Welcome to Project Zombie Strike 2014, a zombie themed modification for Battlefield 2. You are introduced to Zombie War 2014 where human target is to survive the zombie invasion across all the Earth. You must eradicate the enemies before they destroy you. Action packed and full of content,you will have a fun time playing in this apocalyptic setting mod

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Nice zombie modification, maps are fun, and I like the addition to be able to play with bot allies.

My first positive review since a lot of time
Here we go

Since Pre-Alpha release,most parts of modification have changed.New content really impresses everyone,also the Legacy Times Patch which added older maps to modification with upgrades and better content than before
Gameplay is fun,gamemodes are interesting,Human Bots is a fresh idea for a zombie modification,since ive never saw this kind of gameplay.

Multiplayer,sadly,only restricted to launcher and only a single server,which yet isnt updated to V1.Yet still features Legacy Times,not only a single map as before.

Here we go with the bad parts,which require fixing:

LAN Gameplay - oddly enough,i cant play it with my friends
G53 - broken skin and problematic sounds
Few maps - Yet for a full version,it has very little maps without DLC (3 in V1)

This mark will grow if i can see improvements upon this modification :)

I love this mod, it's truly incredible how consistent the quality and updates are. There's only so many mods where you blow up zombies in BF2 and this could easily be the best.

The weapons are great, they look fantastic, the sounds are different and interesting, and they feel as they should.

The gameplay is very arcadish, with insane accuracy, minimal recoil, and lots of ammo. Plus hilarious, and tragically horrible chatter from Chris T.

The arcade style doesn't justify the AI. I'm fine with the buddy AI, but the zombies are idiots sometimes(maybe it was gameplay choice). Whenever zombies approach me, chances are; they stop in their tracks and try to decide where to eat first when I'm dead. This gives me time to blow their faces off! The zombie models look awesome, though, is it possible to add more variety?

The map locations are awesome, just bursting with personality, or lack thereof.
There's lots of map remixes, with familiar BF2 Vanilla locations with new objects, weather, and barriers. Some have default AI buddies to help you, some do not. There are also maps provided from other creators, with minimal changes.
I am rusty on my maps, but I also believe there are some very few new ones(I can easily be wrong).
Either way they are all fine, but the map with the embassy, there are so many blocked rooms, I feel that the gameplay can benefit with more open rooms and alot more zombies.
I only found one "campaign" mission that worked well, and it was Gulf of Oman, it's really neat and I really want more stuff like that. It's just super-cool.

The custom menu is amazing, I love how minimal and quiet.

There's also music! At select times in campaign mission(like entering a chopper), the menu, or just as ambiance. It's really neat and I think music deserves to be in more mods for BF2.

There are a handful of nitpicks though.
The custom sun-glare can appear through objects and the ground. I noticed this on the Strike at Karkand remix, but it may be present on other maps too. I'm not sure this can be fixed.
Some of the maps go on for way too long, I could just be stupid for not properly configuring the co-op local server, but it seems to have defaults for each map already assigned regardless. Related to this is insane default balanced, it could be that I'm just being an idiot again, but in Deadlands, it was only me with two lives VS 1000 zombies. It wasn't fair or fun, and if I wanted to finish it, it would take me an hour or so. I just don't have the patience for that.
Also when jumping or running, the left hand clips through the shotgun grip. I don't know which shotgun, or if there is even more than one shotgun, but it's just a note.
On the note of intros, my 4:3 screen does not like the EA logo. It's an oval and triggers my OCD, also I would really like a gameplay intro if it's not too much to ask for, it would really add a hint of professionalism.

Awesome job guys, it would be perfect if you fix the issues, and maybe some more maps. Please keep working on this!




the detail in graphics and new game play merit at least a 9. is the best new bf2 mod, since aix2 was released. beter than project reality and almost as good as NWM AIX2 MOD. DIFFERNT AND FUN.

cool mod


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I remember playing this modification during Developer Pre-Alpha days.
I thank you very much for providing this build for me to make a gameplay over it.
Though i remember the mod's name being Reality,not Strike :O

Developer Pre-Alpha Review - 6/10

Tough i got this build,it has to be reviewed based by its status
I got to play two maps,TV Skyscraper,which was done good,and Castle with broken gameplay.
I must say the weapon concepts are great,so does the time settings.
But it's horribly made Human Bots,the gameplay was broken.
Castle map was even worse,bringing crashes.
Thank God you've fixed everything :)

Legacy Times "DLC" Review - 9/10

Very balanced gameplay and good content was brought.
Every flaw that modification had was fixed and no more broken gameplay was seen.
I really like the "past" sensation,but still,voice lines of mine are still awful to hear :(
Thank you for this good job,but there is still a lot more to be added before a 10/10


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