Remastered single player Campaigns & fast paced, balanced multiplayer. Rise of the East introduces two completely new factions to the game, East Asia (China) and GLA from Generals. Full multiplayer functionality using CnCNet Client and many new and exclusive features, improvements and much more!

RotE 3.0 Released!

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TOP 5 for 2021! Thank you for all the support!

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Rise of the East v2.1 FULL

rotelogo 1

Rise of the East v3.0 Released!

Thank You

Firstly, thank you all for the ongoing support and patience over these last 2 years of development. Thanks to the fans and contributors we were able to hit top 100 mods in 2020 and top 5 in 2021.

What's New

If you want a rather long bedtime story, the 3.0 changelog can be found here.

Here are some of the core changes since 2.2.5:

  • Updated RotE website
  • New missions and challenge maps
  • New subfactions
  • Exclusive features and assets
  • Audio and Visual improvements
  • New CNCNet Client & Map Editor
  • CNCNet official

So what does almost 300 (288ish) beta patches get you? Keep reading and find out 😏

New Missions and Challenge Maps

3.0 offers the first 3 of 7 C&C Generals missions for both, China and the GLA, aiming to give the player an experience as close to the General's counterpart as possible (except for The Dragon Awakes, pending its remake). I am aiming for all 7 to be available in 3.1.


We're also adding challenge maps on the less serious side of things, such as Yuri's Genetic Challenge and GLA's Defense Challenge - both play as survival maps. Other maps and play styles will be added in the future. Challenge and Cooperative maps can be found in the Skirmish and Multiplayer lobbies.


And for some bad news: RA2 missions have been disabled pending a remake in the future.

New Subfactions

Each faction has a new subfaction with unique technologies and playstyle:

Untitled 1

Vietnam is infantry heavy and utilize squad training and personnel carriers to overwhelm their enemies. Vietnam is also the only faction to have 2 trainable hero infantry units.

Ukraine drops the slow but heavy hitter Soviet design and favors utility instead. Much of their arsenal revolves around "iron" based weapons both, in defense and offense.

Japan utilizes mechanized infantry and vehicles capable of switching modes in battle, whether in the air or on land. Chrono technology has also been advanced into Cryo tech throughout their arsenal.

Genesis is the experimental branch under Yuri's Army with a focus on mutation and subterranean assault. Their tech choices allow them to adapt to almost any enemy line-up depending on situation.

Cobra Cell relies on hit and run more than the other GLA Cells and specialises at crippling the enemy's front lines. This Cell can also access economy boosters earlier than any other faction.

New Exclusive Features

3.0 pushes the 20 year old engine to its limits, here are some of the new features:

  • Generals Pilot system
  • Cash Hack and Money Steal
  • Improved single click upgrade systems
  • Support units gain veterancy
  • Advanced weapon systems
    • TS Web remake and all new Freeze mechanics
    • Critical hits & chance based effects
    • Condition triggered effects
    • Advanced ammo based weapon modifiers
  • Missile interceptors on aircraft (King Raptor)
  • Airfield rally points & split queue (helicopters moved from WF to Airfield)
  • Hero specials (unique abilities)
  • Pseudo infantry squads (Angry Mobs, etc)

All of these features were made possible with Ares, Phobos, DP (Kratos) and Otamaa's own custom features. For a preview check out the video below:

This update also introduces General Powers for all factions, which are designed to adjust your gameplay depending on the situation.

General Powers are granted at each tier free of charge. GPs give the commander a choice between tools such as unit upgrades, support powers or economy boosts - allowing for a strategy shift or counter to certain combinations.

The example below shows Ukraine's Rank 1 choices between upgrading their Bulava Tank with more armor and amphibious tech or gaining access to a new tiered Support Power that spawns Iron Striders anywhere on the map:

Some GPs are also backwards compatible, meaning once you reach a certain tier but end up losing the tech building, the new tech (unit, upgrades etc) granted by the GP will still be available. For SPs, a lesser version is granted. E.g. USA Rank 3 GP to unlock the Paladin Tank is accessed at T3, but the Paladin Tank itself replaces the M1A1 at T2 once selected:

Exclusive New Assets

Next up we have some exclusive assets to showcase - but in the interest of article length, I'll try to keep the images to a minimum!:

  • Over 70 new infantry and unit models
  • Over 100 new civilian structures



unknown 1

auroramazsc 000 1

Audio and Visual Improvements

Without reposting from the previous article too much (said article can be found here):

  • New desert, temperate and snow terrain
  • New unit voices, custom EVA and SFX
  • New soundtrack by Charlie Lockwood, TeknoAXE, White Bat Audio and many more
  • New exclusive infantry, animations, buildings and vehicle models (see below)

Preview of the new desert terrain and some of the new Asian structuresScreenshot 2022 05 13 120954

Husk logic as previously showcased

Screenshot 2022 05 13 132340

Phobos LaserTrails on projectiles and aircraft

New Client & Map Editor

The client has been updated with new visuals and functionality.

  • The Client now offers downloadable addon components such as:
    • Downloadable soundtracks
    • Downloadable mission cutscenes
    • Compressed .mix files during updates for faster downloads
  • The Map Editor has been updated with Secsome's FA2SP DLL, bringing QOL improvements:
    • Performance improvements
    • Palette fix without the need to modify core mixes (ra2.mix etc)
    • Custom overlay/terrain types lists


CNCNet Listed

As of May 2021, Rise of the East is officially listed as an endorsed mod in the CNCNet Client website. On top of more exposure, we also have our player count visible on the website and on the RotE Client

Thanks for tuning in and until next time, Commander

Rise of the East v2.1 FULL

Image Contest

Image Contest

News 4 comments

We're hosting an image contest in the discord server until the 20th of August!

Update 3.0 Progress Report

Update 3.0 Progress Report

News 19 comments

Has been too long since I last posted, so here's a rather long article to address the delay and discuss/showcase some of the new features.

2021 Update #1 - Patch 2.2.5

2021 Update #1 - Patch 2.2.5

News 12 comments

Quick pit-stop before 2.3. This update contains many fixes and adds some cool new features. We are also CNCNet sponsored now!

New Year Release - 2.2.2

New Year Release - 2.2.2

News 7 comments

Balance and content patch, part of the 2.2 series. Remakes many MP maps for quality of life improvements and enables GLA single player missions 1 and 2.

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Rise of the East v3.0.0c FULL

Rise of the East v3.0.0c FULL

Full Version 168 comments

After almost 2 years in development, I present you: Rise of the East 3.0 - Featuring all new exclusive features, missions and audio/visual improvements.

Rise of the East v3.0.0c PATCH

Rise of the East v3.0.0c PATCH

Patch 19 comments

This patch takes RotE versions 3.0 to the current, up to date 3.0.0c You should only download this if you do not or cannot update via the client or if...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 727)

can we change germany to eu just to consider it's more nations

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

And what does Ukraine have to do with the countries of the East? You'd better make fractions normally.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

That's so great,
I've updated to 3.0.0j, but I'm still hoping for more updates in the near future

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes


My opinion if this mod is continuing toward version 4.0 then 5 factions for each force but some reconceptualized/reorganized
ALLIES: USA, UK, France, Germany,
SOVIETS: USSR, Yugoslavia, Cuba, India
YURI: Psicorps, Specter, Genesis, (cabal-like cyborg faction)
ASIAN: China, Korea(united), Vietnam, Japan
GLA reconceptualized: (arab faction), (iranian faction), (african faction), (latin america faction)

also redesign all C&C Generals units. For example, GLA vehicles can resemble mid-east & african manufacture more. Or the Asian Gatling Tank might look more like T249 Vigilante.

P.S: Crusader Tanks were based on M8 AGS so maybe you can redesign to that. While instead of "Paladin Tank" you could use a "Paladin" vehicle based on Abrams AGDS.

P.S.S: Reorganize Aircraft & Helicopters for all factions.

Allies - AH-64 Apache(USA,Germany,France), Harrier(UK, jet that doesn't need reload like helicopters)

Soviets - Ka-52(USSR), Mi-24 Hind (others)

Yuri - Comanche (one subfaction you pick), Harpy (others)

Asian - Z-10 (China, Korea, Vietnam), OH-1 (Japan)

GLA - SuperHind (african subfaction), AH-1 Cobra (others)

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes

hello, I installed your mod, but skirmish and the campaign do not work throws out the menu again, is there a solution to such a problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Any chance to add Red Alert 2 Allies/Soviet Campaigns?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I don't like mod's own soundtracks. So i want remove them.What should i do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Japan has made mistakes. Use Japan 3 times and pop up the error dialog box. Just switch to Germany.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Aircraft carriers and large ships from various countries are too powerful. Building a few can eliminate all AI. Can we increase prices or increase AI coastal defense capabilities?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I don't know if your production team, can you, make a separate patch for Generals soundtrack 190MB, which can't be updated in China, I thought that 3.0.3j fixed this patch, but unfortunately not! The game prompts to update this every time it runs, and I sent you a separate email, did you see it! It is because the game contains China, will continue to pay attention, very good game, what do you think? ? In addition, you can vote in China or other countries to recruit players who can dub your favorite camp, of course, it is necessary to be loving, do not pay for free dubbing, to continue to support your work, the download address can also be updated to China's download page, come on makers! You guys worked hard!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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