SoGE is a Star Wars Total Conversion for SoaSE: Rebellion with it's roots in the Homeworld 2 mod Star Wars: Warlords which features the two primarily sides of the Galactic Civil War, the Clone Wars, and the Yuuzhan Vong War. The current public version works for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 1.90 and, with or without, all DLC. Rated #6 players choice in MOTY 2014. An editors choice in MOTY 2015.

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Hello all and welcome to the first dev diary of, the work in progress, Star Wars: Rise of the Confederacy. This is a new mod is focused on the Clone Wars, and is the culmination of all the experience acquired over the years, while utilizing existing art assets to allow for a focused effort on the coding work behind player experience, gameplay, and balance. The open alpha of the Galactic Republic will release in May.

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Hello all and welcome to the first dev diary of, the work in progress, Star Wars: Rise of the Confederacy. To many this project will come as an unexpected shock, while to others this will be less surprising, given that I've long desired to make a Clone Wars focused mod since I had first heard of Homeworld: Remastered. While work on SoGE has come to a crawl, with a fair portion of that being due to my work at Sins of the Prophets, more of that has to do with this project, which is nearing the point of an open alpha, featuring the Galactic Republic, to come in May. Now, let us jump straight to the meat itself, shall we?

Ever since the founding of SoGE's Discord, and thus the acquisition of an ersatz tester corps, many of SoGE's underlaying flaws came to light, or became far more evident. These concerns ranged from the never-good implamentation of fighters, to the supremacy of ISD-type ships, to how overwhelming, or underwhelming, SoGE's economy can be. While various fixes had been attempted over time, when push came to shove, many of these aspects could only be fixed through the creation of a new mod. This project would be built from the ground up incorperating all the experience acquired over the years, while utilizing existing art assets to allow for a focused effort on coding efforts. RotC is the culmination of this thought process, and will have a heavy emphasis on player experience, gameplay, and balance. For example, absolute weapon ranges will be shorter when compared to SoGE, for a better cinematic feel and culture will likely be entirely absent, for a number of reasons.


With Sheev Palpatine's machinations having been put into full swing, the galaxy finds itself deep in the plunge of civil war, with the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independant Systems battling one and other in a savage conflict. With one army being manned by a force of clones, and the other equipped with a force of droids, which shall reign supreme in the stars? That duty falls to you, admiral. The Galactic Republic is a moribund institution that is thousands of years old, with billions of citizens and thousands of worlds under it's flag. Along with multiple shipwrights and benefactors, the Republic Navy is no slouch, and can go toe to toe with the Confederate Navy. It's largest failing may very well be the drastic difference in speed between many of its warships.

The Galactic Repubic focuses on researching new technology quickly, and at a lesser cost, while drawing on it's large population for taxes to support the war. Further, leveraging it's many mineral and manufacturing consortiums allows it to improve mineral income, ship construction speed, and lower ship construction costs. Preliminary analysis of the Conferacy's current economic outlook suggests they depend heavily on inter-planetary trade, rapidly developing their orbital facities to further said trading, lower ship upkeep costs, and quickly developing their member planets at a low cost. Take this latter data with a grain of salt however. Now that you have been brought up to speed on the galactic situation, let us look at the assets at your disposal.

Galactic Republic Unit List

Capital Ships

Venator-class Star Destroyer: The backbone of the Republic Navy, this fast, multi role, vessel is a favorite of Jedi commanders and ferries large amounts of starfighters and ground forces. All three of these aspects are reflected in its possible abilities; from Jedi staffing, to fighter-related buffs, to the classic colonization ability.

Victory I-class Star Destroyer: Rushed into service in response to the Bulwark Fleet's escape from Foerost, this ship quickly earned itself a reputation for being a well armed vessel, albeit a slow one, for it's size. After it's general introduction into the fleet, it quickly became a favorite of fleet admirals, and thus its abilities are generally focused on buffing other ships with a single one focused on the ship proper.

Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser: This large ship predates the Clone Wars by nearly two centuries, being the first vessel to be called a 'battlecruiser' under the Anaxes War College System. Featuring a huge volume of internal space, and a powerful reactor, it was seen as the only solution to the Republic's then lack of electronic warfare capabilities. The Procurator was equipped with the best EW/ECM gear Kuat Drive Yards had access to, and then some, producing a single vessel with the capabilities of multiple Munificents. This vessel is the Republic's main way to hinder and decrease the capabilities of enemy fleets.

Tector-class Star Destroyer: The brother of the Imperator-class, this sizable vessel is a massive gun platform, fielding large amounts of turbolasers and ion cannons. The only Confederate vessel that can hope to equal it in a feat of arms are the behemoths that are the Lucrehulk-class battleships, but even they cannot focus their fire in ways the Tector can. After the debackle of the Battle of Salvara, this ship did not reach the production numbers originally invisioned for it, resulting in them being expensive for admirals to acquire, and lose, if foolishly deployed.


Acclamator-class assault ship: A common sight across the Republic Navy, this ship is filled to the brim with ground forces to secure both hostile, and neutral, worlds in the name of the Galactic Republic, as it did during both battles on Geonosis. While not particularly well armed, this hardy vessel can keep pace with the Venator. It acts as the Republic's colony and siege unit.

Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser: Slow and crew intensive, these cruisers remain a common sight amongst planetary security forces across the galaxy, and are particularly common in the Outer Rim. With their high numbers across the board, these vessels are abundant in the Republic Navy, even if not staffed by Clones and the more dedicated offers. Owing to their name, they can take a heavy punishment while dealing out solid damage in response. However, one must ensure they don't delay the fleet too much...

Stalwart-class cruiser: This new vessel was quickly designed by Kuat Drive Yards engineers after being inspired by the shape, and efficency, of the Acclamator. Recognizng that the, then new, Venator could not be everywhere at once due to it's per unit cost, and futher recognizing that the ground elements are not always needed, these engineers went about creating a pocket carrier for the Republic Navy. Featuring decent armament and a respectable starfighter compliment, this ship has won the attention of multiple commanders, giving them access to badly needed starfighter forces at a good price.

Arquitens-class light cruiser: Designed to escort larger vessels such as the Venator, this vessel is well armed for it's size, and has surprised multiple Confederate commanders, much to their detriment. Seeing widespread deployment throughout the Republic Navy, this escort is often used to plug holes in the line and provide fleets with additional much needed firepower.

Charger c70 (Consular-class): This retrofitted corvette features a host of light weaponry, making it ideal for crowd control against enemy starfighters.


Data on the Conferate Navy is unavaliable at this time, as that module is currently under construction. However, it has been confirmed that the Lucrehulk-class battleship, the Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship, the Providence-class carrier/destroyer, the Bulwark Mark I, the Captor-class cruiser, the Munificent-class star frigate, and the Recusant-class light destroyer are currently in active service. May the Force be with you, admiral.


Will this be a separate mod then with it’s own mod page?

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*Checks date, not sure what to think.*

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We need confirmation this is NOT april fools plzz

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April fools?

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Well, its posted on 2nd april, so it cant be a joke...


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Says the article was Posted by Lavo on Apr 1st, 2018

Never trust anything this time of year lol

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For me it says 2nd, dem timezones.

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My opinion on this in general, if it's real, is why not just make ROTC an option mod, on top of SOGE? It seems the worries of balance is an issue that can be re-worked with a bunch of rather small entity files. Rebuilding the mod as a whole is kind of pointless, when you already have a large group of assets readily available, from SOGE. Not to mention that SOGE already has a bunch of balance options that come with it, whats one more finely tuned mod on top of it? If you feel that you have to re-do a bunch of models, maybe a remastering of SOGE as a whole is in order? Just a thought.

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Lavo Author

The Rise of the Confederacy mod is a project I would love to work on in an ideal world. It would be a ground up new total conversion mod using SoGE assets, which is why it wouldn't work as something to load on top of SoGE. Models are also an element that I explicitly would not be redoing. Many of SoGE's balance issues cannot be fixed without a huge overhaul, including a reduction of scope, which are not possible without a new project. Further, making it independent of SoGE would reduce load times and lag by cutting out unused elements.

Sadly however, given the amount of projects I currently work on, the lack of any additional staff, and the fact that Sins is an ancient game, starting a new Sins mod is not on the table for me at this time.

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