(Unreleased v4.0)

last update 17.9.2018.


  • Five playable factions (Zann Consortium, Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Black Sun pirates and The Hutt Cartel) + 2 non-playable (Ohnaka Gang and Mandalorian Militia)
  • New Music (Start menu, Hutt and Black Sun specific backgrounds, Empire and Rebel added to the existing playlists, music added from Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One and Shadows of the Empire)
  • Campaigns for all tastes: all five factions, only Black Sun added, and just Rebels vs the Empire (FOC and EAW updated campaigns and one original)
  • Twelve new planets/locations: Lothal, Jedha, Jakku, Mygeeto, Falleen, Florrum, Rattatak, Trandosha, Rhen Var, Ziost, Abandoned Republic Starbase, Starforge
  • New GC called "Battle for the Underworld" featuring only underworld factions.
  • New voiceovers for some heroes by Ketwolskii

Black Sun:

  • Heroes: Guri, Xizor, Jodo Kast, Chenlambec, Zuckuss and 4lom, Durga the Hutt, Zekka Thyne, Perit, Black Sun Ace Squadron (Death Star killer)
  • Land: Pirate mercs, Pirate Plex, Falleen Assasain(Field Commander+Saboteur), AT-AP Walkers, BARC Trooper, Speeders, WLO-5 Speeder Tanks, Z95 Flyers, Pirate MDU
  • Space: Z95 Headhunter, V-wing Bomber, Kihraxz Light Scouts, Rihkxyrk Attack Fighters, Ixiyen Assault Fighters, R41 Heavy Fighter-Bomber, Gozanti Corvette, IPV-2 Corvette, Pirate Interceptor Cruiser, Vigo Cruiser, Basilisk Carrier, Thranta Heavy Assault Frigate, Bloodstar Battleship
  • Structures: Syndicate Headquarters, Command Center, Secondary Outpost, Cantina, Shield gen., Ion cannon, Turbolasers, Mining facility, Asteroid mining facility, 1-5 level Spacestation, Xizors's Skyhook (special large garrison spawning orbital station)
  • Smugglers work as Fleet commander
  • Bounty hunters work as spies


  • Heroes: Jabba and his Sail Barge, Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, Labria, Mustafarian Bounty Hunter, Greedo, Tessek, Borvo the Hutt, Cad Bane, Blood Dagger fighter squadron
  • Land: Hutt Mercs, Hutt Plex, Twi'lek agent, Swoop troopers, HH87-Starhopper, Bounty Hunter, Rancor, Bantha-II Skif, ISP Squad, AAT Tanks, Hutt MDU
  • Space: Hutt V-Wing Fighters, Dunelizard Bombers, Dagger starfighters, Krayt Gunships, IPV-1 Patrol Craft, Marauder Cruiser, Venator Star Cruiser, Minstrel Hutt Cruiser, Dreadnought Assault Frigate, Wavecrest Heavy Frigate, Sabaoth Battleship
  • Structures: Hutt Command palace, Secondary palace, Hutt barracks, Shield gen., Ion cannon, Turbolasers, Mining facility, 1-5 level Spacestation

Empire added:

  • Heroes: Grand Inquisitor, Moff Jerjerrod, Mara Jade and her ship, Vader and his TIE-Advanced (don't worry, you still can build the Executor SSD, but Vader will not command it), Vader's wingmen now pilot TIE Interceptors, Director Orson Krennic, new Icons for Thrawn and Mohc
  • Space: Gozanti Corvette, Arquetens Light Cruiser, Fire-Quasar Cruiser-Carrier, Venator, first Death star
  • Land: IRT Transport

Rebel added:

  • Heroes: Kyle Katarn and his ship in GC, Kanan and Hera and the Ghost in CG, Commander Sato and Phoenix Squadron, General Dodonna as a space commander, Ahsoka Tano, Bail Organa, Admiral Raddus and his ship, Blue Squadron launching from it
  • Land: -
  • Space: unbuildable Z-95 spawning from certain ships, Hammerhead Corvettes in GC (only if you control Alderran), MC40, Fire-Quasar Cruiser-Carrier (reverse-engineered rebel variant) and Belarus cruiser
  • Structure: -

Consortium added:

  • Heroes: Defilers are also fleet and field commanders


  • Heroes: Added Death Watch as major hero defending Mandalore and hireable after conquering it (underworld factions)
  • Land: Reworked indigenous units, Tank squad, Speeder team,
  • Space: Space cruisers, Space carrier
  • Structures: Reworked the indig. buildings
  • Mandalore on various GC is a more difficult target
  • Note: They are still unplayable

Unlockable Units:

  • CIS Units - Hypori, Geonosis and Muunilinst will enable the building of B2 SuperBattle Droids (Hutts, Black Sun, Zann Consortium) Droideka MK I (Hutts and the Black Sun) and the construction of Providence and Munificient space cruisers (Hutts, Rebels, Black Sun and Zann Consortium)
  • Mandalore: Death Watch Leader, Mandalorian Merc squads and Squad Commanders (Hutts, Black Sun, Zann Consortium), Kedalbe Battleship (Hutts, Black Sun) and Basilisk Carriers (Hutts, Zann Consortium)
  • Naboo: N1 Starfighter (All factions except Empire)
  • Alderaan: Hammerhead Corvette (Rebels)
  • Kamino: Clonetroopers, Clone Commando (All factions except Empire)
  • Abandoned Republic Starbase: Arquetens Light Cruiser, Venator Star Cruiser (All factions except Empire)
  • Ziost: Sith Foot Soldiers, HK-50 Droids (Black Sun, Hutts, Zann)
  • Starforge: Sith Fighters, Interdictor, Centurion and Derriphan Cruisers (Black Sun, Hutts, Zann)


  • New particle effects: Empire has blue protons, Black Sun orange ones, orange and yellow blaster bolts for the Mandalorians, new laser textures, purple bolts for some heroes, faster moving projectiles, added blue space lasers to some units, new unit abilities with new particle effects, Ion cannos projectile based on ESB and Ion torpedoes based on Rogue One, new protons for CIS bombers
  • New Turbolaser effects
  • New Galaxy texture and particle
  • Replaced some hero Icons with more realistic (in cases of icons created from pictures of computer generated Heroes with screenshots from movies) or by better ones in my opinion.
  • Ssdcommander's space station and conquest spawning system
  • Replaced some unit names with correct/complete ones
  • Enhanced Vader's and Sidious Force powers (whirlwind and lightning damages everything and telekinesis can be applied to vehicles and heroes - except force sensitives and droids) I did that because frankly no bounty hunter or smuggler has any chance against a main Jedi or Sith hero
  • Fighters rescaled to 75%, corvettes, frigates and cruiser rescaled more canonically
  • Planets rescaled to 75%
  • Reworked AI, Hutts and Black Sun fully active in GC
  • Multiple tweaks and fixes
  • New stars background
  • Retextured the Pirate Interceptor Frigate
  • New Maw map base on Solo: A Star Wars Story

Known bugs:

  • Some minor faction icons issue
  • Still some land skirmish AI for the added factions issues, nothing huge
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Discord Server


I've created a Rise of the Crime Lords Discord server for the mod in order to make communication within the community easier. Anyone is free to join, just send me a PM and I'll send you the invite link.

Modeler contribution

Modeler contribution

News 2 comments

Searching for help from any modeler that would be willing to make a simple model.

Searching for v4.0 beta testers

Searching for v4.0 beta testers

News 7 comments

Looking for v4.0 beta testers in order to hunt down all the remaining bugs and bring order to this mod :D

Mod Forum open

Mod Forum open


Forum for general discussion and bug reporting is active on the mod's page. Any member of the moddb can use it for a more

Help with .LUA files.

Help with .LUA files.


I need some help to get the editable .lua scripts for piracy and kidnapping missions.

RSS Files
Rise of the Crime Lords 4.1

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.1

Full Version 12 comments

Upgraded version of the mod. AI fixes, new launcher.

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.0 Unpolished [Reupload]

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.0 Unpolished [Reupload]

Full Version 20 comments

4.0 version of my mod, still unpolished but with many new addons since the beta.

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.0 AI fix [Steam]

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.0 AI fix [Steam]

Patch 13 comments

Compressed the Data/Scripts/AI folder into MEG arhive.

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.0 BETA

Rise of the Crime Lords 4.0 BETA

Demo 31 comments

With private life taking too much time, I simply unable to polish the 4.0 version of the mod. Here is a BETA version for you to enjoy. Any and all bug...

Rise of the Crime Lords 3.0

Rise of the Crime Lords 3.0

Full Version 35 comments

This is the full standalone 3.0 version of the Rise of the Crime Lords mod for Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption. You have to install this...

Russian Translate v.3.0

Russian Translate v.3.0

Full Version 2 comments

Перевод для версии мода 3.0. Как выйдет новая версия мода переведу и выложу её. О всех...

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Hey vjeko, great mod! Would it be okay if I possibly released a submod for it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


God, this is just what I was looking for. A mod with more features, more units and that expands the original gameplay. I love!. I hope I can use it in CD version. Will death troopers be available to the empire? I love those bastards.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I remember when I sent a message to the creator asking him for the arc-170 but one thing, I should look for another type of mercenary soldier for the black sun or the hutts for more an aesthetic touch and difference, and that some of the tanks of the sun Black shoot aerial enemies on land because when the empire attacks me it's crazy XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey what's changed?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vjeko1701 Creator

I was editing some mod settings, that's why it probably showed an update.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

What do I put in set launch options so I can play this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
vjeko1701 Creator

You should be able to launch it with the custom .exe that is included

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Do you know if there is a way to deactivate the zann consortium corruption mechanic? Anyone?

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A truly fantastic mod. Adds two fully playable factions that might be a bit lacking in units, but still playable nonetheless. Still a few bugs but I imagine they'll be fixed. I recommend playing it.

Apr 24 2013 by Giveaway412

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