Save game compatible-latest patch-update copatible and probably compatible with every other mod.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (I advise you to use the steam links since they are easily checked/maintained)



I released also A) a more complex version with a lot more features but slightly reduced compatibility with major overhauls like radius or magnar mod etc..called "the slave mod (2)" and B) a hardcore version just as this one but with reduced profits for more challenge.

In ancient times slaves were an important source of income not only by exploiting their hard work but also like a "raw material and currency alternative" With this mod you can sell the slaves from a region you own so to earn money and improve public order.

1)Selling slaves There is a new edict called Sell slaves (iconed by broken chains) and by issuing this edict every turn the slave percentage of the region will drop by half and at the same time the income will improve dramaticaly according to the percentage of slave population.

This represents not only selling slaves but also the tribute paid for important aristocrat people held for ransom and the battlefield looting after a battle.(soldiers used to fight carrying their money with them.)

After Syracuse's final victory Syracusians gathered 4 shields full of golden coins from athenians who run for their life.
Also Alexander started his campaign with 180 talands (borrowed) and after only Granicus (i think it was Granicus) he gathered 150,000 (imagin that the annual income of Athenian league in its prime was 600 talands.
SO this type of income (plus looting) was the main source of income....Of course every turn their percentage in population will drop by half and so will your income from their sale.

The numbers were not chosen by luck but after carefull research and taking into accound the game economic model.That way you can actualy use all those battle captives for extra income and lower your public order penalties at the same time.

The downside is that while selling slaves corruption and local piracy will raise a little so you cannot benefit from prolonged turns of selling slaves.

2)Slavery buildings role Slaveries have now an important role to play.

A)First of all they reduce the rate of slave drop so you can keep selling for longer periods and profiting more.

B)Also they give reduction to construction costs (slaves working and building..) and now i think they actually worth their money.

C)they give small boost to food and 4) tier 3 gives additional 1 recruitment slot (slaves where used to harvest fields and to streangthen military ranks even by doing supportive works..)

This mod would not be balanced without the efford of MATVEI1293.
A thank you is a small word.

Thanks to Alia for game testing and balancing info he provided Thanks to all who bother to rate.
Hope you have fun,

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The winners have been announced for Total War's first mod awards.
Congratulations to the winners & nominees, here's a taste of what you will be receiving.

Each trophy contains a genuine historic coin from the ages and cultures featured in the game.

Nominees and winners will also have a custom badge to display on their modDB profile, your profiles will be updated with these shortly.

Best Unit Mod

ChampLoo Gold Unit Compilation - Winner
Radious Unit Pack: Rise of an Empire - Commended

Best Overhaul

Divide Et Impera - Winner
Constantine: Rise of Christianity - Commended

Most Innovative

Sell your Slaves - Winner
Hellbent Traists, Talents and Toadies - Commended

Best Graphical

GEM - Winner
Authentic Ancient World - Commended

CA Legacy Games

Europa Barbarorum - Winner
The Great War - Commended

It's been our pleasure to be involved in this historic event, lets hope more studios join in celebrating changing the game!

The full awards presentation can be seen here.


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Phalangitis Creator

SOrry guys but till now I did not know mod DB that well. I was sucked in TWC and steam. I will add a download link here ASAP.

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wish these mod authors would actually put their mod downloads on moddb

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I feel the same way. it seems no one actually has any mods up

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