Anomaly is a standalone S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod powered by an x64 version of the X-Ray engine. Starting with version 1.5.0 Anomaly uses a custom engine build called the XRay-Monolith engine. After almost one year of development of the Anomaly 1.5.0 update, the mod continues its way on expanding and adding new features while maintaining a high level of quality and replay value.

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Aug 25 2019 Anchor

Frequently Asked Questions for version 1.5.0

Q. I found a bug, where do I report it?

A. The team is mostly active on the Anomaly Discord server. We have a channel for bug reports there, but you're welcome to post in the forums as well. But the best place is to report bugs at our newly set up bug tracking system.
Make sure to provide a log, and describe the issue. Save files are also welcomed if the bug can be reproduced, you can find the log and savefiles in (Appdata) folder.

Q. Do I need to install Anomaly on CoP or anything else in order to play?

A. Anomaly is a "Stand-alone" mod, DO NOT install it on top any other mod or stalker game. Just unpack it in an empty folder and play.

Q. The game refuses to launch on my PC!

A. Anomaly is powered by a x64 OpenXray build, x32 systems are not supported.

Q. What's the difference between each option in the launcher?

A. Select the renderer you usually play with, then launch the game. It must match the renderer you pick(ed) inside the game's options
So when you launch the game for the first time or you want to change the renderer, change it first inside the game options (video settings), then exit, start the launcher then pick the new renderer and launch the game.
For r2.5, just select DirectX 9.0 in the launcher.
The AVX option is for faster maths on modern CPUs (may be too taxing for older CPUs). Enabling it speeds up pathfinding, rendering and physics.

Q. Can I use my old saves on new patches?

A. Unless the new patch specifies that you are free to use your saves from older patches, you must start a new game. Beta 3.0 requires a new game.

Q. Sound effects feel weird in my case, how do I fix that?

A. move "alsoft.ini" file out of "bin" folder, then restart your game.

Q. My game is windowed and I can't toggle fullscreen checkbox in the settings, what do I do?

A. open "appdata/user.ltx" and set "rs_fullscreen" to on. It should be like this: "rs_fullscreen on"
Save the file after the edit and restart your game.

Q. How do I start the Story?

A. If Story mode is enabled during new game setup, you can play Lost to the Zone storylines, and DRX/faction questlines.
Once you start the game, you should receive a PDA message from your faction leader.
Speak to your faction's leader and ask him about the current situation, then you will be able to pick what you want to play.
Lost to the Zone storylines are available for 6 factions only: Loners, Clear Sky, Ecologists, Freedom, Duty, Mercs.
If you are a member of Duty, you'll need to speak first to Petrenko AND THEN Voronin to start Lost to the Zone storylines.
Faction questlines are available for all (ISG/Renegades can play Mercs/Bandits quests)
One last thing: ISG have their own side story, and it will be available once you unlock them by finishing Lost to the Zone storylines.

Q. How do I start the debug mode?

A. Open "commandline.ltx" in the root folder, write "-dbg" in a new line, save the change then start the game.
You can use the old way by creating a shortcut of the launcher and put "-dbg" in its path.

Q. Objects don't render properly from far away, how do I fix that?

A. 3 new commands have been added for optimization to adjust rendering distance for: dynamic objects / static objects / shadows.
You can find their options in "advanced video settings", under the name of "rendering distance".
Accordingly set them to 0 in the console to disable rendering distance limits:
r__optimize_dynamic_geom 0
r__optimize_shadow_geom 0
r__optimize_static_geom 0

Q. Can I use addons from Call of Chernobyl or Last Day on Anomaly?

A. Absolutly not. As of 1.5 b3 update, the majority of files have been changed and you can't use addons without breaking your game.
Always make sure that an addon is specified for the current update before trying it.

Q. The game is too easy/hard for my taste, how can I change that?

A. A variaty of options have been added in Anomaly 1.5 that allows the player to control a wide variety of difficulty aspects.
Load your current save, and go to "Extra Options" in the main menu, then check out "Progression Difficulty" and "Gameplay Difficulty"
"Progression Difficulty" options control the economy aspects in the Zone, while the latter affects the player character's abilities directly.
You can find a full explaination in the "Enyclopedia, Features" category.

Q. The Zone feels empty most of the time, how can I fix that?

A. Make sure that the "Offline Simulation" option is off. You can find it in Options (Main) -> Gameplay Settings
Then you can try increasing the population factors in the gameplay settings, keep in mind that the biggest effect happens when you start a new game. Otherwise, the Zone will takes time to be filled with stalkers and mutants.

Q. When I choose to tear an outfit's patch off, I lose it. Is this supposed to happen?

A. This small option is meant to allow the player to prevent the disguise mechanic for a specific outfit, allowing them to more easily appropriate suits from other factions for non-espionage uses. The loss of the patch when torn is intended for balance purposes.

Q. How do I play as Renagade/Sin/ISG?

A. You can unlock bonus factions by playing and finishing the three main questlines in Story mode. Each stage will unlock one of those factions.

Q. I can't disassemble helmets, is this intended?

A. Yes.

Q. My PDA/Detectors/Torch no longer work

A. Each device is powered by its own batteries. You can unpack the battery out of a device, or insert it in (drag-drop the battery on the device) in order to use them again.
See the devices article in the "Enyclopedia, Features" category for more details.

Q. How can I order my companions?

A. There are 5 keybinds to control companions, see the keybinds section in the settings

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9hours ago Anchor

Is it possible to switch between green dot sight and proper scope on the G36? - if so, how?

10mins ago Anchor
radic110 wrote:

Is it possible to switch between green dot sight and proper scope on the G36? - if so, how?

Currently it's not possible

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