This Mod consists of a Cooperative Survival and RPG (You Experience System) Basic gameplay is the Mayor must survive hordes of Zombies number and also can make Deatmach for a new weapon.


It's been 20 years after that spring up a virus in Texas and ending well with almost all mankind.

But ... The End has not discovered that there are still survivors in some areas.

As Soldier Your Mission is to rescue the survivors.

When you deployed your first area in the other soldiers were locked because they had no ammunition and only had a knife.

recorrian looks everywhere distrust which carried a weapon even a usp glock or killed him for that firearm.

Can you give hope to your Team ?.

Or be killed or eaten by zombies or Team yourself ?.

! Your destiny is in your Hands¡.


- Play as a soldier
- Zombies with enhanced intelligence
- Improved Artificial Intelligence
- Lots of variety of weapons
- Save Survivors
- Surviving and Gaining experience
- War by a Weapon
- Does not require Half-Life 2 DM or Counter Strike Source Only Source Base 2007

Possible Additions Mod:

- More Player Models (by default there is only one if you wish you can collaborate biene edit the model in the game and use any and send in MP and thus add the model)
- Lua For More divercion and game modes
- Alien Swarm Engine Update (when posted on Steam Green Light)
- FMOD listening music on maps
- More Weapons
- More maps

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Dev Blog # 1


logo dev blog

This first Devblog (actually the first) Discusses several things: my absence and development of the mod

First of all I will talk about the absence:

A couple months ago I said that I Mod SO2 already be A Kind Of Demo Playable but was delayed because of personal problems and apart from my laptop was ruined but I Remove The Mod and Code

and Now About The Mod:

As you know The Mod This In A Slow development (it is obvious if you're the programs-pinup-beams textures and test your mod) Well The Demo Playable certainly not I know if it'll end soon but the only thing that I can hardly do important than turning the original map of SO2 ASW engine but the real problem is the lack of ideas

If I know this is absurd but when you do playable for that engine I want not to leave well alone but in the port and maps for update (I think this generates controversy but good) so I ask that Follow this mod if you want to be provide an idea is Map (If you have already one I just have to send it to me by steam using mediafire) patterns and textures (as I said) or Gameplay Code(if you know much Source engine can send the .cpp file and .h how to implement and especially that is what exactly)

this is what I do but this mod emerged for the help of the community so I hope that your support and make this devblog for the community to contribute their ideas and be given clear credits

-ATT: Niko - Light's DevStudio

Porting Situation Outbreak Two To Alien Swarm Engine

Porting Situation Outbreak Two To Alien Swarm Engine

News 1 comment

Situation Outbreak Two Now with new engine and new quality game.

The Mega Update and comes ...

The Mega Update and comes ...

News 2 comments

Situation Outbreak 2 consists of a continuation of the original Mod created in Episode One Engine (Source 2006) and which at the time was a mod execelente...

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Situation Outbreak 2 SDK

Situation Outbreak 2 SDK


This Is a SDK conten From SO2 you are able to create custom conten to mod

situation outbreak 2 Beta Build

situation outbreak 2 Beta Build

Full Version

This Is a Beta Build Of The Mod. this is the first beta build.


Is this still being Worked on?

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MrNick2020 Creator

Please see the Dev Blog That I put Concerning Many thanks :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Tracking! Hope you can reach the potential of SO1 and surpass it. Long time waiting for something like this.

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Glad to see someone continuing our work. Would love to see what other people are able to do with the mod.

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ach,I remember first SO,I have played it many,many years ago.. I hope you will finish sequel and I will track this mod

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