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Doom 3 Relief Extreme Shaders v1.9 (17-7-2k8) - Updated & fixed by Dafama.

Relief Mapping mod by Fabio Policarpo.
Brilliant Highlights up to v0.6b by Maha-X.
Extreme Quality mod & shaders up to v1.01 by Rygel.


- Removed the BHNG way to the Relief shaders and changed to a Prey normal bump mapping/cube maps technique, much better now !
- Enhanced glprogs Relief mapping shaders with BH NG latest tech. to increase specular & normal bumpmapping, more relieve, brilliant, metallic and smooth look alike !
- Support for both Relief mapping textures & models for D3 base.
- Support for both Relief mapping textures & models for D3XP ROE.

This mod uses amazing Dispersion & Chromatic effect thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager !
This mod uses awesome Brilliant Highlights latest new techniques thanks to Maha-X !
This mod uses brilliant Green Bar fix thanks to Langenscheiss !


At the moment this mod only supports NVidia gfx cards or latest ATI gfx cards that are able to supports OpenGL32 v3.0 shaders, with at least DirectX v9.0c hardware support, but there will be a low-end version for old ATI gfx cards that only supports upto v2.0 shaders soon !


- Patch v1.3.0 or higher required.
- This mod requires a Radeon 9500 or GeForce FX or above.
- This mod is compatible with most other mods, except those that modify the main shader.


v1.9 - Full release including all textures and with all the latest advancements present on all my other shaders now for Relief shaders edition.
- Specific enhancements for both ATI/Generic & NVidia only shaders.
- Removed some characters & zombies xxx_s.tga textures because they show it as bizarrely deformed !
- Fixed configuration files.
- Bettered the lightning and shadows.
- Fixed small & big bugs.
- I know this shaders will specially like for sure to TRSGM & Langenscheiss ! :D

v1.8 - Small but a BIG advancement update, now, i have been able to use the POW on Relief shaders, and what ? Well, this enables me to add a much better and more powerful bump mapping normals.
- Also i have fixed a couple of bugs on both Generic/ATI & NVidia only versions, so the final image quality, i have to say like this... It's simple AMAZING to say it in soft words.

v1.7 - Added Maha-X techniques, bettered lightning !

v1.6 - Removed Relief for weapons models, updated shader.

v1.5 - Fixed bugs, enhanced lightning.

v1.4 - Removed the BHNG way to the Relief shaders and changed to a Prey normal bump mapping/cube maps technique, much better now !

v1.3 - Added Alpha support & enhaced shaders, removed unneeded files, full version do not update the older versions, remove the olders and then copy this mod folder to Doom 3 folder..

v1.2 - Just i noticed that the Relief author didn't convertit the models, only the textures to Relief mapping technique, i have done this, and now there is Relief not only for the textures used in the maps, but also for the models. In addition to this, i was noticed that was no supports for neither textures, not models for D3XP (ROE) and i also have converted all the textures & models now to Relief mapping, so now this mod supports both D3 base & ROE in one go, there's no need to do a separate mod.
Also i have re-enhanced the glprogs/interaction.vfp Relief shader with some new technique that i learned recently. :)

v1.1 - In this releasse the Relief Mapping technique has been mixed with the latest version of BH NG and also i have used some small techniques from the UEQ and Extreme Quality mods to enhance even more this shaders !
The results are amazing !!!


Always make sure there is disabled compresion for textures on D3, this is already done in the Doomconfig.cfg, but if someone wants to use his own Doomconfig.cfg make sure to have this lines on it to be able to see the Relief...

set image_usePreCompressedTextures "0"
set image_useCompression "0"
set image_lodBias "-2"

If you typed this from the in-game console you need to type vid_Restart now to activate.


Original Doc...:

Doom3 Relief Mapping

This modifcation will not damage your Doom3 installation. It will just extract some textures from the game data pack and modify them to include depth information. All original files are mantained and you can quickly get back to your original Doom3 installation by deleting the extracted files.
The modified Doom3 shader was created to test relief mapping technique with high-quality game art. Note, however, that some geometry will not look correct with relief mapping as the art for the game was not created for this effect. For correct use of the technique the edges of scene polygons should have no displacement (depth=0). But since the depth maps were created from the game normal maps this is not garranteeded.

For details about how relief mapping works refer to:

demo ->
paper ->

To install this modification:

- from your Doom3 instalation path create folder doom3baseglprogs
- copy file interaction.vfp to folder Doom3baseglprogs
- drag and drop file doom3basepak004.pk4 into the tool normal2depth.exe
- wait for processing of all normal maps (this will create folder doom3basetextures)

Include this in your Autoexec.cfg (already present in the mod)...:

set image_usePrecompressedTextures "0"
set image_useCompression "0"
set image_lodBias "-2"


If you installed in the base the glprogs and textures folders, to remove the modification and get back to original Doom3 installation:

- delete the folder doom3baseglprogs
- delete the folder doom3basetextures

You must select ULTRA QUALITY mode in order to have the calculated depth maps loaded (or else you will see no relief at all).
Relief mapping is slower than standard normal mapping. For this reason, we recommend going down to 640x480 or 800x600 in order to get better FPS through the game. Works great with a GeForce7800 card!

Fabio Policarpo ( and Manuel M. Oliveira (

Acknowledgements: The tool for creating depth maps from normal maps (normal2depth.exe) is based on a Poisson multigrid solver written by Carlos E. Scheidegger and Gustavo S. Neto.

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