Left To Die (2013-2018)

Based on X-ray engine (STALKER SHoC) ver 1.0006. This is not a modification of about a stalker! Its new conception.

Do you want to financially support the project? Write to me in private messages or read forum of the this mod.

Modification of the zombie apocalypse in Russia. Unknown (Fictional) region.

  • New game world (zombie-apocalypse)
  • New locations
  • New weapons
  • New models
  • New quests
  • New capabilities



- Based on ShoC v 1.0006;
- Adaptation of the engine OGSE;
- Adaptation of some scripts from OGSE;
- Additional independent engine changes;
- Most GSC content (models, sounds, textures, configs) removed;
- Modification repacked with all content, the original game is not required;

Story and quests

- In the modification there is a non-linear storyline (which is a secret, it is revealed inside the game), it is necessary for the goal and motivation to go forward (analogue "Kill the Gunslinger" in SHoC) and visit the locations, but in the end there are mandatory final quests for approaching the finals;
- Character will, as you progress, find people they can get quests that will move the player around the locations;
- Identical (find, kill, bring) quests for fans have been saved to wander for bonuses, their accessibility from one or another character will notify the player of the message;

Characters, survivors

- New unique NPCs were introduced;
- Each unique NPC has its own visual, history, different set for barter and weapons;
- The voice of the NPC has been reworked so that there are no references to stalker themes and their speech was neutral;
- In the locations can sometimes get caught by ordinary survivors who stagger around idly (dummies), with typical dialogues available; can be enemies;
- Survivors are divided into 3 "camps": neutral, looters, military;
- In contact with each unit of the NPC (even dead), an article in the journal of the PDA about him will appear in the PDA;
- Some characters added a new voice acting of the plot replicas (quite a bit);


- Some types of common animals have been introduced (rats, chicken, hares, wolves, foxes, dogs, cats, boars, bears);
- Predatory animals are hostile to the player and can attack;
- Neutral edible animals can be killed and cut off from them meat (can be cooked at the stake or eaten raw, to cut it you need a knife);
- New system of cutting parts of animals;


- Added about ~100 profiles (types) of zombies;
- The power of a zombie depends on its kind, for example, to kill an infected S.W.A.T (In Russia - ОМОН) in gear is heavier than the usual dead in clothes;
- Some zombies can run;
- New voice acting;
- Zombies are people too (they used to be), who carried things with them during their lifetime, for this they added their own inventory, which at death, it is worth searching even them (loot depends on the species zombies, for example, police and military can find ammunition, doctors have medicines, ordinary people have a variety of neutral loot);


- The system of habitual trading (commodity-money / money-goods) is cut out, in its place came barter (it's exchange). Barter is based on the standard trading system, so there will not be a heap of dialogs for exchange or GUI windows - everything is extremely clear and familiar;
- Each thing in the game world has its value, which is determined by several factors (read the description of the items);

Features for the player

- Sleep (Available on each mattress, sofa and beds arranged at play levels), new dreams are created with reference to the former life of the character;
- Sleeping in a sleeping bag;
- Infection from zombies (If the player contacts the infected, it is possible to get infected, if you do not start timely treatment at the first stage, which is easy to stop, then further development will continue until death, there are three stages of infection, the further, the worse for treatment, so the state of player, so recovery after)
- Mushroom picking (There are several kinds of mushrooms in the locations in the places where trees are clustered, when the player selects a certain amount, they can be welded);
- Collecting firewood (To build a fire character must collect firewood, which are scattered in forest areas, when the player selects a certain amount, they can be used);
- Breeding a fire (If you have firewood and matches, you can build a fire for further cooking on it);
- Cooking on a bonfire (When breeding a fire, it becomes possible to cook on it cereals or mushroom / fish / meat broth, in the presence of salt, another effect is obtained - the food becomes more tasty and nutritious);
- Fishing (Almost in every pond of the game world you can fish (exclusion of the moor and shallow), if there is a certain set, with a certain amount of caught fish, you can boil the ear, there is a probability of a fish breakdown, for fishing you need to periodically look for fishing line, because it ends , as well as bait);
- A set of water from the reservoirs (If there is an empty jar, it is possible to draw water from any pond, however it will be dirty, drinking this water can get poisoning, special tablets are used to purify water, after which it can be drunk safely);
- Clothing repair (If you find a sewing kit, you can patch up your torn clothes);
- Discharge of gasoline from petrol tanks of abandoned cars, petrol stations (for a chainsaw and a car);
- Ability to interact with certain subjects (turning on the radio, etc.);
- Ability to read books, notes (hidden in the locations of notes people who can read and learn something);
- Realistic damage to the body parts of the protagonist, now running and carrying weight depend on the damage to various parts of the body;
- Ability to occupy the lying position;
- In deep ponds you can now drown, if you do not get out in a short time, being under water is accompanied by the corresponding. effects;
- Thirst (appears with long walking / running, as well as using dry and sweet foods that cause thirst)

Clothes and suits

- Added several types of new clothes from simple jeans with a vest ending with equipment of ОМОН;
- Each clothing has its pros and cons (read the description);
- Clothes can be found on levels, bartered from some NPCs;


- Added new weapons
- Several new types of ammo (as well as replacement of visuals of packs, textures);
- New icons, description;


- New medicines (the system of the usual first-aid kits is cut out, now for each case there are medicines that give a certain restoring effect);
- New drinks;
- New food;
- New loot for barter;
- Their new visuals, textures, icons, description;


- Added 15 new game locations (partially based on real objects):
- All locations are populated with NPCs / beasts / zombies;
- There are gulags, respawners, ai-link;
- The use of GSC-content (models, textures) is minimized to the extent that it has mastered;
- When you visit the location or a specific dialogue in the PDA player an article will appear in the journal about the level;


- Added a valid car LADA-2108 "Sputnik" (It is located with a positive outcome of a mini-task);
- Fuel (the car is refueled from 100% filled cans, gasoline is drained into any canisters except 100% of petrol tanks of abandoned vehicles, fuel station columns);
- Illumination of the panel of devices, rear lights;
- Effective car radio (Started by pressing the 'K' button inside the car, by default only radio is available, sometimes in the early morning hours one can catch the broadcast of the surviving radio host who will communicate and start the music, the game world has CDs with music that can be listen through the radio, the radio shows the game time in the off state);
- Trunk (You can open when the character is behind the car, you can put some things in it to unload the weight of the player);
- Car breakdown and repair (There are several repair kits for the broken world that can repair a broken car, it will save it from destruction, the opportunity appears when there is a set standing in front of the car's hood);
- Hydraulic shock engine (If you hit the car in a deep pond, it stalls, and it is no longer possible to use it);
- In the salon the grass is not drawn; other minor fixes and improvements;

Graphics, sounds

- Weather with random cycles;
- Shaders;
- The static render is cut out (!);
- New textures for levels, new details;
- Updated menu, interface, inventory, loadscreen;
- New sounds for the environment, locations, menus;
- New ambient;


- New card in the PDA (not completed);
- Cut out extra tabs in the PDA;
- New articles in the journal of the PDA;
- A lot of small and not very improvements and fixes, which should not be described.

Errors in modifications (do not admit them, read carefully)

- Untreated to the end of the chainsaw, a bit crooked animation and has some flaws;
- If the chainsaw does not refuel, when you have a canister in your inventory, throw it to the ground and raise it again;
- DO NOT REMOVE AMMO OF CHAINSAW! Otherwise, there will be bad consequences. How to pour gasoline into it - and spend to the last;
- If the gasoline does not merge into the canister, then throw it away and raise it again;
- Some models of mobs have poor-quality binding to the skeleton;
- In the quest with the captive on Leskhoz, try not to persist while running with it to the exit, otherwise it will lose weapons when loaded (it is not critical, but it will not be able to shoot). If you need to replay, then boot before the race;
- Sometimes the value of objects can jump while exchanging with some NPCs (some kind of engine feints, so they could not win);
- Not completed map in the PDA. Alas, the person did not manage to draw in view of family circumstances;
- Sometimes buggy physics objects (for example, the legs of the mob can get stuck in the ground after death or the physical object beats about statics) is the classic of the collision;
- Try not to run ahead of the locomotive, do not skip dialogs without the need, etc. remember - this is a stalker, and he is very fragile;
- Try not to be saved near the girl at the broken plane, sometimes she can beat the saves (the reason remains unclear)

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L2D English Translation Patch

L2D English Translation Patch

Prefabs 7 comments

Full English translation and fixes for Left To Die. Download, read the manual (L2D_manual.pdf), and follow the instructions.

L2D bin 3

L2D bin 3

Full Version 2 comments

Full version of the modification. Download the all files (4 files - L2D.exe + 3 *.bin), run the installer and install the game in any folder, play.

L2D bin 2

L2D bin 2

Full Version

Full version of the modification. Download the all files (4 files - L2D.exe + 3 *.bin), run the installer and install the game in any folder, play.

L2D bin 1

L2D bin 1

Full Version

Full version of the modification. Download the all files (4 files - L2D.exe + 3 *.bin), run the installer and install the game in any folder, play.

L2D Installer

L2D Installer

Full Version 1 comment

Full version of the modification. Download the all files (4 files - L2D.exe + 3 *.bin), run the installer and install the game in any folder, play.

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Really underappreciated but sadly I couldn't really get into it either, a bit too different than STALKER. It's not like a mod of a game I love but instead feels like I'm playing a completely different game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This was an incredibly good mod. It surprised me the originality and how new everything feels, it barely resembles STALKER SoC when playing.
Sure, it's not perfect, it has a few wacky things (dialogues aren't very elaborated. Melee is very awkward, ...), the good and positive things this mod has GREATLY surpass anything negative.

Incredibly recommended. An uncommon gem to find in the vast number of mods there exist. This one deserves way more popularity.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sorry lads
is download supposed to be this bloody slow?
like 150 Kb speed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Where do I put the 3 bin files?...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

in the same folder

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why are you inactive? Personal stuff? Understandable

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This was an unexpectedly great experience. Had almost no technical problems. One thing I was disappointed about is the ending of the story. Not sure if I missed something but when I started entering the cities, there was not much to do. Didnt get any new tasks besides the hospital run. I know there are side quests but I expected more at the end.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

where i can find my user.ltx? i want to change to directx8, in the main menu options there is not any options for that

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's in a subfolder called l2d_data under your L2D installation folder, but the game only supports the R2 render mode (DX9).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Where is the level changer after you visit the hospital? Great game but really need a much better map with changers marked. Thanks
Found it by accident, was looking for a door instead of a man hole LOL.

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