Spec Ops Warfare A mod about stealth, technology ,extreme fighting and weapons.

New detailed weapons, great animations and new factions... For new balanced gameplay

Improved maps will involve you in epic battles from hand to hand close combat to huge scale with new air vehicles and all new gunship !

Note: MOD requires BF2 1.50 patch

Note: mod have Updated terrain textures so it may crash if you play it on low !

Mod is tested only on Singleplayer so there can be some unexpected bugs in Multiplayer.

Upcomming release's features:

  • SP support for all maps X
  • Higher FOV (field of view) X
  • Unlimited sprint X
  • New balanced, more effective weapons X
  • 30% faster sprint X
  • AC-130 X
  • New animations X
  • China faction X
  • SEALs X
  • Crossbow X
  • New lighting for many maps X
  • underwater support X
  • new HUD/ vehicles HUD X/ X
  • mappack with new maps X
  • New Menu X

X work in progress
X work done

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Just for fun :)

Mod team:


Sgt_Prof - mod leader, AI codder, maps designer

LaGNeVeRFaiLs - mod Co-leader, Texture/graphics artist

EnemySniper - animator

Develop013 - animator

TheObscure - texture artist, mapper

Bobthedino - mesh hacker, modeler

IronGator2014 - HUD designer
Dodek96_pl - mod Co-leader, coder, animator, mesh hacker
Lt.Nomad - mesh hacker, modeler
ScopedKnife - texture artist
Simcardo - texture artist, HUD coder
Rytuklis - music artist
Bolje - texture artist
InsanityPays - texture artist
=ITC=Yoy543 - tester, texture artist
Gleb Close - animator

Mod testers:

Sanistik, Joao611, Game0255, AssassinGEO, Wookey.

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Hello everyone!

My name is phale, and I'm a BF2 modder who has helped out behind the scenes with SOW, Alpha Project, and other mods. For everyone who is a fan of SOW, I know it's been a long time without any news, but you don't have to wait any longer! Sgt_Prof has given me permission to release a brand new mod, inspired by Spec Ops Warfare and built on SOW content. The mod is called Heat of Battle, and you can find it here.

Spec Ops Warfare was the first mod that really opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of BF2 modding. Its smooth animations, realistic 3D sights, and fast-paced gameplay inspired me to build my own mod, based on SOW, and add in new content to suit my own style. Over the past four years, I've been working on that mod, tweaking everything about it and adding content created by members from all over the modding community. Heat of Battle is my thank-you-letter to all of those amazing creators, since without them it would not exist. So I have to give extra special thanks to the SOW developers, since they were the ones that started it all for me.






To everyone that has played SOW or helped make it, thank you! I hope you'll enjoy my new mod once it's released!

SoW3.0 early beta test is live

SoW3.0 early beta test is live

News 24 comments

Hey guys, I'm finally releasing 3.0 early beta version just to catch all bugs and improve mod.

Patch notes and upcoming ,,Spec Ops" mappack

Patch notes and upcoming ,,Spec Ops" mappack

News 9 comments

New patch is on the way. Also don't forget Spec Ops mappack in progress !

  Somewhere in Kazakhstan

Somewhere in Kazakhstan

News 17 comments

Last SOW beta release is near. We are happy to present newest our work with Surge - famous BF2SF map conversion. Map is about Russian missile launch site...

Midnightsun update and upcomming stuff

Midnightsun update and upcomming stuff

News 12 comments

SOW2.0alpha is comming soon. We fix the most of bugs exept AC-130 AI. Added more maps, kits, weapons and effects.

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Spec Ops Warfare MOD Wallpaper 2

Spec Ops Warfare MOD Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 2 comments

God will judge our Enemies We'll Arrange the Meeting Wallpaper 2 By: LaGNeVeRFaiLs

Cold front beta test

Cold front beta test

Demo 1 comment

early release ! map is bug-free and have unfinished navmesh. Knowable bugs: dead bodies stuck in terrain, navmesh visibility in long range, shawdowmap...

Spec Ops Warfare Wallpaper

Spec Ops Warfare Wallpaper

Wallpaper 9 comments


Patch 1.1 for SOW2.5

Patch 1.1 for SOW2.5

Patch 117 comments

Some fixes for SOW2.5. Working on next, bigger patch with more maps and few more skins.

Terrain textures fix (mediafire link)

Terrain textures fix (mediafire link)

Patch 21 comments

If you can't load maps on custom video settings. SOW2.5 have high quality terrain textures so it doesn't support custom video settings and cause crash.

SOW2.5 Day1 Mappack

SOW2.5 Day1 Mappack

Full Version 36 comments

First mappack for Spec ops warfare ! myanmar and basra are in. True BF fan should know those from BFP4F. Now it's time to test them on BF2 with all out...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 2,303)
Guest - - 687,512 comments

how to install terrain textures fix>

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
guzelcocukaybars - - 1 comments

How can i install this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
the_earth_is_flatnt - - 21 comments

Do guns look less detailed when I set everything to low and off? I don't think my Core 2 Duo can handle such details

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Wędrowiec - - 339 comments

Is this mod dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
owlyoop - - 2 comments

Is the map from bf2mc Backstab available to download anywhere?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

I installed the 2 files and extracted them into mods file in BF2 file,how can I activate this mod? there is no launcher in the 2 files.please help

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Trolling_ - - 31 comments

Launch your normal bf2 and go to the community tab.

There will be something called custom games or something.

From there all of your installed bf2 mods will show up and then select this mod and launch it. (will restart the game)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
danhhuynh - - 2 comments

how to install mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Warhead77777 - - 278 comments

You copy and paste the unzipped files into the "mods" folder.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

When i click in singleplayer the mod just crash to desktop, i am using the 3.0 Beta

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pe†eR-KuN - - 1,785 comments

are you sure you have all the expansion packs? or atleast the Battlefield 2 Special forces Exp pack

oh and sorry for the Lattttteeeeeeeeeee Reply lmao.

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