This mod doesn't affect on vanilla Rome TW

This is full conversion for Rome: Total War by KarhuBrothers. Mod place on time when Sweden qonguered Finland. Now people of Finland are full of hatred towards swedish and it's time to banish them all...

Notice: Mod is historically unrealistic

Description of Rebellion Total War:
This modification need Rome Total War version 1.5

Whole new campaing map wich contains Scandinavia and western parts of
Russia. Finland and Sweden are main places on the campaign map. Campaign starts on
the year 1000 AD when finnish men starts revolt. (Not happenend in history)

Whole new units, generals, settlements, music and some voices. Each factions have their
own unigue units. Example Finland have Lappland warriors and Sweden
have Royale knights.

Four playable factions
- Finland
- Sweden
- Russian
- Vikings
Nonplayable faction
- Saami

Rebellion: Total War faction symblosFinnish army is strong in close compat, but their unit's size are weak compared to Sweden or Russia. Finnish have mostly farmers and hunters, but they have also knigths and few heavy cavalry. Finnish men are pagan and they prays their false gods to get more stength and better morale.

Rebellion: Total War faction symblosSwedish army is weaker than finnish, but it is bigger and haves more heavy infantry and heavy ongarens. Swedis are christian and that's why they have better healthy and less diseases in their settlements.

Rebellion: Total War faction symblosRussian
army is strongest army on this modification. They almost doesn't have any weak units. Strong infantry and excellent cavalry archers. Russia is rich country and haves many large settlements.

Rebellion: Total War faction symblosVikings are great sea fighters. Their army are rough but small. They fight whit axes and hammers. Vikings have low populations in their lands but they are excellent miners and sea traders.

SaamiSaami's are brutal men who not give any mercy to their enemies. They live in norther Finland on the hills. Saami's are like Rebels in vanilla Rome Total War

Progress of Rebellion Total War:
Unit's - 25%
Campaign map - 10%
Factions - 10%
Battle maps - 20%

Send feedback or suggestions what we can use to or to our forum

This mod doesn't affect on vanilla Rome TW
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Voice actors needed!

We need voice actors to this Rebellion Total war

We need swedish, norwaygian, russian and finnish voices.
If you are interested about this send your voice example to:

Voice actors will get their names to the credits

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When is the mod done?

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Onkos tämä kuollut? Is this dead??

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Katos kehveliä!

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darkside389 if you are interested. This is not meant to be historical. Dumb ***!

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Darkside, until 1917. :)

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hmm Indeed this mod is historically unrealistic.
Finland wasent even a nation until 1920 lol.

And there was newer any Saami empire.
Saami peopule but not a nation or empire. and defently not warriors.
Maybe you are talking about the Tavaster? (dont think i wrote that right)

They where a peopule who moved to what is now finland and well stayd there. And cuntinue to follow the old ways of scandinaiva. (Odin Tor Frey Freya Tyr. Valhalla.)
So maybe you should chance the so called Saami empire to Tavaster warriors?

Also sweden did not invade finland as there was no finland nation.
Sweden did a colonization of what is today finland in the year 1150.
( )

Then in the year 1238 there was a rebellion by the Tavaster...yet not realy since those parts where not yet colonized. But as a priest order by the pope goes longer in to the land the tavaster becomes angry and kills all the christians. This leads to a call from the pope calling sweden to end the tavasters by force if they dont wont to give up there old ways. (Picture: )
This leads to sweden getting more land.
And after this it becomes crhistian land.
And no more battle against the tavaster was fought.
And the colonization of finland went on.
in the 1600 all of what is today finland was colonized by sweden.

..not to make you feel bad but erm all major cities and allmost all normal size cities and most small cities in finland was build by sweden..Even your capital was build by them.

Also i found it od that you chose to give sweden larger army...seeing how the army of sweden has newer been large not even at the time of they where a empire. But the reason of winning over and over again was becose of well traind soldiers, discipline and military tactics unlike before.
Dont know if it was so in the 1000 since their real army wasent born yet.

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Darkside, first learn history then come to tell it.

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Helsinki was build by Russian. you dumass

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Finland independet from russia just before new year 1917 and civil war ended 1918!

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Lol sry for the dubel post dident know edit made it post again like that.

and if your going to keep the Saami could you atleast make them ride Mose insteed of horses? That would be awesome!

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