Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Lоnerboner Forum Badmin
Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Post the report of bugs here, please, do it in a form like the one shown below:

I found a bug, XXX, and its:

  • list
  • list
  • list
  • list
  • etc..

and so on :)

Please describe what you did, be exact. Not, my suit degrades fast, no, it must be detailed to fix it. So, for example:

"My suit degrades fast when someone shoots me or when i go trought a XXX anomaly."


Please download the latest patch before making a bug report: Moddb.com

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Jan 15 2012 Anchor
  • The ironsight for the SKS is incorrectly aligned:
  • In the Bloodsucker lair Grouse sometimes gets stuck on the first Stalker body he approaches. You can fix this by dragging the body away from him.
  • After saving I sometimes hit the 'w' key, due to some games unpausing the game after saving, which unpauses the game and the weather immediately is a lot calmer than when I saved. For example; if there was a powerful storm before saving, the sun will instantly come out. The weather will return to what it was before saving if you load the save.
Jan 15 2012 Anchor

The medic in skadovsk has disappeared for me. I think it was after returning from the "investigate the strange glow" mission or the mission where you walk through the bloodsucker lair.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

the medic in skadovsk is supposed to dissapear from time to time and after some quest he is gone for good.

please review the weapons and their attachments; i found the 9x19 silencer doesnt work on the gsh-18, maybe there are some other weapons that have this problem


Jan 15 2012 Anchor
For some reason any save after the first blowout (or after the mission where I go help a bandits with a duty deal I can't tell) doesn't work when I try to load it , X engine crashing and stuff
Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Every time when you try to upgrade FAMAS to use the silencer, the game crashes.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Quite frequently when I die, and go to load a saved game, the game crashes to desktop without any error message. (Not a sound or video issue)

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

my bad about the gsh, upgraded it and can now put on the silencer, but some weapons like the aek-937 can put on a scope without upgrading the weapon for a scope


Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Hi folks, I wanted to tell you my problem.
What happens is that when I click on "new game" / "master" it still there ... I waited ... but nothing happened

(I have the "stalker" in ISO. I installed it, I downloaded 1.6.01 and1.6.02 patches, not installed, i copy only the files unzipped.because I can not install the exe. not that be the problem because this updated correctly.)

My pc meets the requirements. I have Win7 64bit
4GB RAM - Ati radeon HD4850 ​​1GB - 3.4GHz AMD Athlon II black
and other things

Really appreciate it you can help me with this and I've beenwaiting for the mod with many cravings:)

Greetings! (sorry my English is not very good :P )

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

As I saw some others had mentioned, I can't load a save game while in game. For me, it's not only when I die, it's ANY time I load a save game from anywhere but the main menu. To load a save, I need to exit (or crash), then open up and load from the main menu.So far it's been providing more of a challenge to keep playing than the mod itself, as every time I die I need to exit the game and open it again.
Also, it won't let me download the latest patch until it's "authorized" by moddb, so even if the patch fixes it I wouldn't know.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

* 7.62x39 AP costs less than 7.62x39 FMJ
* some of Beard's items like sleeping pills, loaf of bread, stale bread, mushroom tea, porn magazine do not receive a discount as you gain reputation with the stalkers
* the GSh-18 seems abit awkward positioned
* Hawaiian has some wierd ammo for the PKM: the normal one that looks like the vanilla box of ammo and comes in 50 rounds named 7.62x54 PP(1200 ru) and a second ammo named 7.62x54 PP rounds(900 ru)that looks like the sniper box of ammo and comes in 10 rounds; they got same description

*there is a glitch in the black screen around the scope when you look through it, its a vertical line on the right of the scope which isnt covered by the black screen


Jan 15 2012 Anchor

My problem is when i try to buy the famas silencer upgrade the X-ray engine crashes.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Well, heres what I, and a lot of others, want fixed. Stamina, and how much bullets are.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

does not regenerate life, full lighting problems by enabling DX10.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

[Will add more bugs/suggestion as I find them/play. Please come back and check for updates.]
*I think my game somehow got glitched? I found a broken tree near that anomaly that has a fire circle; it keeps jumping around everywhere on the map and causes major fps lag.

*Every time the stamina bar goes down to 3 bars and the character starts panting, I stop to regain stamina but the panting does not stop and I am unable to walk normally. I am forced to walk slowly and the stamina bar never reaches full; on the last bar, half of it is missing. The issue persists across a couple of saved games and only way I found to get rid of it is to exit and relaunch the game.
Edit: It was actually a feature and not a bug. Found out that having low health and also have low stamina results in this panting until healed over half the health bar.

*Noticeable green artifacts around the mask when wearing the item "Steel Helmet".

*When in a heavy Phy area and exhausted at the same time, double panting is present and the sounds overlap each other.

*When talking to the character "Pilot" and choose the option to take you to yanov there is a typo that reads "grap, your gun" where it should be "grab your gun".

*When loading a save file, the weather changes drastically. For example rain to fog in an instant.

*Applied patch 1.1 as recon but inventory screen states me as a "Assault Solider" and I revive NO bonuses from any class.

*Mini map is basically useless now, can just use PDA for guiding. Wish there is an option to remove to add to the immersion effect of the game. :)

*When being shot by someone and using binoculars, the items drops but still appears in inventory. I lost mine :(

*Anti Radiation drugs description have a typo. Should be "Maximum radiation" instead of Meximium.

*Uncle yar's first mission is broken. You sneak with him all the up to the zombies but then he starts shooting them. That's not supposed to happen.
Note: Running patch 1.1

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Jan 15 2012 Anchor

my config:

Phenon II x2 555 BE 3.2GHz
6GB DDR3 1600MHz
ATI HD 4200 512MB - OC 800MHz - Onboard DX10.1

full lighting 10
setings low

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

*if you try to put some of the new items on keybinds f1-f4 like the sleeping bag or beard's tea the game crashes:
Expression : assertion failed Function : CUICellContainer::GetCellAt File : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrGame\ui\UIDragDropListEx.cpp Line : 754 Description : ValidCell(pos)


Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Still crashing every time I load a save game from anywhere but the main menu. Hasn't failed to crash even once. Though I hope the patch fixes it, I can't install the patch because moddb hasn't "authorized" the upload, so I can't download it. To others in the thread who said they've installed the patch: HOW?
Though I have been playing anyway (sucks without being able to load previous saves after derping and making a huge mistake), and I really like the mod so far.

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

When trying to free Mitay from the bandits who captured him, he get's stuck in a loop where he runs up and down a ramp.
never encountered this before mod was installed, figured it could be a bug.

also noticed some green and pink squares when wearing the steel helmet.

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Jan 15 2012 Anchor

Minor graphical bug, the actor's hands clip with the Mosin Nagant when you scope in with the plain irons, and possibly actual scopes as well. Tried this at both the default, and 75 degree FOV. It also clips a little bit halfway through the reload animation, when he "reaches" for the stripper clip, his shoulder just kinda falls forward and you can see the hollow of his arm.

Jan 16 2012 Anchor

@cocoliso That's not a bug, master is the only available difficulty.

Jan 16 2012 Anchor

Probably already posted but

- 7.62x39mm's icon shows 9x39mm on the box
- Companions do not cause crashes if you remove them from your party prior to saving

Only the few I've noticed so far.

AMD Athlon II Quad-Core 3.0 GHz
GSkill 1600 PC12800 RAM (4GB)
EVGA GTX 460 (768MB)

Edited by: HerbertMoon

Jan 16 2012 Anchor

Re-posting my bug here:

-I think the mission with Uncle Yar is bugged, as he will shoot the zombies once he gets a little bit into the village. I noticed that if I hung back and let him walk alone it took longer for him to start firing on them, but he did eventually. Several reloads later he continued to do it no matter what, eventually I loaded my auto-save before accepting the mission so I can wait for a fix.

-I've also noticed that my crashing seems to be the most heavy in Jupiter so far. I only have access to the first 2 zones, bu Jupiter easily had 2 or 3 times the crashes of Zaton. Mostly when quicksaving or the area loading.

-There is a typo in the VSK94 description: "The VSK-94 is mostly a cheaper alternative to the VSS and uses the same low-velocity round witch adds stealth and massive penetration but at the cost of range."

-I can also attest to specializations not working after the patch, as others have reported. I was initially a Recon, and applied the Recon version of the patch, but I seem to have lost my bonuses to medical supplies, suit degradation, etc.

- The ammo boxes for most rifle/shotgun ammo types are a little too large and clip over the magazine count. I'm at a 1280x1024 resolution, so I don't know if it's only an issue for 4:3 resolutions.

This is all as of the original Patch 1.

Edited by: -Ghost-

Jan 16 2012 Anchor

I am not saying this is a bug but npcs loot hidden weapons; would be nice if we could buy it off him at a high price :) because i dont want to kill him


*Dragunov SVD weights 4.30 and SVU weights 5.50 should be the other way around

Edited by: marsalandrei


Jan 16 2012 Anchor

- The animations/iron sights of the Scorpion and StG-44 are glitched, the ironsights of the Mosin, Galil, Toz-34 and UMP so far are
also glitched/misaligned

- some weapon upgrades don´t work (6x scope on the Mosin and K98 f.e )

- a 6-shot Revolver shouldnt have an upgrade for increased magazine capacity (Ruger GP-100)

- Nitro at Jupiter doesn´t upgrade any of the new weapons

- 7.62x54 r ammo is just to scare, especially if compared to the amount of other ammo types, like f.e 7.62 NATO

- The Kopachi quest is bugged (zombies detect the player no matter what he does)

- The APS stechkin doesn´t mount a silencer althrough its description says it can

- if weapons can only mount attachments after an upgrade this should be visible in the weapon despription (f.e the Ggsh-18)

- the game crashes when a supressor is attached to the FAMAS

- the newly added weapons are not shown in the upgrade window

- more different icons for the ammo boxes 8and also the scopes) would be nice ( f.e 9x39 and 7.62x39/ ACOG + variants and SUSAT + variants look the same atm)

- the ppsh-41 has to use a pistol round, not 7.62 kalashnikov ammo

- an upgrade option for the bolt action rifles to rechamber them in 7.62 NATO would be great and useful because 7.62x54 is too hard to come by, as already

- there are some little typos in the new dialoges

- the stocks of the RPK and AN-94 go into the actors face when fired

- the PSO-1 reticle is very thin and hard to see

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