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Azurllan - - 14 comments

Impressive mod just wonder will you guys succed increasing limit for anomaly past 65536 max ID objects !

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Ncryptid - - 1 comments

Thank you for Anomaly, I'm having such a great time with it and your effort can be seen in every aspect of the mod. You've done a great job!

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

Ребят за такую игру и донат не жалко для разрабов

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linardzoris - - 8 comments

Dear SeargeDP,
I'm an independent COC modder requesting for your help, I came across your project at BitBucket(coc-1.4-xray-64),which I'm really interested and amazed at. I am trying to port some other fixes, like HQ Geometry and Viewport Clipping Fix to this engine, the problem is, I can't seem to build this project anyway.
If you would be so nice to answer my seemingly stupid questions, please give me a hand on these problems:
1. What's your building toolset?
Did you use Windows7 or 10? or 8.1? and are you using VS2015 with Update 3? how did you manage to "build with VS2013 build tools and use VS2015 to build it"?
2. The library zip by Nitrocaster is 404 Not Found, can I use libraries that's newer than the required version? Ex. Can I use newer version of libogg?
3. How is the Environment Variable set in your project? It seems to be quite different from 2019 projects I worked on.
4. If you would be so nice, can you provide me with a full instruction of the building process? I would really like to improve your fantastic work and make it a better engine for old-good 1.4.22 users.
Sincerely yours,
Linard Zoris.

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Shudderfly - - 2 comments

Hey! Was wondering if Warfare for Anomaly was still being worked on?

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Rogue_4TW - - 172 comments

Can you make the Warfare Mod compatible with the latest version of Anomaly? I see you added it once but its archived.

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dmeltzer8 - - 113 comments

I have a lot of issues with v1.4.0 and have posted some on the anomaly forums.
It crashes and freezes all the time.Since most players dont have these issues there must be something wrong with my setup/installation.Its not a hardware thing.
I saw yr post on bug reporting but i dont know how to send y the files y want.
Can i send to y here?


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Vardayn - - 269 comments

Hey, just so you know, cachier is still bugged.

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TristanDthX - - 15 comments

I love anomaly, end phrase. but theres something very weird going on.
I remember the version that launched with the .BAT file, it ran great on maximum settings! But the latest version just goes to the gutter, even with those addons that "bring back the old textures" and the minimal settings enabled. I tried on DX9 but the bloom is so painful that it strains my eyes, so im playing on DX10.

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TristanDthX - - 15 comments

Question being; is it possible to have it run like older versions, with the new content?

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