Changes pet dragon's abilities and ability upgrades by adding two distinct upgrade paths to most abilities and removing "hidden" upgrades.

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- now each ability has one or two long and simple upgrade paths - generally, one made for damage and the other for utility, "mage" paths generally being shorter.
- cost reduction and rest reduction upgrades are "baked" into previous upgrades, so some abilities won't be "riding" a rest or rage "rollercoaster" anymore.
- basic versions of abilities also received some adjustments - first level of Treasure Searcher, for example, allows digging up one chest and one altar without any rest right away!

upgrade paths:
crushing blow - damage, knockback
treasure dig - single path, 5th level adds yet another chest
wall - single path, armor upgrades are all at the end
egg - %leadership, numeric leadership combined with level increase
booster - mana, action points
lightning - damage, reliability
dive - damage, damage spread efficiency
lava - damage, targets
phantoms - massive damage at the cost of friendly fire, friendly fire removal with minor damage increase

if you want more specifics - open the file "pet.atom" - it's fairly readable

how to install: that depends where do you want it to work. for basic Crossworlds campaign "Orcs on the march" extract the .kfs file into [game folder]/sessions/orcs/mods (make "mods" folder if it doesn't exist). i'm playing this with Huntiro's mod, so i put it in a different folder. and i've heard different game versions accepts mods from different folders, so you may have to move the archive somewhere else or even unpack it. search for mod installation instructions on Steam and game publisher's forums.

warning! not compatible with saves made without this mod!

made it because i dislike the way many of these upgrades are set up: sometimes you need to make an ability more expensive to make it cheaper, sometimes the middle of one upgrade's path unlocks another, sometimes the whole upgrade path is actually a downgrade, sometimes you're offered a choice that can't be ignored and is therefore not a choice at all. the mod isn't thoroughly tested, but i'm playing with another one that i made to be compatible with my existing save and it works fine, so this one should work fine too. the most likely problem you'll see is a typo in values or description. please do tell me if you see something wrong and what exactly it reads - so far fixing mistakes wasn't much of a problem given sufficient description =)

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pet dragon ability scaling mod v2

pet dragon ability scaling mod v2

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- now each ability has one or two long and simple upgrade paths - generally, one made for damage and the other for utility, "mage" paths generally being...

Violet-n-red Creator

the file will appear in a day or so. ModDB needs to approve it first.

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