Project HDTP is a High Definition Texture Package for the original Deus Ex game. The original in-game textures were of a very low resolution, some textures even being as low as 32x32. However, it was discovered that it is possible to increase the resolution of those textures to a maximum of 256. This has been tested in-game and we have witnessed the start of a massive graphical overhaul.


1. All new remodelled and retextured Objects.

2. Objects will sport a high resolution of 256.

3. Brand new character models and matching high resolution skins.

4. Character models are more individual. For example each guard/trooper type will now have its own model instead of using the generic one.

5. Character models now have their own fingers (removing the 'mittens' effect).

6. Models that require animation will be full animated from scratch to compliment the higher quality feel.

7. Characters look darker and more moody to enhance the game play experience.

8. Vehicle models and weapons will be remodelled, skinned and reanimated.

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New Models

News 9 comments

Been awhile since I personally posted a news article so here it goes.

For those of you who do not keep up with the forums, our new modeler/texture artist _Alex_ has been banging out our character models. Almost at an impossible pace for me to comprehend.

Here they are:

Paul DentonWalton Simons

Any comments or suggestions, post them on our forums. Of course you can also comment on here, but not everyone comes here.

This is my last news post until the new year, so have a safe and fun Christmas/December!

JC Denton - HDTP-ified

News 12 comments

Ladies & Gentlemen It's been a long time coming but I'm proud to announce that our JC Denton model and skin are now complete! We are really...

Pistol / Glock

News 1 comment

Hey guys! It has been awhile since I posted a news article on here so I thought I would let the people who don't keep up with our forums and/or website...

Sorry for the delay.


Moddb took forever to authorize the upload but the installer is in the download section. Enjoy! Let us know your comments/suggestions at:

Nearing First Release!


Well, we are 17 days until our first release of the HDTP mod. The team has really been working hard to get it all packaged up and, as metche puts it...

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HDTP Beta Release #3 Installer

HDTP Beta Release #3 Installer

Full Version 17 comments

This is the newest revision of HDTP. Includes a few new textures (Soy Food, Med kit, Security Computer, Control Panel, NYPoliceBoat, etc) and fixes (MJ12...

HDTP Beta Release #2 Installer

HDTP Beta Release #2 Installer

Demo 26 comments

As referenced on the offtopicproductions thread, this is an installer that was made out of the three beta2 packages. It also includes Kentie's DX9 and...

HDTP Beta 3

HDTP Beta 3

Demo 19 comments

The Third Beta version of the Project HDTP release #2 for Deus Ex. Download all 3 packages and unzip them over the respective folders. NOTE: Character...

HDTP Beta 2

HDTP Beta 2

Demo 2 comments

Second Beta version of the Project HDTP release #2 for Deus Ex. Download all 3 packages and unzip them over the respective folders. NOTE: Character meshes...

HDTP Beta 1

HDTP Beta 1

Demo 3 comments

The First Beta version of the Project HDTP release #2 for Deus Ex. You need to download all three packages.

HDTP Release #1

Demo 18 comments

The first release of HDTP. Including: 1. gunther hermann 2. 2 demo weapons - 1 crowbar and 1 baton 3. objects and their new models and textures from phases...

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Guest - - 689,137 comments

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shino_one - - 3 comments

I would like to restart/finish this project. However, while I can make models, textures and animations, I have zero ideas about modding Deus Ex. It'd be cool if anyone could help?

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Guest - - 689,137 comments


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loe92 - - 71 comments

Hi at all,

I have the original copy of deus ex in italian localization.

Some years ago, i installed this mod and i was able to run the game all in italian language.

I don't rembember what i've done now i have the subtitle in italian, but the hud and the menu in english.

Someone know how to keep the italian language in all the game? Thank you

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Harley_Modding - - 3 comments

Is there any plans for updating this, or has the original creator moved on from this mod as is? If so, are there better mods our there that do similar things to HDTP or has somebody else in the community picked this up as an unofficial mod update?

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KajojMaestro96 - - 16 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
y0ba - - 47 comments

This is superdead, for like 5 years or so. Unfortunately. And there are no chararcter models redux afaik.

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Guest - - 689,137 comments

i cant seem to get the character models to change. only the weapons and items.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
llllshadowllll - - 9 comments

Any way to use the old texture for the Dragon's Tooth Sword without disabling everything?

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Siledas - - 39 comments



Bob Page WIP from the forums →

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