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SFZ Project: Episode Zero - First episode from an upcoming mod.
Platform: SoC 1.0006, OGSR Engine 1.0.688+ (with a few tweaks/additions)

From exDeMODER's post on ap-pro:

About this "demo"

Well, it's almost a demo. I just decided to call it "Episode Zero". It is the first episode of a full mod by the same name being developed now. (It's around 3-4 hours, depending on the player's speed) and it also includes an additional mode (Escape from Cordon) that is made specifically for this demo. Why did I release a demo now instead of a full mod later? I wanted to give people a taste of it and an idea of how the full mod will look like. I welcome all feedback (any really, but be nice). Because without motivation, it is very difficult for me lately.


According to scientific data - there was a large Third Blowout in the Zone. And it didn't happen by itself. According to the information transmitted by scientists from Yantar - the C-Consciousness was destroyed and the installation became uncontrollable. Emissions have become more frequent, although not particularly too powerful. But it was the last, and most powerful blowout that fundamentally changed everything. The population in the Zone was completely changed. Fewer people. And fewer mutants. Some managed to hide, some did not.

A group of scientists were sent by Sakharov to the CNPP to find out what happened under the sarcophagus. The group was not able to get there successfully, of course. A short time later, communication with them was cut off. Sakharov is not happy and suspects that something isn't right here. So...

A former mercenary and an old friend of Sakharov is sent to the Zone. His main goal: get to Yantar and receive further instructions.


This is a slow paced and atmospheric mod, that requires you to be attentive and to fully explore the environment. Doing so will get you different achievements(!) with some even having in-game rewards. There are many hidden things scattered around the map, you should try to find them all.
There isn't much to say about the gameplay otherwise, there are some new features like: Readable notes, PDAs, crafting, a limited save game system, etc. Just dive into it and enjoy the atmosphere!


The mod uses the OGSR engine for SoC, with a few added post processing effects, like: Film grain, vignette, some tonemapping, updated reflections etc.


exDeMODER - The main developer
Operator_Nanami - Weapon pack and more
Sir Lancevrot - Engine and graphics
mmccxvii - Engine and scripting
TheShmuga, Бот Николай, Dezodar, Operator_Larsen - Testing
OnegRiot (me) - English translation

Also thanks to: Charlie Carious (thanks for the HUD), Proffesor_Saharov, Lecktor, Ikarus7, theysani, Zhora Cementov, VeNoMMaNs (for help with the weapons), Hozar_2002 (for help with graphics) and Valera.

This mod uses assets from other mods and people: Graff46, lvg_brest, OGSM, Dead Autumn 2, Autumn Aurora 2, Daniel James (guitar music), AMK2, OGSE/OGSR, xrMPE, NLC7, Ghost-2142, den1s, RayTwitty, LVunter, CyberHottab, KRodinn, 2clip, Freedy Sanchez (music)

About the translation

I really enjoyed this mod and I thought a lot of other people who can't read Russian would find it enjoyable too. The translation was hand made by me with the permission and help of exDeMODER. Except for very few small things everything should be translated. But if you find untranslated text or weird translations be sure to leave feedback and I will get it fixed.
Special thanks to:
'SashaRed' for texts that I borrowed from his OGSR engine settings translation, 'lelop' for testing the translation and of course 'exDeMODER' for putting up with me and directing me to which files contain which text. And also the translation community in the C-Consciousness discord server for shouting at me while I was streaming me doing this translation, you know who you are.

About the repack

This repack includes -
SoC 1.0006 RU
SFZ Project: Episode Zero
English translation
JSGME and a few addons (Install in the order they are numbered)


1. Unzip the contents of the .7z file
2. OPTIONAL: Launch JSGME.exe and enable the addons you want (I think at least the first 2 are essential but it works fine without them too)
3. Launch the shortcut named 'Launch SFZ Project - Episode Zero' (If this doesn't work for some reason, launch the game through 'xrEngine.exe' inside the 'bin_x64' folder)
4. Enjoy!

Known bugs

-The sawn-off TOZ 66 behaves strangely
-Do NOT turn of SSAO under any circumstances. Unless you just wanna laugh about the bug.
-Do not go into the load menu unless you have already made at least one save.
-If your game won't save, launch it with administrator premissions.

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SFZ Project: Episode Zero 1.04 Hotfix

SFZ Project: Episode Zero 1.04 Hotfix


A hotfix for the translation files, fixes a few missing texts. Just paste into the game folder and overwrite all the files.

SFZ Project: Episode Zero English Translation Repack 1.0

SFZ Project: Episode Zero English Translation Repack 1.0

Demo 3 comments

Full repack includes: SoC 1.0006 RU, SFZ Project: Episode Zero, English translation, JSGME and a few addons.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 88)
Guest - - 695,787 comments

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Comrade_Makarov - - 1 comments

Can't find the uninstall file when trying to delete the mod in storage settings. It's taking up ~9gb on my SSD. Can't find any files connected to the mod either in file explorer. Can somebody please help? Would appreciate it a lot.

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Guest - - 695,787 comments

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ClownShinji - - 94 comments

You HUD elements look better than Anomaly ones, you have singular eye for aesthetics, I've gotta say, but be careful with the flat design trap, it gets boring quickly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
gab19051 - - 4 comments

does this support 32bit?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
OnegRiot Creator
OnegRiot - - 398 comments

Good question. It runs on OGSR 64 bit engine but I don't actually know if a 64 bit OS is required to run it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
chrisjb - - 39 comments

Sorry, forgot to add the error meassage -
'The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application'.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OnegRiot Creator
OnegRiot - - 398 comments

That's a pretty vague error message, do you have ALsoft and all the directx distributables installed?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
chrisjb - - 39 comments

would like to play this but get the following error on running either 'Launch SFZ Project' or 'xrEngine'.
If you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Johnnydadda - - 72 comments

Every time I press RMB the game minimises.

edit: its my second screen, the cursor is active on both.

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