
gl_hud_offset_rot_16x9 = 0,0,0lean_hud_offset_pos = 0,0,0
lean_hud_offset_rot = 0,0,0

Not only I fixed the rifle sights aiming but also made the grenade launcher to be aimable. Now you will use the integral reflex sight that the rifle has. Better than nothing.


aim_hud_offset_pos = -0.103500, 0.03500,-0.018000
aim_hud_offset_rot = -0.011000,-0.03050, 0.020000

Optional: Change ammo_mag_size value to 45, becuase that's the real capacity of the RPK-74 magazines, not 40 rounds.

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