• Major changes

    Refactoring and optimization of scripts.
    Moving to a new engine (x64, RFP renders and much more).
    Globally redesigned mutants - now they are serious opponents, not stupid fools.
    Integrated new weapon from @ k01jan.
    Some quests have been improved and new ones have been added.

    A short list of changes (differences from OGSE 2.10R, except for changes in the engine)

    The cars retain the state of the headlights and engine on.
    Wounded stalkers no longer drop their weapons.
    Increased the immunity of the APC. Now it can only be detonated with grenades.
    Fixed crashes and glitches in the muzavtomat, which occur in rare cases. Sounded in it clicking on the "Play All" and "Close".
    I changed the way of playing the sounds of the musical machine, otherwise I am at the other end of the location, and the sound when switching songs is audible.
    Fixed disappearance dospavnennogo object NPC / monster function ogse.spawn_item_in_inv
    Optimized module dynamically thin
    texture masks High Definition taken from OGSE 2.12
    Fixed brake when aiming with the included bioradarom on Hood
    Made restoration of the PNV APCs after loading saves
    PNV and electronics APCs with the release do not work.
    Redesigned the way the aiming reticle is shown. (@dsh)
    Made saving the state of on / off illumination / night vision of the sight. Including after loading the save.
    Removed constant shooting sounds from Pripyat
    Removed the constant sounds of shooting at the Chernobyl NPP
    Removed the call of the monolith in the sarcophagus
    Adapted script backpacks from @dsh. You can put as many things as you like in these backpacks, and when you approach such backpacks, there will be no friezes, unlike ordinary ones. Can be bought from Sidor and Barman.
    The luggage carriers are also transferred to the same system, do not lag and are made unlimited, like backpacks. And that is illogical - a backpack means bottomless, and a trunk with a limit.
    Removed eternal marks from the map in the PDA - now everyone should be removed in time.
    Mutants on the Barrier will attack without waiting for the full number, otherwise they crowd all the time at the transition to the Radar.
    The assortment of merchants is updated after a random number of hours (from 3 to 6). No save loads will change this. Anything sold to the merchant is immediately deleted.
    Added sorting for the list of transitions in dialogues with conductors.
    Fixed non-removal of anomaly icons from the minimap in various situations.
    Fixed non-deletion of the detector hint in some cases. The
    key for the detector is now configurable in the options.
    Transferred the effect of feeling unwell from dsh mod - inertia instead of the double-vision effector curve.
    When running and climbing stairs, hunger increases. Also, artifacts that reduce hunger do it twice as fast while running or climbing, and those that increase hunger do it twice as fast.
    Hunger and health affect running speed and fatigue.
    Some artifacts have added the ability to increase the carry weight.
    The range of sight and fov of NPCs decrease not only at night, but also at dusk and stormy weather. Unless, of course, the actor's flashlight is on. A luminous lantern can be seen from afar. (@dsh)
    Reworked combat script (@dsh). NPCs have become even smarter.
    Changed the way zombies spawn in MG so that they are not dragged into free gulags.
    Added a fix for anti-falling artifacts under the ground.
    Cut out psi-zones (except for quest ones).
    Removed restrictions on the population of the Zone. Now there will be just as many people and mutants as smarts can accept. They have their own limitations, I don't see any additional meaning.
    Fixed saving the death_dropped field in the stalkers server object. It was not saved correctly, and therefore loot in the same corpses could be generated an unlimited number of times.
    Fixed saving of the treasure_processed field in the stalkers server object. It was not saved correctly, and therefore caches from the same corpses could be issued an unlimited number of times.
    The limit on the number of partners has been increased. Now you can take three.
    Actor's partners will not fight any NPCs that do not fight the actor, regardless of their attitude, group, etc. And also they will not fight among themselves while they are partners of the actor, regardless of their relationship to each other.
    The partners will turn on / off the flashlights together with the actor.
    In the quest "Bring a colonel from MG to the checkpoint", manipulations with relations with the military have been removed. They will remain enemies, but they will not shoot.
    Reworked inventory (@ k01jan)
    Added equivalent weapon slots
    Added highlighting (in the ZP style) and colorization of icons for inventory, search and trade windows.
    Added item status progress bar for all items in inventory, search and trade windows.
    Added statics to inventory to display the total effects of health regeneration / radiation / bleeding and the like. Previously, only total bullet resistance, rupture, etc. were displayed there.
    Points have been removed from statistics in PDA, only quantity has been left.
    Sequential numbers of phrases have been added to the dialog box, corresponding to the keys assigned to them (if you press 1, the first phrase will be selected, and so on).
    Optimized bioradar, fixed a bug due to which when an NPC went offline, its point was not removed from the bioradar, increased the search radius for NPCs to 90 meters. I took the new texture for the bioradar from the Addon-pack from @Romz.
    Transition "Pripyat - ChNPP" asks the question of changing the level.
    Fixed a bug with 100% state of the exa after its removal.
    With NI, anomalies will respawn.
    Added a fix for the mini-map on the diesel fuel near the transition to the Bar from @naxac
    NPCs can attach scopes, grenade launchers, silencers, strips, handles and other modular bells and whistles to their weapons. They just don't know how to use a rifle shotgun.
    Display of the entire list of available central locks is enabled.
    When you take a CZ, a list of rewards will be shown (unless, of course, random rewards are provided for this CZ).
    Optimized the loading of voice acting for NPCs - sounds are now loaded on demand, and not all at once when the NPC spawns (@dsh)
    Added a fix so that stalkers do not rush back and forth when walking along the paths - like Tolik or Petruha, for example.
    Added a ban for NPCs to throw grenades if not enemies fall within the radius of destruction.
    Grenades are now also processed by ignoring Friendly-Fire, that is, even if an NPC throws a grenade at his own or at his feet, no one will die.
    Anomalies will not be created where there is anything at all. It doesn't matter if it's a stalker or a physical object, and so on.
    Corrected the logic of the debt workers in the TD so that they themselves normally leave for the checkpoint at the Dump and so that they do not have to see them off.
    You can get a reward from Bullet even after he leaves for the Garbage.
    Switching the text input language is available in all text fields, including the game save field. Caps Lock, Shift, etc. work too.
    Fix beating object logic (@dsh). It was always a scripting problem, no quixaves affect it.
    Disabled slider scheme for picking up weapons for NPCs. Scripted enough.
    If you want to sell something to an NPC (for example, a weapon), but he does not have enough money, you can sell it just like that.
    Fixed the overlapping of the APC window over the bioradar and other elements of the hood.
    When getting into cars, the actor's flashlight turns off.
    Made preservation of fov, firing modes and auto-recognition for armored personnel carriers.
    The target designator of the APC has been fixed.
    Forbidden the installation of the add-on on the trunk, on which the same add-on is already installed.
    Cut out AMK offline-alif and other code left over from AMK.
    Fixed a reddening sniper when approaching the fence at the Freedom base.
    After completing the quest, the healer will go to the fire, and will not forever stand in the basement.
    Corrected Yurik's logic at the Dump.
    Added the removal of eternal corpses some time after the actor has searched them and if there are no quest items in them.
    Some gulags have been expanded, more people will come to them.
    Svobodovtsy and bandits, now enemies among themselves.
    The task about the Arrow cache will be closed with the Arrow flash drive, and not with a restrictor at the exit from the Agroprom subway.
    Changed the logic of Nimble - now he will return to the DN immediately, but after a while.
    Fixed memory leaks in script windows. The wildest leaks were on the menu.
    After the destruction of the Master, stalkers will come to the MG, and zombies will no longer appear there.
    Fixed black circles on the ground due to crooked textures.
    Fix the departure of a dude at Agroprom, who calls for help, at the first call. He could fly out if he did not have a TOZ sawn-off, but another weapon.
    The transition name is now displayed in the transition confirmation dialog.
    Fixed senvironment.xr for OpenAL Soft.
    Added a drop of money from corpses.
    Added automatic discharging of weapons when picking up in a backpack (by default - disabled, enabled by the autounload_wpn option in ogse_config.ltx)
    Removed camera flyby on diesel fuel
    Added a psi health bar to the thinner .
    The task of killing the Shooter will be closed after meeting with the Doctor.
    Added UAZ at ChNPP-2, and corrected the spawn position of the computer module for armored personnel carriers - now you can actually find it on the military base at Agroprom. (From OGSE 2.12)
    New icons for anomalies on the minimap from @WASP
    Moved the bullet protection system for suits from OGSE 2.12.
    Reconciled the inhabitants of the DN and the military at the checkpoint - now they will definitely not attack each other.
    The helicopters from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will fly away after the O-Consciousness is turned off.
    I removed the portal part from MG in PZhD - it looked awful.
    Renaming an actor the moment he learns that he is a Shooter
    In stormy weather, trees now sway more.
    The engine repacker of cartridges The
    menu has been redesigned, many new options have been added.
    Disabled changing the gamma, contrast and brightness settings in windowed mode, since they do not affect windowed mode.
    Separated all video settings by color from green to red (so that you can clearly see how gluttonous).
    Added the ability to leave your own marks on the map. The window for adding a marker is activated by double clicking on the global map in the PDA.
    Added a fuse for underbarrel grenades and RPG missiles so that they explode only after they fly off the actor by five or more meters.
    Included are the Contacts and Rank pages that were previously disabled.
    Included display of biography in Ranks in PDA.
    Enabled the ability to switch to third person view.
    Stalkers in some camps (for example, on a farm in TD) go hunting only in good weather, in bad weather they sit in shelter.
    I turned on sounds for the search window, similar to the inventory.
    As long as the first door in X-18 is closed, monsters will not climb through it from the lower floors.
    Battle script has been updated and optimized. NPCs are now even smarter and more dangerous opponents.
    Fixed freezing of quest NPCs in some cases.
    Fixed fan sound in X-10 (@dsh)
    Removed "Bullshit" from stashes.
    Objects out of sight (that is, from closed cabinets, etc.) cannot be reached.
    Added a tooltip for dragging items.
    You can take away parts of the boxes.
    Removed the eternal sound of a helicopter on Yantar.
    Spawn parts of mutants returned to the engine system instead of the scripted one.
    Fixed issue of tutorials on psi-impact and overload.
    Added an accelerator on the X key for the "Take All" button
    Added support for group movement of inventory items by Shift + dbclick, as well as when dragging an item with the mouse while holding Shift
    When Shift is pressed, the scroll scrolls three times faster.
    Squats and peeks are now fluid.
    The history of messages in the PDA now stores the last 500 messages.
    Anomaly bypass engine.
    Updated xr_kamp scheme (NPC sitting by the fire, pulling the dead and everything connected with it) (@dsh)
    Added sound when switching fire modes for weapons.
    Added sound when changing weapon zoom.
    Added the ability to switch between mechanical sight / collimator (for example on the G36) and optics, where possible. The key to switch is configurable in options.
    Added weapon effects: weapon swing when moving, inertia, lean when strafing, and Hud Fov change when approaching close to obstacles.
    Some weapons have 3D scopes. There are 3D scopes with adjustable zoom (Colt sight for M-16)
    Added support for underbarrel shotguns for weapons (now you can attach not only a grenade launcher to the M-16, but also a shotgun.)
    Changing hand textures when changing suits.
  • ... and much more...
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REshade DarkLight Films

REshade DarkLight Films

Effects GFX

Mandatory setting of maximum lighting distance and Volumetric lighting type.

Ukranian Localization For OGSR Gunslinger Addon

Ukranian Localization For OGSR Gunslinger Addon

Language Pack 8 comments

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Minimalistic interface that does not distract at night and takes up less screen space

OGSR SL CK English  Hotfix 1.2

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OGSR Spawner for SL Repack

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deus_nsf - - 177 comments

Hello, is it possible to just use the OGSE/OGSR engine for SoC, but only the rendering engine and nothing else? I just want character shadows for the vanilla game haha.

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pulometac - - 43 comments

The AI is dumb as rocks, yet they always to manage to land 90% of the shots in your head.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
rocketeer1962 - - 112 comments

Hi! I am playing ogsr and having a problem. After talking to screw i went to garbage for a battery to freedoms btr. But when i meet screw he doesnt take the battery. I replayed the btr from the beginning but same result? But when i take the battery at the depot in garbage the mission says i have the battery but not specific that i should go to screw. Please help. Tanx.

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RandalMcdaniel - - 83 comments

Whats with the stamina system in this game? Is it possible the person who made this mod is a homosexual? Why would anyone on this planet want to hear breathing in their ear the whole time they play?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+11 votes
Hazzardevil - - 44 comments

As a Homosexual, I don't want to hear it either.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+11 votes
Zealot_K - - 1,858 comments

Hello, sorry to bother you, but i'm about to start (fort he first time) OGSR and i was wondering : since there are many side-quests, besides the  main story, do you know if some of these are persistent in freeplay, or is it better to achieve them before the original ending ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
spedos22 - - 105 comments

Does anyone know how to get Gunner to put a dovetail on the AK? I have a basic AK-74 and he's not giving me the option to mount a dovetail, saying I don't have one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Blt3man - - 1 comments

The game isn't working:( at the beginning it showed an error (OpenAl32.dll)
Not found but after installing the file the engine crashed showing this code (0x00007b)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Graysid - - 61 comments

Why can the enemies see me from like 2 miles away??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
PinkGamer - - 15 comments

for some reason the game will not launch even after trying the reccomendations in your desc

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,227 comments

The newest funvtioning version is on the ogsr discord

the invite is from here github.---com/OGSR---/OGSR-Engine

Just delete the "-"

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