Quake Champions: Doom Edition. A single player, coop and deathmatch mod for GZdoom and Zandronum, fully compatible with D-Touch.

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granted I'm not in the loop with exactly what Quake Champions (from Bethesda) is trying to pull off, but I've been an avid Doom/Quake 1 player since their respective releases (i.e., I play these games on a regular basis, much like many other fans, also Unreal 1 and UT99), either which way - I for one have little to no interest in the multiplayer FPS genre since Quake 3/UT2004 and have mainly stuck to Quake 1/2 and Doom 1/2, due to their perfection of the genre, in respective 'fields' (i.e. Doom being the more 'primitive 2.5D', rather than full 3D and using sprites, rather than 3D models, etc. - thus allowing for quite different feel from Quake 1 and 2)

QC:DE (for short), combines the best of the Doom and Quake franchise, whilst at the same time borrowing characters from other franchises, such as Heretic/Blood, etc. - due to the 'class-system' in QC:DE, whereas at the beginning of the game (i.e. when first you join the server), you choose one of several classes, ranging from "small", "medium", "large" characters, basically - all with individual perks (and hit-boxes)

there's a very nice variety in weapons and power-ups and each class comes with their own special attack as well

the action is extremely fast-paced and due to the choice of not including any 3D models, everything runs perfectly smooth

the mod also includes enemies from Quake 1, 2 and 4, all who have been perfectly realized as their 2D counter-parts, blending seamlessly into the game

there are various modes available, but my preferred one is Deathmatch

since it's Doom we're talking about, there are plenty of maps - also bundled specifically for this release

the mod itself runs off the Zandronum engine (for MP) and since said engine come with a server-browser, finding others to play with has been no issue thus far

keep in mind that this is not the Doom that you may have been used to, from back in the 90's, but rather a new 'iteration' of Doom(s), as it were, what with 'true' 3 dimensional environments, several floors on top of one another, mouselook!!! and whatever else modern fanciness y'all got used to after Duke 3D/Quake 1

I'd say that this really brought some much-needed attention back to Doom (not that there's not enough mods being made; Brutal Doom being an excellent example), but this truly keeps up with the times, whilst retaining the true OldSkool gameplay and flexibility

well worth buying a new copy of Doom 2, if your floppies don't work, if you ask me.


Vic7im says

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Perfect balance between immediate fun, Quake Champions and overall good balance between champions.

A MUST if you like arena shooters :)

as well made as d4t. no bugs encountered so far (in singleplayer). basically quake champion with more content.tho i hope they will add new champs and complete the quake monsters roaster in the future .

one of the best doom mod out there. a must have for all fans of quake and doom.
if you liked d4t, you ll like this one too!

Great quality mod released by DBThanatos that did Quake 4 LFM-DE and D4D/D4T, along with the rest of the team that worked on QCDE.

This may as well suppressed the original Quake Champion due to the a lot of features this mod has to offend such as a choice of what enemies to fight on single player. Either with Quake 1/2/4 or Vanilla Doom. Each characters or classes has unique abilities and depend on who you play as. Either you play a faster, average or heavy class. Plus 40+ Deathmatch maps!!! That's alot of maps. :D

If you love Quake Champion but want something a bit faster, then don't hesitate and download this mod now!! It's worth your time.


JD513 says

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I could sworn that I had already gave a score ;-;

The overall improvement that QC:DE has have in over a year is stunning, amazing and perfect. 2.0 is memorable update that changes the game-play drastically not only by adding beautiful sprites but also by adding original upgrades for all the weapons, *not to mention that it includes 7 champions*

It's just so ******* good. Nothing else to say. The multiplayer is faithful, but also in a sense it's original and creative. I look forward to every release and update!


Several Reasons why this is better than the actual Quake Champions.

-27 champions to play (and growing), QC only has 18 and all except one can only be unlocked with In-game Currency (plus you have to spend more to permanently keep them).
-24 Maps + 33 with the AeonDM Maps, QC has only 11.
-A kickarse Soundtrack!
-Singleplayer, Co-op, and Survival!
-No Microtransactions!

What are you waiting for, Download and play this now! :3


Perfection, what more can I say. A complete package that satisfies both the singleplayers and PvP'ers' with options and gamemodes galore. Highly polished and standing at the very pinnacle of classic Doom modding. Don't hesitate to download this masterpiece =)

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