Quake Champions: Doom Edition. A single player, coop and deathmatch mod for GZdoom and Zandronum, fully compatible with D-Touch.

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Well, it took a while, but this version is finally out. New champ, new maps, even a new gamemode.

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After a couple months of work, we finally are bringing the new stuff in the game.

A new champion:

Three new maps

And a new gamemode for PvE

What are you wainting for? Go download the thing! Even the Standalone "Pacakge" is ready with the update!

See you in the arena!


Oh, and, changelog for the curious


V2.1 (Feb 15 2019)

- New Champion: Serious Sam
- QCDEmaps: New map "Corrupted Station", reinterpretation of Quake Champions' Corrupted Keep
- QCDEmaps: New map "Deck", reinterpretation of various Unreal Tournament's Deck maps
- QCDEmaps: New map "Almost Lost", reinterpretation of Quake Live's map
- New Gamemode support: Elder's Soul. Pick the soul and get unlimited Quad Damage, until you die

- Slight increase in accuracy for MG and HMG in both PvP and PvE
- Slight DPS reduction for SNG and LG
- Considerable DPS reduction for SSG's flame and LG's Static field upgrades
- New system to balance champions in PvE: Heavies take more damage than a medium champ, while light ones take less
- Caleb's passive no longer auto heals. Instead, enemies drop a heart. Upon picking it, heals 25hp and allows overheal
- Freeman's extraction moves player to spawn spot, rather than semi random
- Lo Wang's ability slashes will now cause some damage when they collide immediately with a wall on activation
- Lo Wang's ability cooldown +5sec
- Lo Wang's ability damage reduced by 20%
- Duke Nukem's ability duration -1 sec
- Duke Nukem's ability cooldown +5 sec
- Duke Nukem's PvE damage drastically increased
- Hunter's PvE ability fireballs damage increase 33%
- BFG doesn't stay in PvP even with "sv_weaponstay 1", since it's more of a powerup than a weapon
- QCDEmaps: Blood Covenant, less health by Heavy armor side
- QCDEmaps: Blood Covenant, less hourglasses by Heavy armor side, and repositioned two by RL

- Fixed blood sprites not randomizing properly with SG/SSG in net games
- Fixed rare double death damage number

Quality of Life
- Tribolt explosion sprites fade away much faster
- Rocket Launcher explosion sprites fade away much faster in PvP
- Added QCDE keybind to bring up "champion selection screen" for easy switching in net games only
- QCDEmaps: Added "quickjump" hack for easier jumps in pillars for Blood covenant, Phobos campgrounds, Cure & Furious Heights
- QCDEmaps: Reduced fall height in Morpheus and reduced dynamic lights for performance improvements

- Added "Voice" keybind, which is basically "taunt" but for Gzdoom, where said key doesn't exist
- Additional taunts for: Ranger, Terminator, Inquisitor, Galen, Nyx, Sorgaul, Kane, Bitterman, Corvus & Doomslayer

** "Elder's Soul" details **

This mode is very similar to Zandronum's "Terminator" gamemode which is unsupported directly by QC:DE. Instead,
Elder's Soul is our own take of this mode.

Description: An Elder's soul spawns in the map. When a champion picks it up, they acquire the Elder's powers.
Frag the soul carrier to get 10 frags at once.

Soul carrier's powers:
- Maximum overstack of health and armor when picking the soul
- Massive power, dealing x4 damage
- Said damage power lasts for as long as you're alive

But they're also affected by it's curse:
- All health and armor quickly degenerates
- If you die by health degeneration, you lose 10 frags
- Can't use active abilities while carrying the soul

Additional things to consider:
- The carrier of the soul is unable to pick up Quad Damage or Protection
- If a player carrying Quad/Protec picks the Soul, they will drop the quad/protec
- Carrier's degeneration of health/armor is inversely proportional to the size of the champ.
Heavies degenerate faster, while for light champs it's slower
- Freeman can't use his passive "Extraction" while carrying the soul
- Lucienne's passive "Blessing" doesn't prevent the soul's "stack degeneration" curse
- Blazkowicz's passive "Blitz" doesn't trigger when carrying the soul, due to constant health degen


Awesome! Downloading! 😸

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"single player, coop and deathmatch" so, im going to be able to use these beautiful guns against demons also? :D

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DBThanatos Author

Of course! That was the 2nd main reason to create this mod :D

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Hey, I got an idea. Add the Postal Dude as at the very least a joke Character. April 1st is coming up after all. But seriously though, the Postal Dude's general theme is psychopathy. And Hell, you could actually have him have a Holoduke-like clone with the alternate Postal 3 style of the Dude, as seen in Paradise Lost. It'll be cool.

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Now this is getting serious.

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