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There's no return, I've said it, and it needs to be done...

The last finishing touches (mostly mapads) to Crylife will be made on livestream @
Whole process is planned to take no more than 6 days, 6 hours per day, that's total of 36 hours, for livestreams schedule plaest visit my LAIR

Join me (and mybe some other Smodders) and take part in the making of the mod

SMOD Standalone: We're back!

SMOD Standalone: We're back!

News 3 comments

Not so long time ago, we released the first public version of SMOD Standalone. Unfortunately, Not long after initial release Valve did update vpk.exe...

Tango Down!

Tango Down!

News 9 comments

Short summary of why Crylife 1.5.8 is no longer available for download.

SMOD Standalone Goes Live!

SMOD Standalone Goes Live!

News 20 comments

We hereby present you the latest "unofficial" update to SMOD40aq that hopefully become the future of SMOD

To do list of things to do (too)

To do list of things to do (too)

News 2 comments

Here's my list of thing I need to do before releasing SMOD: Crylife to public, It may not like it but it's sill a lot of work...

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Эмир - - 20 comments

Этот мод скоро удалят?

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strike4 - - 26 comments

Is this mod still alive?

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bioscmos - - 32 comments

hi there..
it's 2022 - did some fixing and now it can run inside steam source sdk 2006 again without any missing files or lost content - with full smod ,support,original hl2 npcs(HD), Old school smod option menu, latest smod campaign missions updats - mapadds ,optional addon - 5gb HD textures and models from FFCM13 port .. anf few more things to come.
i just need your premission to share it :) hope you still around o7.

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3037 - - 492 comments

Release it, if you can

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Johna4601 - - 4 comments

I don't think they're around anymore sadly.

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SHiNiCHi337 - - 105 comments

Hey man, how do I disable motion blur?

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kingdruiduk.AKA.DJ - - 777 comments

Arhh Man I love this mod Crylife throwing myself against the enemy's. It proper fun can play this for hours at a time. But it's weird!!! When you decided to stop
doing work on Crylife, the mod stopped working lol. Dont worry I go back to Redux & Elite. Awesome. Even Outbreak. You got some skills my friend.

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Guest - - 692,576 comments

Can you send a free steam running version

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Pepsifan04 Creator
Pepsifan04 - - 106 comments


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Joey168 - - 2 comments

what happened to tho this mod?

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