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Life of the Zone Features

Below is a short breakdown of what Life of The Zone will include. Keep in mind, this is not a complete list of everything that will ever be added. As of right now these are the main features I have managed to include in development thus far. This list is subject to change and additions. Last Modified, (08/22/19)

--- Stalkers ---
- Added 7 new ranking levels and 6 New Reputation levels. NPCs will also show these newly added rankings and reputations and the player can earned them as well.
- Added an additional tier to every stalker faction. There is now a total of 6 tiers of different stalker variations to pull from every faction.
- Added in "mixed" stalker groups that can spawn in. For example, Ecologists can be found traveling with Loners or Duty traveling with Clear Sky members.
- Simulation has been modified slightly to encouraged Stalkers to travel to more locations
- Faction Settlements will now be the main places stalkers will spawn from. Spawning outside settlements has been made rare. Examples of Stalker settlements are the Loner Camp in Cordon or the Clear Sky base in the Great Swamp.

--- Stalker Diversity ---
This the number of newly added stalker variations with textured variations and new model variations that have been implemented into Life of The Zone, this number will grow in size of course.

Loners - 236
Zombied - 179
Bandit - 174
Freedom - 99
Sin - 81
Duty - 56
Monolith - 55
Clear Sky - 41
Mercenary - 32
Ecologist - 23
Military - 5

--- New Factions ---

Sin - “Dark Stalkers” are a mysterious and secretive group of stalkers, believed to be remnants of test subjects who survived experimentation in the X-labs.
(WIP) Marauders - Similar to the disbanded Renegades group, they are a group of well-armed thugs that consist of the zones most despicable stalkers.
(WIP) Redemption - Banded together of the survivors of the Monolith group who managed to break free from their brain washing. They now are looking to save as many Monolith members from their brainwashing as they can.
(WIP) Spirits - Stalkers who hunt mutants for sport and profit. They also explore uncharted parts of the zone to gather geographical information for other stalkers.

--- New Mutants ---

Druid - they were once human, but were corrupted by the influence of the Zones Noosphere. Observations have suggested they have strong psychonic control over mammalian mutants of the Zone and can have them accompany and aide them while traveling the zone.
Aberration - Vaguely humanoid creatures that create shockwaves that cause extreme fatigue in humans for a short time. They act as support and will aide mutants in fights against stalkers.
Psy-Fracture - Highly intelligent, psychic variations of the animalistic Fracture. They can be found near and around tunnels and encampments, waiting for a gullible stalker to pass by, catching them off-guard.
Radogeist - Elusive, invisible creatures that are surrounded by a radiation field that is fatal to humans.
Night Flesh - Rare, nocturnal sub-species of the common flesh that has adapted well to its nocturnal lifestyle. They have the ability to leap at their prey from a distance.
Lynx - Mutated variation of the Eurasian Lynx that once inhabited the area in modest numbers. they’re very agile and can attack while moving. They are also able leap at their prey if they need to.
Voltogeist - Electrified variations of the poltergeist that have been altered heavily by electric based anomalies. They Overwhelm their opponent by conjuring multiple electrified clouds in a short time. Most of these won’t hit its target and are only might as a distraction tactic to get a fatal hit in.
Psychogeist - Psychically gifted poltergeist variation that has a very strong psi-field; they can take control of nearby stalker or even drive them to madness, if they’re around them for too long.
Toxogeist - Chemical based variation of the poltergeist that has been altered heavily by chemical-based anomalies. They will attempt to get close to stalkers and unleash a heavy amount of toxins to hopefully lead to a quick death.
Burer King - Grotesque pseudo leaders of some burer groups. They have a strong psy field and are able to make stalkers turn on each other or even have them commit suicide if given enough time.
Marsh Creature - Evolutionary offshoots of bloodsuckers, who have adapted well to the marshes of the Zone. They are difficult to outrun as they have a powerful leaping ability that helps them catch up to a fleeing stalker rather quickly.

--- Mutant Diversity ---
-- Each mutant now has multiple variations, either it be new textures, new models or even new behaviors; Expect this list to grow in size.

-- Textured Variations --
- 6 Zombie Variations
- 1 Burer Variation
- 2 Pseudogiant Variation
- 1 Boar Variation
- 2 Pseudodog Variation
- 1 Controller Variation
- 1 Flesh Variation
- 3 Druid Variations
- 5 Aberration Variations
- 4 New Poltergeist Variations - (Radogeist, Voltogeist, Psychogeist, Toxogeist)
- 3 Psy-Fracture Variations
- 3 Night Flesh Variations
- 4 Lynx Variations
- 3 Burer King Variations
- 2 Marsh Creature Variations

- Added Civil Zombie Variations with unused animations and new behavior
- Added Fracture Variation with unused animations and with new behavior

--- Anomalies & Artefacts ---
4 new Anomalies and 6 new Artefacts can now spawn into the world, thanks to DoctorX's Dynamic Anomalies. More anomalies & artefacts will be added in the future.
- Death Cloud - Strange cloud-like anomalies that gather in clusters. some of them will allow you to walk right through unharmed, while others are able to suck you in if you get too close!
- Lighthouse - Tales from stalkers suggest these anomalies act as beacons that guide stalkers away from danger, towards safe areas at night. Maybe the Zone isn't as evil as people make it out to be?
- Star Field - Resembling a cluster of stars, when entered leaves a feeling of tranquility for a short time. Don't be fooled though, it messes with your mind into believing that everything's fine as it slowly melts your brain away.
- Jammer - They described it as looking like the static of a TV, but fully materialized. Detectors stopped working around it and their PDA were having problems while around it as well. Just be careful if you encounter something similar to that, okay?

Added 6 new artefact
- Cloud - An unusual gravitational-based artefact that produces the overwhelming sense of lightness.
- Voltage - An electrical based artefact that appears looks like a cluster of nerve endings.
- Mercury - An artefact that appears to be made of a condensed mercury-like substance.
- Cosmos - A strange, almost star like artifact that tends to appear around psi heavy areas.
- Pinecone - Believed by Ecologists to be a "seed" for a flora based anomaly.
- Black Hole - This artifact has its own gravitational pull and has created mini satellites that orbit it.

--- Stalker Dialog ---
New Dialog Responses have been added for each faction for more variation when communicating with other stalkers.
- 3 new NPC conversion start
- 3 new no more information
- 2 new I dont know
- 20 new hello's
- 20 new needs help when downed
- 5 new anomaly tips
- 16 new pieces of information
- 4 new looking for work
- 6 new tips
- 15 PDA Broker Common Find
- 15 PDA Broker Uncommon Find
- 15 PDA Broker Rare Find

--- PDA Dialog from CoC ---
- 2 New Bounty gossip
- 2 New Arte gossip
- 5 New gossip on buying
- 10 New gossip on killing the wounded
- 1 Dynamic news of getting attacked by
- 3 Dynamic news of hearing
- 2 Dynamic saw something
- 3 Dynamic middle
- 10 Dynamic ending

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RIP, too good for this world

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I wonder what happened? The creator hasn't logged in since 2021.

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may he rest in peace

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It's a great shame that this mod was buried, considering the 2 years of hard work that went into it.

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I hope this isn't dead?

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Hope not!

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I just found about this and I'm eager to check.

However, I must ask, because there weren't any updates recently - are you okay?

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Are you still there dude?

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Хотелось бы, чтобы оно вышло в открытый доступ. Даже ОБТ

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I hope you are doing well Mr_Daniels, how is the progress?

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