Pacimod is a small modification for Half-Life 2. It (probably) won't do anything special, but it will have multiple diverse locations, from a hidden lab to an underground town. I aim for the campaign to be around 2 or 3 hours long.

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Dev Diary 6/24/20

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Dev Diary 6/24/20

Hey people-

This is mostly just being posted so the mod has an article so that it has some more legitimacy. The levels are coming along pretty nicely in my opinion. I'm no level design expert, but there are some sections that are detailed pretty well and some bits of gameplay that I'm proud of. A lot of the areas still look bland/ugly though, and so I've gotta work on those a ton before I move on to other bits like new weapons.

Some woods

On that note, I might be adding in new weapons, though I'm not really sure about that yet. The weapon itself is pretty easy, even for someone who can't code for his life, like me. The hard parts are its sound, model, and animations- plus, my middle mouse button broke, making Blender painful. But we'll see.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading this!

Add me on Discord- Sandwich_masterX#5582

eyeling - - 106 comments

Unfortunately this mod is likely dead. If I'm wrong than please correct me. This mod didn't look great, but it had potential and the guy making it was clearly trying his best. I would've liked to play it... but what can ya do?

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BionicCoyote - - 1,248 comments

Looks interesting so far. I like the details in that sneak peek vid such as the destructible environment and using the refrigerator door as the door to a building.

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