Welcome to Project Zombie Strike 2014, a zombie themed modification for Battlefield 2. You are introduced to Zombie War 2014 where human target is to survive the zombie invasion across all the Earth. You must eradicate the enemies before they destroy you. Action packed and full of content,you will have a fun time playing in this apocalyptic setting mod

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Welcome everyone! Today is another big step in our modification updates,and we gladly are releasing the...

Project Zombie Strike 2014 Fade to Black

Wow, so many cool new features! This mod is amazing, thanks! PS: Is LAN fixed in this release?

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Hello Noobkiller2! This is a true "Patch", right?

So - just to confirm - we need to download the V1.1 Full Version and then apply this patch that will basically overwrite the new map/weapon files?

If so, can you post detailed instructions on how to run a Project Strike Zombie Server from my PC? Pretty please?? :)

Thank you very much,
Battlelog.co Moderator S_h_a_r_k_93

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Noobkiller2 Author

As said in previous updates: Full Versions are included in DLC's
Meaning,you are not required to patch the V1.1 files.
Just install the .exe file,and you are good to go.

For Online/LAN part,you need Balance Breaker update:
The instructions on running and playing the modification is in the full description of the download

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Noobkiller2 Author

UPDATE: Balance Breaker Released for Fade to Black DLC
Please read the detailed description of the release,or checkout this link:
Have a nice game!

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Hello Team,

can we use this comment section to post feedback and bug reports, or do you have a thread somewhere to collect such informations? Say, on the ModDB Forum or on the battlefieldsingleplayer.com Forums ...

I have downloaded this DLC and I have lots of things I want you to take note about, cause I really like this Mod! ;) I've searched online but I didn't find any thread like that.

Kind regards,

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Noobkiller2 Author

Of course! Bug reporting is always made in comment section :)

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1) The sound of the MP5 ("Ethan" kit) is not the true sound of an MP5, but it's bearable like this. Actually I am not even sure it's an MP5, I think the picture on the kit resembles more a G53.

If you want though, I have a sound collection archive from Battlefield Play4Free that contains the sounds of all the weapons of that game - 81 in total - as well as many other effects and sounds! For the MP5 there are 4 .wav files (two types of bursts, the reload and the deployment), and for the G53 there are 3 .wav (two bursts and the reload);

2) The running animation of the shotgun (the one in "Matt" kit) has a minor flaw at the beginning. Just start sprinting and look closely at the left hand that holds the barrel: it goes through the barrel. It's like the hand movement is slower than the shotgun's, it's out of synch basically, as it starts later compared to the barrel of the shotgun;

3) There is a pick-up weapon with an ACOG rifle - that does not have any dot/cross inside the reticle but whatever - that has poor zoom-in when you're aiming down the sights. Ideally it should have the same zoom-in as the "Ryan" kit.

4) In the maps where you spawn only with "Support" (AK-47) kit - like Deadland - OMG that weapon has no deviation or recoil hasn't it?? XD The crosshair is always tight and precise! Feels like you have a sniper rifle on your hands instead of a powerful - yet prone to huge deviation and recoil - AK-47!

5) Always referring to the Ak-47 in the "Support" kit, I noticed in the Deadland map that if you crouch, aim down sight and move, the animatio looks like it is speeded up. Really weird;

6) In my opinion there should be an option to make the Zombies even more aggressive than how they are now. Even with difficulty at 100%, often times they just stop right in front of you, waiting to get head-shotted (and it's not THAT realistic after all :D ahah ). Could this be tweaked somehow, to allow more difficulty or to make sure most of the Zombies start attacking you instead of a small minority?

7) I don't remember if it's with DIA or PZS2014 but, where are the Conrtols actually stored? In which file? Are you guys following the standard weapon slots as in BF2? Because for example when I equip the "Support" kit in Deadland and I press the "Weapon 1" button I equip the wrench, whilst in

8) The volume of the sound of the "Chris" kit is a bit louder than all the other weapons in my opinion; and I am not sure it's the right sound either, for the M27 IAR. Here you can find a lot of Audio material: Youtube.com.

For the rest your Mod looks and sounds ******* AMAZING guys, well done really. :) Battlelog.co Moderator S_h_a_r_k_93

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Noobkiller2 Author

Thank you for providing us information!
We will try our best to make the modification better in V1.5 :)

Here is the full list of replies:

1) Ethan's weapon is actually G53. Although MP5 featured in Developer Pre-Alpha,we replaced it with this more modern weapon for 2014 story
3rd Person sound fix will come with the release of V1.5 Patch :)

2) We are aware that there are some animation issues with sprinting style. M11-87 might lose that feature,since the animation is already better made for standart running,rather than "Battlefield 4" style

3) The M4A1 misses its aimpoint because its a part of a storyline that will release in future updates of the modification.
Everything is going to be revealed then :)

4) We again are aware of AK-74M's issues. The best decision of course is to rebuild the weapon entirely,but due to some problems we cant do that at the moment as Wrench Issue. Its coming,we promise

5) Again its an issue of animations. Most of them come from previous modification (Project Zombie Strike 4),which made in 2012 had several issues with gameplay and weaponry.
Most likely we will replace the prone animation in next update

6) We cant do that until the 1.5 update,were we fixed the strategic areas of Human Bots.You might know that the bots are leaving combat area without any reason.Because we made only partial support in Celeste Build,we forgot to fix that issue until now
Now the gameplay will be more fun,and Zombies will also be deadlier

7) The controls are the same as Vanilla Battlefield 2.
Only Death is Alive (affiliate Project) has a different control scheme
1 - Melee / 2 - Secondary / 3 - Weapon / 4 - Heal/Ammo/Grenade
Keeping these controls is better,since many players prefer to keep vanilla ones in modifications

8) M27 IAR has problems with sounds as AUG A3
We will lower it in the next update

Thank you for positive feedback and have a nice gameplay!

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good work

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ok sorry somehow it extracted something with only AI and Levels folder.

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Noobkiller2 Author

Run the installer and select the root folder as mods
This will install the modification properly

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