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(Also know as SS-Online)


General info:

Status: In development... (1.7)
Latest version: 1.6.1
Author: Rammaken
Project source: GitHub

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What is SS-Online?

It's an open-source project developed on Open Multiplayer 1.2 engine, that aims to rework, enhance and add a LOT of new content to the old good classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer such as weapons, textures, maps and reworked gamemodes to revitalize it and offer a new and fresh experience for everybody in LAN party.


  1. Q= Is there Freeplay, Co-op or Roleplay game modes in this mod?
    No, there's no Freeplay, Co-op or Roleplay game modes in this project, and there's no plan to develop them in the future. Go search for other projects with that goal. THIS MOD ONLY AIMS TO THE CLASSIC MULTIPLAYER SUCH AS DEATHMATCH, TEAM DEATHMATCH AND ARTIFACTS HUNT.

  2. Q= Can I play via masters servers (global)?
    No, this mod is only designed for LAN partys. The only way to play this mod with people is using programs such as Radmin VPN. No global servers, sorry.

  3. Q= Can I make modded servers?
    Yes, you can make modded servers with any addon that you want, but that means that everybody needs to have the exact same addons to join to your server, and you won't be able to join vanilla or modded servers (that has other addons) until you remove them.

  4. Q= Is there unlockeable skins for weapons or something like that?
    A= No, but you can unpack mod files and edit textures to make your own skins and use them as an addon. Texture modifications are fully client side so you can still connect to non-modded servers without any problem.

  5. Q= What languages are available for this mod?
    Spanish and english. Spanish comes included and english can be downloaded here
    You can make your own translations if you want, we will be very grateful.

Main features

  • Standalone
    SS-Online is now standalone for less problems during installation process.


  • New weapons
    A totally reworked gunplay which is an special but limited merge between OWR3, EFT-WP and TAZ 2.0 weapons pack with exclusive tweaks and new unique weapons.

    new armas

  • Better connection
    Thanks to the changes made by OMP engine, this mods offer better stability and speed during multiplayer matchs.


  • New maps
    A lot of new maps made by the community and reworked ones from vanilla.


  • Reworked game modes
    Enjoy an updated experience with the classic game modes of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. | Currently only Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch have been reworked and are working correctly in this mod. Artifacts hunt gamemode will be added in next updates!

    Screenshot 1

  • Mod support
    We spent a lot of time reworking the code structure of the multiplayer to make it more easy to understand and edit for people who wants to make addons for this project. (Like adding new weapons or maps). Or make another project based on this one.

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RSS Articles


Here you have a easy guide to setup your server and how to connect to one.

Working for 1.6.1 version


This mod only works in LAN, that means you and your friends will have to use programs that creates a private virtual network to play using this mod. Radmin VPN is highly recommended, download it here

1) Click on 'Multiplayer' and put your nickname
ss rammaken 12 02 21 16 26 25 m

2) Click on 'Server' button
ss rammaken 12 02 21 16 26 30 m

3) Costumize your game main settings
ss rammaken 12 02 21 16 26 38 m

Server name (Required)
Password (Optional)
Gamemode (Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch)
Players limit (2-32)

Map selection (Required)

4) Click on 'Settings' button and costumize the full settings of the game (or leave it as it is)
ss rammaken 12 02 21 16 27 03 m

5) Click on 'Create' button to start the game!
ss rammaken 12 02 21 16 44 47 m

Now wait for your friends to join.

How to connect to a server

Small guide about how to join a server from somebody.

FIRST OF ALL, Verify if you and the server's host are in the same network

Screenshot 1 1

Method 1: Joining via server list

1) Go to 'Client' tab and click on the server that you are looking for in the list, double click to join or click 'Join' button.
ss rammaken 12 03 21 13 33 29 m

Wait for the game to load and connect and enjoy.
ss rammaken 12 03 21 13 37 21 m

Method 2: Joining via IP

This is useful is server doesn't show up in the list

1) Copy or grab the IP from the server host in the VPN program.

Screenshot 2

2) Go to the 'Client' tab and click on 'Direct IP' button, paste the host's IP, put password if needed and click 'Join'
ss rammaken 12 03 21 13 33 49 m

Tutorial - How to add admins

Tutorial - How to add admins


Small and fast tutorial about how to add admins in your server.

Add file RSS Files
SS-Online 1.7 (Standalone repack)

SS-Online 1.7 (Standalone repack)

Full Version 2 comments

Standalone pack with base mod and all patches already repacked in a installer.

SS-Online 1.6

SS-Online 1.6

Full Version

Version 1.6 - Latest version - Standalone - Spanish-English language

SS-Online Update 1.7

SS-Online Update 1.7

Full Version 1 comment

Update for 1.6 version - Full list of changes is below.

SS-Online English Translation

SS-Online English Translation


English localization for SS-Online 1.6.1 - Version 1.0

[Outdated] SS-Online 1.2

[Outdated] SS-Online 1.2

Full Version 2 comments

OUTDATED - NOT SUPPORTED - Initial and legacy release of SS-Online

[Outdated] SS-Online 1.3

[Outdated] SS-Online 1.3

Full Version

OUTDATED - NOT SUPPORTED - Legacy version of SS-Online


super mod

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