Released in 2001, Project Peanut adds new net game types and rebalances many aspects of Hexen II.

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GameFront: Project Peanut


Want to spice up your Hexen II experience? Want to go fps-retro, but try something new at the same time? Download Project Peanut! Adds a lot of new content, including maps, net-game types ,and changes to vanilla content.

New Game Types: Survival and Heresy

Gametype 1
: You are judged by your ability to stay alive. The player with the longest
innings is the Survivor. All players have access to the Spell Ring Menu.

Gametype 2
: A little like King of the Hill, a lot like Siege, Loads of fun :)
Best when played with 3 players and up.
(Team 1): The Mage is teleported into his private chambers where he guards the Chaos
Sphere, the source of his powers. His job is to defend the Chaos Sphere from invaders who
don't think highly of it. If the Mage kills himself accidentally, a random player will be
chosen to take his place.
(Team 2): The Invaders are meant to break down the Mage's front gate, tunnel under
the wall, or catapult over it. They must find the key to the Mage's private chambers in
order to gain access to the Chaos Sphere so they might destroy it. If an Invader kills
the Mage, he will become the next Mage, while the previous one becomes a normal Hexen guy.

If the Mage can defend the Chaos Sphere for the chosen time frame, all of the invaders
will go splat and never be able to respawn, for they will splat again and again and be
sucked into empty space.
If the Invaders destroy the Chaos Sphere, the Mage will get hurled into deep space and
go splat, he will also be tormented by the spirit of Chaos. Fun!

Gametype 3
: You start out with normal skills and each level you advance gives you
access to the next level up in the spell categories. Makes good use of experience points.

Enemy changes:

Archers drop gold (and arrows for assassin),
Golems drop Magnetite.

Weapon Changes:

crossbow shoots only one arrow,
but with boosted power. Crossbow also consumes arrows instead of
mana. It now tells you how many arrows are left with each shot.
pressing the 2 key repeatedly will cycle through the 3 modes of
fire: normal arrow, mana bolt, and mana-charged arrow.

Artifact Changes: (Glyph) looks and sounds better for Paladin, multiexplode for Crusader.
(Flask/Urn) makes a whooshing sound audible to others in a multiplayer game when used.


Adds new tree

New Maps:


A long dirt road with an archer near the middle and some powerful enemies to your right.
you've got to get some money to buy useful items at the shoppe so it is easier to destroy
the foes that await you near the end of the road.

An open field with high rocks to the north and a small but cavernous pond to the
north-east. Better have your Vorpal Sword handy for this one, your mission is to
cut plants down and collect their essence.

New Items:

lode stone

New Vehicle:

UFO!! fly around in this baby and let 'em eat hot plasma! Jump and Crouch are replaced
with vertical thrust.

Credit: DevilDust

With the closing of Gamefront, many mods like this will be lost. Get out there and save the mods kids

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Project Peanut

Project Peanut

Full Version 2 comments

Project Peanut final (?) release. Uploaded here to prevent loss with the closing of GameFront. Follow install description in 'readmeplez'.


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