STALKER CLEAR SKY LAST FALLOUT OVERHAUL 1.5.15 full (not longer Supported, not based on OpenXRay)

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Really nice compilation for Clear Sky. After playing countless ShoC and CoP mods in the last months I wanted to revisit the clear sky universe to have the ultimate S.T.A.L.K.E.R. experience again. This mod changes a lot of any aspects but keeps the vanilla storyline intact and adds some new tasks. Graphic, Gameplay and nearly everything was overhauled. That's exactly what I was looking for. The compilation creator tries to give the best possible support to fix crashes and errors. Thats why he gets 10/10 from me. Thank you!

Generally speaking, I wanted to thank all those modders from all over the world, who keep S.T.A.L.K.E.R. alive.

Good hunting, Stalkers.

It's a bugfest, the compilation has awesome mods and well put together, but it is a bugfest.


dannyQ says

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everything very well from time to time ia failure, I would like that adons add the dynamic hud would be beautiful <3

my experience:
I Was in the marshes around 3:30AM already nervous because it was storming, I did not have night vision and i was low on med-kits. I was in the middle of looting, then I heard multiple gunshots and saw the village nearby was lighting up from the muzzle flash. So i treated this as a normal gunfight between bandits, and tried to avoid it. Suddenly I heard my radio go off.
My Allies were being attacked by an unknown force and were begging for assistance from any nearby Stalker. I check my map to see where the radio transmission came from. It was the village i had just passed. i ignore it. 30 seconds later the radio comes on again.

"Please, anyone help us!(crack!) We are being decimated (crack) we won't survive long, we are being torn apart!!!! Please!!! "

I realize I've never heard such fear in the guys voice over the radio. I sprint towards the village. As i get closer I hear the blood curdling screams of the men. I get nervous, I unshoulder my AK-74U, do an ammo count, and switch it to semi-auto because i was low. As soon as i entered the village i see a body. then i continue to scan and find another body 5 meters away from the first. There was a flash of lightning and the whole village lit up for a second and i was horrified by what i saw. 10-15 dead Clear Sky agents.....
At first i thought i imagined it so i continued scanning. I found another body over by the shack and see it was there when the lightning flashed. so i procede into the village. I didn't imagine it. wherever i pointed my dim flashlight, there was red.....
it didn't make sense. It looked like they didn't use cover. I look around and see bullet holes covering the walls.
I notice that there's no blood near the walls though. they were shooting randomly.i hear gunshots followed by something that shook my soul....
I heard this unexplainable, disturbing roar. instantly i switch my AK to Auto. I follow the sounds and come up on a big house in the village. I see the muzzle flash from the windows. it looked like there are 2 guys in the house fighting. as i get closer i hear the 1 scream followed by the other man yelling and shooting. I start to shake and feel my heart beating through my throat. i hesitate at the the door of the house thinking i should run away. i hear "HELP ME!!!!! PLEASE ANYONE HELP!" without another thought i enter the house and see the man firing in every random direction......
I get confused by this. i think {whats causing all of this was it an anomaly?}. I was answered by a roar. i rebounded, and scanned the room again. Suddenly the other man in the room started shooting again and was yelling "kill It!!!!!! PLEASE GOD KILL IT". it clicked. whatever killed these men had camouflage. as soon as i realized it the man fell to the ground dead..... i start listening. I hear distint heavy breathing. it never left the room. I start sweating. I'm within five feet of a monster that i cant see. then it uncloaked.....
it smacked my AK out of my hands. This stuns me. next it tries to latch onto me but i reacted just quick enough and dodged it. I ran to the next room scared and looking for anything that resembled a weapon. I could hear the mutant in hot pursuit. I see a body and sprint over to it freaking out. nothing. i yell F***. then a flash of lightning lit up the room through the window and i see another body in the corner.....
i find a double barrel shotgun. I check the ammo count and my heart sinks. i had no ammo and the shot gun had one shell in it. i had to make it count. I heard the beast enter the room. i was shaking. i could barely hear him from the storm. I pulled it up and waited. i knew he couldn't resist. I see movement in the corner by the door. the ugly beast had Uncloaked and was staring at me. i jumped and he pounced at me: i was ready with 1 shell of 12 gauge buckshot and blew that motherf*****'s head off. bloodsuckers are scum. I ran away ashamed that I couldn't save anybody.
the whole situation from when i entered the house to when i killed it was like 30 seconds.
and to this day i have never gone back to see that village. I was sweaty, nervous, heart was racing, thought i **** and ****** my pants, but one thought was in my head.
my brother tried to recreate the experience. it never happened. it was the games nonscripted sandbox nature that made that experience truly mine and mine alone. you cant see bloodsuckers so its terrifying
Make your own story
Play it on the hardest difficulty
Be immersed
Hit Quick-save like a fat kid eats candy. I would give this a 9.999/10. The only thing that breaks my immersion is that there is not a magazine system. like where you individually load magazines and have to collect magazines. if you reload, when you go back to that mag again it'll have whatever was in it before you changed magazines. if it had a magazine system i would call it a masterpiece idc much it crashes
Good Hunting Stalkers


Most Combo mods are just a buggy unstable mess with no clear direction. This mod looks good, runs stable, and the author actively listens to the users playing it. I'm enjoying playing it a great deal. It's not perfect, but regular fixes and community support make it worth every bit of a 10!

Waiting for beta!

Downloaded it, turned on my stream, played it for seven hours without stopping. - It explains everything.
Very hard combat, immersive items, quite good weapons with optics, quite nice sounds of an environment and many more. Also, I ran into a small problem with AK74, the sounds are a bit bugged when i'm shooting, and I'd like to suggest adding weapons from STCoP 3.1. New guns and new optics, please make it happen! :)

No read me for the installation and break the game (doesn't launch)
note 3/10


I managed to solve the problem. Follow the instruction in the comment section to install this mod. Here's the solution

markak134 Feb 8 2019
hello. i cant figure out how to install this game. or what to do with the files. i downloaded all 3 parts and do not know what to do.

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....acs Feb 8 2019
just insert into the stalker directory and overwrite all data

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markak134 Feb 8 2019
ok i am re downloading it right now. i will let you know what i put all 3 parts into one folder and then just put that folder into the stalker directory ?

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....acs Feb 8 2019
yes in stalker clear sky (vanilla disc or steam version)

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markak134 Feb 9 2019

it looks way better at 2560x1440
but i turn it down to 1920x1080

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markak134 Feb 8 2019
i got it to work now. i did not play the game yet. but i see the new main menu and it works.


NotReadyPlayerOne says

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I appreciated attention to detail and resilience it must've taken to finally implement 3d scopes in a stalker game.
However, some players would appreciate an option to select which features are enabled, like hd models, complexity of vegetation and many more.
Great and stable mod for otherwise buggy game.


First impressions:
Ok, I'm about 5-6 hours into the LFO mod, and so far I'm impressed.
Graphically, its a step up and the weapons and atmosphere look good.
There is a much greater variety of quality character models, and it adds a nice variety and flavor.

Gameplay wise, the guns feel pretty good. I have fired a fair number of these weapons and the recoil and effect aren't unreasonably distracting like the stock game. Firefights feel decent. An aimed 3 round burst from an MP5 puts anoraked bandits down like you would expect, and the sounds fit the bill as well.
Weapon models are some of the best and most consistent I've seen.

One thing I don't care for are the HUD elements, especially the Mini map.
I generally prefer to go very minimalist; health, ammo type, fire rate.
I used a minimal hud mod to sort this out.

Technically, it has been stable so far, with no crashes at all. It does however seem to significantly increase initial load times.
As a side note. I loaded this mod (and all other mods) using the JSGME mod manager. I cant understand why this great utility isn't more popular. I couldn't imagine modding any of the stalker games without it!

Will update my thoughts after I get a bit further in.

**Update (about half way through):**
After more time in the zone, one thing I really didn't like about the weapons is the way they handle scope accuracy.
Adding a fancy scope to a rifle does NOT make it 60% more accurate, It just makes it easier to see and put your reticle in the right place. The accuracy of the weapon is a fixed mechanical factor.
I'm in the process now of going through and changing this for all weps, and in doing so I found a number of errors in the files, spelling mistakes, incorrect numbers, etc.
Nothing too egregious, but bothersome.

I am also tweaking the things like bullet velocities, rpm, max range and other details to match the data on the real weapons.
For accuracy, I set up some targets at about a hundred meters and adjusted the fire_dispersion_base until I was hitting head sized targets at a rate that felt realistic, then I roughly tripled it (to account for stress, etc). It feels close to roughly what I could manage with live fire exercises or Run and gun matches.
As for damage, I felt the base damage for 5.56 was pretty good, so I just adjusted the relative damage for other weapons to be consistent with their actual muzzle energy. (9x39 drops a fair bit, 7.62x54 is a killer).
Overall, it now just feels 'right' to me, and if you run into a room full of enemies you will be dead before you finish shouting 'Geronimo'.

After a few mods to the hud and guns, I have to say I am really enjoying this.
I can't give it a 10 though for two main reasons:
The grass and foliage looks lovely but has a big impact on visibility and combat. It makes it unrealistically challenging to target enemies. And do twigs and foliage impede bullets? It sometimes seems so.

The second, and biggest issue are the load times. It seems to take twice as long as SoC or CoP.

Very happy with this now. I've tried 2 or 3 other CS mods but I think I will finally finish the game with this one.

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Really nice compilation for Clear Sky. After playing countless ShoC and CoP mods in the last months I wanted to revisit the clear sky universe to have the ultimate S.T.A.L.K.E.R. experience again. This mod changes a lot of any aspects but keeps the vanilla storyline intact and adds some new tasks. Graphic, Gameplay and nearly everything was overhauled. That's exactly what I was looking for. The compilation creator tries to give the best possible support to fix crashes and errors. Thats why he gets…

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