A repack of one of the highest ranked and most anticipated mods for Stalker. Includes a hand-made English translation.

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F!xou says

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Great mod ,cant wait for the full version.


10/10 for the demo


Easily the best atmosphere of any mod out there.

Beautiful visuals, great clean and consistent UI, engaging quests and events, and overall a well rounded package. Cannot wait for the full version - also, translation is great.


Great translation, practically no errors and communicates the story and atmosphere extremely well. Hats off to the author and translator.


Most immersive mod i've ever tried.

Even if this mod is still a beta version, I can feel this mod's great success.
Mystical atmosphere, good graphic and weapon pack, interesting characters and dialogues.
I think this mod's concept is similar to OGSE or Gold sphere however more mystical.

Bottom line, I hope this mod will be completely released and thank you for good translation.

One of the best mods out there. Props to Oneg for translating it for the rest of us.

amazing atmosphere, great proof of concept for the full mod


fontar says

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Among the most immersive mods out there so far.

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10/10 for the demo

Sep 9 2020 by AyeBlin