Stalker: Legacy of Times is an attempt to create a STALKER-inspired game on CryEngine 2. Over the past decade, many other teams wanted to transfer the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game to the CryEngine engine, but none of them have made a full release. Many people still don't believe that this is feasible. We want to convince them the opposite once and for all. Since the beginning of development in 2016, our goal is to make a high-quality full-fledged mod based on STALKER universe.

Short story:
In the mod, the player will have to try on the role of a military engineer who stole a flash card with secret data from the bunker, and then as a result of the chase, he ended up in the territories of the third quadrant of the Chernobyl's Zone of Alienation. Now he needs to find support among the stalker factions and get acquainted with the realities of the Zone, find out what data is hidden on the card and whether he is connected with the Zone. Apply his knowledge and skills to get to the bottom of things or perish in anomalies or from the claws of a mutant, trying to survive.

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Features of the mod:
Explore the territories to the northeast of the Chernobyl station near the borders of Belarus.
An open world of about 4 square kilometers, including underground facilities with their own secrets.
Continuous storyline with a wide variety of side quests.
Implemented systems of trading, weapon modification, and equipment creation.
New anomalies, new artifacts, a revised and improved artifact search system.
New mutants, as well as reworked old ones.
Random encounters, solving the puzzles and participating in legendary events.
Custom lore, built on top of the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy.

Already implemented:
Searching for artifacts using the detector.
Charging the detector from the outlet.
Some mutants (bloodsucker, zombies, poltergeist).
NPC behavior in the camp.
Sleep in designated areas.
Gas mask for toxic areas.
Dialogues (will further be reworked ).
Test inventory (text version).
Consumables (first-aid kit, canned food, bandage, vodka, anti-rad).

In the plans:
A complete RPG system (inventory, loot, trading, dialog, etc).
Craft of the equipment that will allow you to explore previously inaccessible places.
Artifacts with positive and negative effects.
Interactive areas that you can interact with using a variety of items (for example, breaking planks using a crowbar).
English localization.

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Project cancelled

News 2 comments

logo header

Hello, friends!

I'm sorry to tell you this, but the project is dead now. Thank you for being with us for all this (not very long) time.

If you want to know what's happened, here's a short story.

A couple of years ago, despite all objections I decided to make this project to be not just a local Russian-only mod, I went further to make it a worldwide project. I've made this ModDB page, all this PR, every article and translation that was posted here, social media accounts, countless forum and website posts to bring the word-wide public attention to this project, and I believe I have succeeded at this. We were even selected in top-100 mods to participate in MOTY 2019. The mod's got a worldwide attention and some popularity, so in the long run many people could enjoy the project had we released it.

Unfortunately, one of our key team members (vitalik_virus), who had started this project and worked on it before the rest of us joined the team and before the project reached its present vision and its present name, had unexpectedly left the project near the end of 2019. This disrupted the development process, and the resulting delay caused most of the remaining team members to leave the project.

There was little hope that we could finish the project with what was left of the team, and we tried to do that, but the manpower we had was not enough. During that period I was working on a full demo release, but even if I finished it, there were no key team members left who could develop the project further.

So we came to this unexpected end. I am very sorry.

I have uploaded the latest working directory or so-called "developer files". Anyone with the knowledge of CryEngine 2 Sandbox editor can open these files (levels and all resources are included), edit them as they want and even continue the development independently if they want.

Here's the Dev build files:

Also here's a few unreleased screenshots that I had kept for a better occasion.

Thanks you everyone for your support of this project!

Stalker: Legacy of Times (S.L.O.T.) Trailer #1

Stalker: Legacy of Times (S.L.O.T.) Trailer #1

News 17 comments

Hey stalkers, tired of waiting for news? Here they are! We've been often asked to show more video materials, and we are ready to fulfill your requests...

Stalker: Legacy of Times - MOTY 2019 Update

Stalker: Legacy of Times - MOTY 2019 Update

News 5 comments

We're happy to announce that our mod made it to Top 100 mods of ModDB to participate in 2019's Mod of the Year competition! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Stalker: Legacy of Times Update #2

Stalker: Legacy of Times Update #2

News 1 comment

Hello, friends! It’s been a month since our last update, so we present you a new report on the work done.

Stalker: Legacy of Times Update #1

Stalker: Legacy of Times Update #1

News 4 comments

Hi there! We hasten to share the news about the project with you.

RSS Files
SLoT Dev build files 20.06.2020

SLoT Dev build files 20.06.2020

Full Version

This is developer files build of STALKER: Legacy of Times mod for Crysis Wars from 20.06.2020.

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microphonecontrol - - 24 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Alex626 Creator
Alex626 - - 641 comments

Dear fans, this project was cancelled, there's an article about it and a developer's files/build in the downloads section. Thank you!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
flyguylyle - - 7 comments

Brand new to Stalker, currently playing through several games. Just learning of this and very happy to see the recent news!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
F!xou - - 117 comments

So I saw on ap-pro it got released sooner than you guys wanted , will there be an english trad ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Alex626 Creator
Alex626 - - 641 comments

We have the plans for an official demo release, which will include English localization too. The leakage was really frustrating for us. But we're still working on it as planned, although sometimes slower than we expected.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
newmenace - - 1 comments

Very excited for this!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 695,748 comments

only readed the first psge of comments but this is nice indeed a break
for more immercive gplay, its more than many whom do nothing but golddig for new stuff, k im guilty of a lilbit of that too. good work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Devilsamurái - - 19 comments


Your mod looks interesting, but you cannot apply for mod of the year since the mod has not even come out first, people should see the mod and then if they like they could nominate it, but it seems ridiculous that they want to nominate a mod to mod of the year without even having left

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes
Alex626 Creator
Alex626 - - 641 comments

Any mod can apply, since there are 2 nominations: Released mods and Upcoming mods. We were participating as Upcoming mod.

Reply Good karma+11 votes
Guest - - 695,748 comments

круто спс зазрабы

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