Operation: Firestorm is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. This mod currently features 8 unique playable Generals each with a huge arsenal of new units, buildings and special powers ar their disposal. While the core gamplay stays the same, a number of interesting new gameplay mechanics are added. In addition the overall visual quality is greaty improved, including new models, textures, FX and an improved User-Interface, available in full-HD resolution.

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Preview of Dr. Thrax Mutant, Infected and Airship units.

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Hello everyone and welcome to a delayed OFS Halloween update.

As mentioned before, Dr. Thrax uses unconventional methods to win his battles.
One of Dr. Thrax' specialisations is infantry, which is why this update focuses on two of his core infantry units.

GLA Mutant

The Mutant is a heavy infantry unit available at Rank 3.
Enhanced with superhuman strength and durability, these guys carry 30mm cannons into battle and can withstand lots of enemy fire.

GLA Infected

The Infected (or you might just call it Zombie) is a basic melee unit and is not directly trainable.
Instead, these units are created by transforming your Volunteers for a small cost. Alternatively, a rank 5 General's Power allows you to transform enemy infantry and even vehicle crew into Zombies which follow your command.

GLA Airship

Unrelated to Thrax' infantry, the largest unit in his arsenal is unveiled: The Airship (Available at Rank 4).
While moving at a very slow pace, these beasts are the most durable air unit in the game. They can destroy lighter targets with a heavy machine gun turret, while their main role is to bomb enemy bases. Once you're in range, these Bombs deal extremely high damage.
In addition, airships carry huge amounts of Anthrax to contaminate large areas.

And here's a short video showing these units in action:


But wait, there's more.


If you want to discuss OFS and other mods, and maybe catch a few exclusive updates, head over to the NLS public discord server. More information can be found here.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed the update!


I find this whole Dr Thrax taking his scrapped together bio warfare to this level to be quite nice
Keep up the good work

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Definitely a unique take on Thrax, and those Kirovs look dangerous! This is definitely one of the most polished ZH mods around.

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That's a very original take on Thrax, love it.

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'Yuri's Revenge Brute Intensifies'

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"I can't help myself." ( Youtube.com ) XD

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Whoo.. I like it! keep up the good work :)

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