Continuous recruitment:
We still need more level designers, modelers, texture artists, scripters for the next part of this mod. Please contact me if you are interested. If you have the skill and you are anxious to see the next part, please do not hesitate to tell us!

0. You will be directly involved in a Thalmor plot. In the full story's ending, you will decide the fate of Tamriel, and the Thalmor.
1. Extensively rewritten Onmund, making him a character with 4000 lines of dialogues and one who is extremely relevant to the story. Onmund can be befriended, romanced, or antagonized. (Indeed, you can antagonize your follower, make him hate you)
2. Greatly enriched the world, history and lore of Elder Scrolls.
3. Unique and beautiful lands.
4. New items.
5. New quests.
6. All lines fully-voiced.
7. Intelligent design: Onmund remembers what you say and knows what to do with it. Onmund is one of the first characters to have a sense of humor, as he will know if you are simply being sarcastic or serious about what you say. You are free to mock or make fun of him as long as you do not cross the line, and depending on how you interacted with him, he will interact with you responsively.
8. Interactive design: Onmund will interact with the vanilla world - including vanilla quests. He will actively participate in vanilla quests such as Alduin main quest, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood, and even DLC storylines.


The theme of this story is generally dark, grim, and mysterious, and there would be a great deal of freedom provided to the player regarding dialogues and choices in quests. In this mod, you can roleplay to your liking, and interact with the characters however you desire.

I have written a certain extent of philosophy and ideology in the story, however, players who find that boring can definitely ignore them, while the players who are interested can discuss and even debate that with the characters, and that's one of the keypoints of my mod - freedom.

This is only the prologue of the true story. Before you begin your final journey to save or destroy the world, you will make the final preparation.

Onmund will definitely reshape your vanilla questing experience.

Hard requirements:
1. You must NOT have started the quest "Revealing the Unseen".
2. You MUST install Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch.
3. You MUST have all the DLCs.

Soft requirements:
1. You SHOULD start a new game.
2. You SHOULD bring Onmund with you throughout your whole game, unless the game needs you to go alone.
3. You MIGHT want to install a mod to change Onmund's face, so that he looks more aesthetically pleasing than his vanilla self.


1. Where can I find Onmund? What is his class? Can I romance him?
College of Winterhold. Mage. Yes.

2. Why do you rewrite Onmund instead of writing a new character?
My original idea is to rewrite the plain vanilla characters into life-like people with depth, but I changed the goal into creating a unique, linear story centering a character; by then, I have already invested too much time and effort into Onmund that it was only logical to continue going with him.

3. Will we get to decide the world's fate in the prologue, as you promised?
You can decide various characters and factions' fate in the prologue, but the world-shaking events will only take place after the next part.

4. I do not like the new Onmund.
I didn't write him to appease everyone. He has own views and ideals, and that is the point of this character. As for things other than his personality and dialogues, those are all parts of this character, and the experience my team designed for you.

5. How to romance Onmund? Can male characters romance him? Can I marry him?
Flirt with him, do not antagonize him in a hostile way, show him you care about him, give him gifts. You can romance Onmund as either gender, his dialogues will be responsive to your character's gender. You can marry him at the very end of your romance plot.

6. This mod is not lore-friendly, it adds too many lore.
I've checked that the lore I added is mostly in no way contradictory to established canon. To a large extent, I write the lore where Bethesda did not.

7. There are too many words, too few actions.
The action part is covered in your adventures with Onmund.

8. Why is a mod with over 4000 lines only several hundred mbs large?
I compressed the audio files into fuz files, which will reduce file size tremendously. Before I compress the files, the whole prologue alone is over 2gb large.

9. Where should I put spoilers-related comments or questions?


Anbeegod (Miroslav Yegorov) - Director, Head writer, Minor level design

Level designers:
Agerweb (unreleased level)


Kriss Martin

Script and spells:

Voice acting (characters in the prologue, not in order):
Jacob "BeardyMan" Eccles - Onmund (Email of Jacob:
Shannon Hobby - Mysterious character
Melissa Sturn - Onmund's mother
Scotland Bullard - Onmund's father, Orc chieftain, Orc's henchmen
Limroto - Commander Lo'deri of Elsweyr
Tasheni - Breton noble
Neferankh - Mysterious characters

Voice acting (characters not yet appeared in the prologue, not in order):
Kriss Martin
Grand Stag Studio
Mr Brunswick
Alexa Erdogan
Hennessey (Bonehead)
Andrew Reynolds

Additional Credit:
Arthmoor - for helping with scripts
CD Projekt RED - for several assets in the mod
Dogtown1 - for several assets in the mod
Sorenant - for help checking Elder Scrolls' lore
Madcat221 - for help checking Elder Scrolls' lore
Reality, Mythology - for giving me so many story ideas

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Meet Onmund, a rewritten vanilla character with much greater depth and vibrant personality, who has over 4000 lines of dialogues. Following him is an...


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Will this be compatible with Beyond Skyrim?

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anbeegod Creator

Gameplay wise, yes. Lore wise, perhaps no, because I wrote plenty of Cyrodiil's lore.

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