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Rise of Quetzal is a mod focused in the pre-hispanic Mesoamerica, timeframe 1400-1600, the mod add new religions, new buildings, new units and new 3d models for settlements in map campaign.

intro roq

This mod relate some historical events who don't show in vanilla Americas campaign, the born of the Triple Alliance with the Aztec Empire replacing the powerful Maya Empire in the Yucatan penninsula who decline slowly and is divided with Lordships and Ethnic divisions in a permament war, the Tarascan Empire who fight with the Chichimec tribes and try to expand their lands to east, finaly the small independent kingdoms, tribes and lordships try to survive to Aztec expansion, Chichimec invasions, tribal Migrations, and the lethal jungle of Yucatan.

This mod make a deep rework of some factions of vanilla Americas campaign to represent the different cultures and beliefs of the different Kingdoms, Empires and Lordships, now some factions have a huge bonus in campaign to represent their nomadism life or religious organitzation, that include a rework of buildings, units, and agents. That includes the Spanish empire, which is more lethal and unstoppable than ever for the Mesoamerican factions, whether it is due to its strange diseases that kill thousands or its powerful military units and horrific gunpowder weapons.


Factions (WIP)
Aztec Empire
Tlapanec Kingdom
Chichimecs Tribes
Guamare Confederation
Tlaxcallan City States
Purépecha Empire (tarascans)
Mixtec Empire
Lenca Empire
League of Mayapan
Lordship of Cupul
Lordship of Ah-Canul
Lordship of Ekab
Lordship of Uaymil
Lordship of Chakan Putum
Lordship of Chactemal
Huastec Empire
Acalan Kingdom
Mam Kingdom of Zaculeu
Lordship of Iximche
Quiche Kingdom of Q'Umarkaj
Lorship of Cuzcatlan
Zapotec Kingdom
Totonac Domains
Kingdom of Itzaes
Kingdom of Colimotl
Kingdom of Xalisco
Chalca Confederation
Spanish Empire (emergent)
Rebels/Independent Kingdoms

Aztec Polytheism
Maya Polytheism
Purépecha Polytheism
Chichimec Polytheism
Tribal Religion (heretics)

The Rise of Quetzal add some new resources, obviously the exploration of the Conquistadores who made in the Mesoamerica discover some of them who actually are common in our mind, but before the landing in Mexico are totally strange, thats why the resoruces of Rise of Quetzal are reworked to adapt the native resources who trade Aztecs and Mayan peoples, the list of the resources are these:
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Obsidian, Corn, Beans, Potatoes, Exotic Spices, Peppers, Exotic Wood, Sacred Codex, Slaves, Gemstones, Tobacco, Chocolate, Jade, Pottery, Amber, Salt, Fish, Cotton, Textiles, and Pulque(sacred drink)


The mod include special resources like the Jungle Villages and Mayan Ruins who have some buildings related, scripts and special events incorporated to make the gameplay more interesting.

These special events are constructed to create a better inmersion of the player in the Mesoamerican cultures with their myths and legends, making a little fantastical touch for this events who permits the player explore the jungle with agents and generals to try to find and activate some events who show a piece of history of the mesoamerican culture, including sometimes a big treasure, additional special units, unique ancillaries and traits or "strange" events like "Lights in the Sky", "The Gates of Xilbaba","Giants of the Jungle" or "The Nahual", these "strange" events involve some misterious forces of the nature who can kill you or show powerful knowledges and items.

Basic addons of the mod
New Buildings for each faction, a lot of shrines, temples and sanctuaries and historical buildings and resource-related buildings
New unique units for each faction, warrior-priests, specialized warriors, native tribesmen and more
New mercenaries for tribal areas in the map, now each region have their unique mercenaries
New ancillaries related by temples, buldings, special events and dates
New events about the mythology of the Mesoamerican mythology and more

More info and content in Discord offcial server
Original Preview in TWCenter forum

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I'm sometimes surprised by how active the modding scene is for M2 even to this day. I was so happy when I saw this mod, not realising it's a recent WIP that's not out yet for us to play.

Werety, do you have any estimated date you're thinking this will release?

*Edit, also would this mod have the Apache as an emergent faction that are on an active warpath? I can see them being a semi-regular invasive faction that are large-ish like the Timurids but not as big of an invasion as the Mongols, which would be filled here by the Spanish, of course.

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This mod is exactly what I wanted: A big map focused on Mesoamerica with many small regions
Im looking forward to conquer those lands in Santiagos name with pike & shot

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Werety Creator

Thx bro, actually you an see more previews in my Discord server, I dont use moddb so much and you can see more content in discord. You have the link in the summary section of moddb. :)

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This mod looks so good, can't wait to play

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Werety Creator

Actually you can follow the progress of the mod in discord, is a better platform for me to update the work I do :)

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Un mod qui donne envie. Je suis impatient !!

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Looking forward to this! :)

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This needs to be out immediately.

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Werety Creator

Time is relative XD

So much work to do to be finished soon.

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