ODST: Inferno (Version 2.7)
By: King Feraligatr
Nexus Mirror

What this mod is about:
ODST: Inferno is a remake and a rebranding of my old mod ODST: Feet First into Hell using the official mod tools. With these tools, I’ve been able to do things that where a pain or just nigh impossible beforehand. I can also support Firefight to a much better degree than before, which was rather problematic before.

Now, what exactly is ODST: Inferno you may ask? ODST: Inferno is a mod that covers the entire Halo 3: ODST campaign and Firefight experiences. AI, both friendly and enemy, has been improved and are generally more competent. Honestly, this is a huge part of the mod and where a lot of my effort went into. The Brutes are much more threatening and competent, being much more able and willing to chase you down. Your allies are much better at keeping themselves alive and being less of a nuisance --- they’ll actually look like they’re trying. The Flood, while only in Firefight, have be made quite a bit more threatening and durable. In general, all actors have more varied behavior and should appear to be trying more.

But that’s just AI… what else has changed? The sandbox has been changed and rebalanced. “Reviver allies” will assist you on the first four flashback missions and in Firefight (if you have boons on). Covenant in the campaign can wield human weapons. Some encounters have been tweaked, added, or restored. Some continuity issues have been addressed. And Firefight has been expanded upon and has some new surprises. Among other things. All without being the craziest on the changes.

I hope you get the same enjoyment I do from this mod. I learned more things about Halo modding, especially in the Halo 3 era. Some of which I can use (have used) in my Halo 3 mod (which is bigger in scope). It was one hell of a ride. But now it’s time to drop into hell, Trooper. I’ll see you on the streets of New Mombasa.

This mod does not have a Steam Workshop release yet. This is because others and I have had trouble putting the ODST campaign together using Excession at the moment. Other games are fine, but ODST is not. When it becomes possible to do so, expect this mod to land on the Wokshop. For right now, you'll just have to use the classic map replacement method. Sorry. :(

Recommended difficulty (and the one I playtested/balanced for): Legendary

Summary of Changes:

  • Drastically improved AI, both friendly and enemy. Brutes are noticeably improved.
  • More diversified AI. Actors have a bit more defined personalities and more variance in behavior.
  • Rebalanced "sandbox" and general game. Elements that weren't so great have been buffed or changed in various ways. Elements that where too overpowered have been nerfed in various ways.
  • Some added or revised encounters. Notably, there are more Hunters and some Covenant troops in the campaign can be found wielding human weapons. Some cut encounters have also been restored.
  • Some continuity changes. Some simple continuity errors have been fixed and/or addressed.
  • Reviver allies will assist you in the first 4 flashback missions and most Firefight maps (with boons on). These are allies that act like the Arbiter or Johnson in Halo 3. The Firefight revivers are from my Halo 3 mod Yet Another Halo 3 Revamp (or YAH3R).
  • Generic allies have been added to Firefight maps that lacked them. (If you have boons on).
  • A mod that isn't generally too crazy on the changes.
  • Balanced and intended to be played on Legendary.
  • Etc.

More detailed changes can be found on the mod's standalone readme (Because it wouldn't all fit here...).

(Only the latest version's changelog will be here. Check the documents for more complete ones.)

2.7 Changes:
General AI/Actor changes:

⦁ Gave some "leader" AI without chances to charge if all their followers died a chance to do so. This change includes all and Zealot/Chieftain Combat Forms. Increased chance for War Chieftains to use the behavior as well.
⦁ Increased the normal and boarding melee damage of most actors slightly.
⦁ Gave a value to some firing patterns lacking a maximum error angle.
⦁ All non-Jackal, Brute, and Combat Form AI have a bit better leading the the BR (the called out actor types already had better leading).
⦁ All AI have a slightly longer max firing distance with the BR.
⦁ All Elites with Plasma Pistols fire them more aggressively. They are less accurate with them to compensate.
⦁ All SpecOps Elites have a slightly larger "proximity self-preservation" distance.
⦁ Jackals and Combat Forms fire the Plasma Pistol a bit faster. Enemy Elites and all allied AI have a tighter burst origin.
⦁ Increased the max firing range for AI piloting the Hornet and Banshee. Adjusted their preferred combat distances as well.
⦁ Etc.

Enemy AI/Actor Changes:

⦁ Removed the extra leading enemy Ghosts got in exchange for their damager nerf. Enemy Wraith gunners have a bit less tracking and leading but are a bit more aggressive.
⦁ Etc.


⦁ Covenant AI have less tracking with the RL.
⦁ All enemy Covenant AI have more projectile error with the AR, SSMG, and Automag.
⦁ Reduced Jackal Minor health on higher difficulties. Reduced Jackal Sniper/Marksman health slightly in general.
⦁ "Beam" Hunter Assault Beam Cannons do more vehicle transfer damage. They also do more damage to Flood.
⦁ "Beam" Hunters are more accurate on difficulties lower than Legendary (which is unchanged from what I had before). "Flak" Hunters are able to sweep their weapon more on all difficulties.
⦁ Brutes have less leading with the AR but a bit more aggression.
⦁ Brutes get a bit faster at deciding if and when to berserk and cover as they rank up.
⦁ Brutes have a greater grenade collateral damage radius consideration radius.
⦁ Enemy SpecOps and Zealot Elites drop more charge for the Splaser.
⦁ Etc.

⦁ Increased human, civilian, ODST, Elite, Tank, and Stalker Forms have slightly more body health.
⦁ Flood drop less grenades.
⦁ Increased Carrier Form damage against "solid" hard metal (i.e: Hunter and tank armor).
⦁ Flood Combat Forms do more damage with the SSMG.
⦁ Flood take a bit less bonus damage from most melee sources, including "weak cutting" ones (Mauler and Spiker). Brute Shot, Energy Sword, and Gravity Hammer bonuses unchanged.
⦁ Flood Combat Form damage output with certain weapons is more consistent.
⦁ Flood Combat Forms are a bit less accurate and aggressive with weapons but have increased melee leap chances across the board. Melee leap properties also adjusted otherwise.
⦁ Combat Forms drop a bit more Shotgun and Mauler ammo.
⦁ Human/Civilian/ODST Combat Forms have a slightly longer maximum melee leap distance.
⦁ Made special variants for human Combat Forms driving vehicles to compensate for them being the only Combat Forms who have proper animations for most vehicles but being too fragile to pose a threat. These variants just have more health. Tank drivers are more durable than other vehicle drivers.
⦁ Flood Ranged Forms have a bit more leading with their spike weapon (on the lower bound).
⦁ Etc.

⦁ Sentinels resist all non-Flood melees a bit.
⦁ Adjusted Sentinel shield and body health.
⦁ Etc.

Allied AI/Actor Changes:

⦁ Decreased allied proficiency with the Scorpion overall.
⦁ Most Firefight allies have slightly less health (Except Engineers who properly have a bit more health than normal now.).
⦁ Etc.

Player Changes:
⦁ Player body health starts to recharge one second sooner but takes 1 second longer to recharge to 25% (leading to the same full recharge time overall). This is to help reduce the downtime while waiting for your health to recharge. This is subject to be adjusted.
⦁ Etc.

Weapon Changes:

⦁ "Weak cutting" melees (Spiker and Mauler) now have some bonuses to what "normal" melees are strong against but "cutting" melees are not. This is some sort of compensation for reducing their bonuses.
⦁ SSMG, AR, Spiker, Automag, and Spike Grenades do slightly more damage to player body health.
⦁ Plasma Pistols and Rifles do slightly less damage to Elite body health. A slight correction to it doing more damage to that material than intended (though it's still doing more damage than I originally intended).
⦁ Sniper Rifle and Beam Rifle are capable of doing a bit of indirect vehicle transfer damage.
⦁ Shotgun and Mauler no longer use "conical spread" properties and instead shoot their projectiles similarly to Halo 1/2. Should hopefully make them more consistent. Not hitscan anymore, though.
⦁ Explosions and Splaser shots do more damage to "thin" hard metal (i.e.: Elite and Sentinel body materials.).
⦁ "Large" explosions (i.e.: Rocket Launcher and FRG shots.) do slightly more damage to "hard" Flood flesh (i.e: The main body material for Tank Forms.).
⦁ Other misc. changes to the global damage table.
⦁ Etc.

⦁ BR and Machine Gun Turret do more damage to "thin" energy shields (most units' shield "armor" type). The damage now sits at 62.5%.
⦁ Assault Rifle has slightly less minimum and maximum spread.
⦁ Automag has less maximum spread.
⦁ Shotgun has less damage falloff. Does more damage to the player.
⦁ Sniper Rifle does more damage to the player.
⦁ Increased Missile Pod Damage a tad. Projectiles are bit faster.
⦁ Edited the Frag Grenade's explosion effects to work better with its extra AoE range.
⦁ Etc.

⦁ Increased Plasma Pistol damage. Enemies still do vanilla damage with it.
⦁ Spiker projectiles have a bit less projectile velocity but do a bit more damage.
⦁ Mauler max range extended a bit. Damage falloff increased though. More to help enemies with the weapon be more of a threat with it and achieve ranges a closer to vanilla. Should help Mauler enemies feel less like dead weight.
⦁ Increased Energy Sword damage a bit. Still does the same damage to Tank Forms.
⦁ Plasma Cannon damage increased slightly.
⦁ Etc.

⦁ Increased Trip Mine damage. Changed its damage type to do more damage to "solid" hard metal (i.e.: tank and Hunter armor).

Vehicle Changes:

⦁ Mongoose has proper E-brake support (Thanks to Shinku for help with this.). It also has a bit more health.
⦁ Scorpion does more outright damage. Maximum transfer damage to vehicle occupants adjusted to stay the same.
⦁ Etc.


⦁ Increased Wraith max AoE radius by a bit. Changed the visual effect to match. Gunner does more damage.
⦁ Wraith does much more outright damage (it's now similar to the Scorpion's damage.). Like the Scorpion, its transfer damage to vehicle occupants has been changed to be the same as before. Wraith gunner does more damage.
⦁ Decreased Shade turret projectile velocity but it does more damage.
⦁ Phantom main turret gunners have some leading now.
⦁ Etc.

Campaign Level Changes:

⦁ There is one less reviver ally on Uplift Reserve and ONI Alpha Site.
⦁ Etc.
Probably other changes I forgot about. :(

All campaign levels are included in this mod, even the cutscene ones. Even though I didn't edit the cutscene levels, I'm still including them so you can have a full experience with this mod (though they are optional). Due to the nature of how Firefight works in ODST (the FF maps are literally the campaign maps repurposed), you don’t have to download separate maps for Firefight. You get the full experience in 9 levels.

Now, as for actually installing this mod:
1. Backup all your vanilla ODST maps. Extremely important if you want to play the vanilla campaign and/or do Firefight matchmaking in ODST.
2. Extract all the maps included in the main archive to your ODST maps folder.
3. (Optional) Extract the maps in the cutscene map archive to your ODST maps folder as well, if you want.
4. Load up MCC with Easy Anti Cheat off. Standard fare stuff.
5. Enjoy the mod. Again, I recommend Legendary for the best experience.

When you feel like playing vanilla, playing another ODST mod, and/or are just done with the mod, I recommend you follow these steps:
1. (Optional) Backup all this mod's maps to another folder for latter use.
2. Restore all your backed up ODST maps from before. Overwrite all maps in the current ODST maps directory. Put high emphasis on the "all" if you want to go back to vanilla.
3. Enjoy that experience.

You are free to use anything from this mod at your discretion without asking me for permission.

You are free to make your own versions of this mod and upload them at your discretion without asking me for permission.

You are free to use the ideas from this mod as you wish without asking me for permission.

You are free to look at this mod's internals as you wish without asking me for permission.

You are free to edit this mod for personal use as you wish without asking me for permission.

If you do any of this, credit me and those who’ve helped me. Only condition.

TLDR; this mod is basically free use and you don't have to inform me that you're doing things with it and don’t have to get my permission to use if for your own ends. My only condition is that you credit me and those who’ve helped me if you do so (basically credit those I credited in the credits section below.).

Musings and Miscellaneous:
Well, for a mod on the simpler side, this still took two months to remake and expand on. While it was fun to work on, I’m just glad to finally be done with this 2.0 release. It’s taken longer than I wanted. And this readme was a pain to write. I just want it to be over.

What’s next for me then? Well, I've a Halo 3 mod called YAH3R (or Yet Another Halo 3 Revamp) on the Steam Workshop I released as a 1.0 recently. YAH3R and ODST: Inferno use similar balance, AI, and design principles, but YAH3R is bigger in scope and is "crazier" on the changes. I've also a Halo 2 mod in private alpha that isn't really anywhere close to a public beta. So when that'll come out is anyone's guess. I also released my Halo 1 mod a while ago, but that’s for Custom Edition with Open Sauce. I also mod other games --- Divinity: Original Sin 2 currently. So yeah.

Thank you for reading this long ass readme and I hope you decide to play it. :)

I have a Discord server now that you can join: Discord.gg . Here you can discuss ODST: Inferno and my other Halo mods. :)

On the name change:
Now why the name change/rebranding, you may ask? Well, I don’t feel my old name was doing the mod any favors in terms of clarity, recognition, ease of mentioning, or publicity. It had some thematic appropriateness, but just didn’t seem to “click” with others. With me remaking the mod with official mod tools, I thought it was a prime time to change the name. ODST: Inferno sounds a bit generic, I admit, but it’s still cool sounding in my opinion. And it still fits thematically in a sense and keeps the idea of having a “hell” theming in the mod’s name. And what might be that connection? Dante’s Inferno, which ODST has some connection to via structuring, story, etc. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Anyways, that’s enough for this section.

⦁ Markel
⦁ GreppiM
⦁ Kavawuvi
⦁ Silentgamer64
⦁ Dex
⦁ The Fluffies
⦁ Bio Goji
⦁ Byzantine is Roman
⦁ Sean T
⦁ Ludus
⦁ The Vengeful 'Vadam
⦁ Everyone who played my submitted map for the Open Carnage map contest.
⦁ Etc.

Special Thanks:
⦁ My playtesters
⦁ Byzantine is Roman
⦁ Markel
⦁ Crisp
⦁ The Fluffies
⦁ TheKaiserOfChaos
⦁ Greenknight
⦁ AStickTree
⦁ Rosy
⦁ Ruby of Blue
⦁ Kralich/David
⦁ xM
⦁ Ebony McCloud
⦁ Lord Zedd/Assembly Team
⦁ Gravemind2401/Reclaimer Team
⦁ Halo Modding Reclaimers Discord
⦁ H20 Discord
⦁ Halo Haven Discord
⦁ Open Carnage
⦁ ModDB
⦁ Halo Mods Discord
⦁ Dopeh Orange (old mod name suggestion)
⦁ Halopedia
⦁ Bungie
⦁ 343 Industries
⦁ Saber Interactive
⦁ Microsoft
⦁ You, the player. :) Or just for reading here in the readme.
⦁ Etc.

People represented in the Firefight reviver ally cast:
⦁ TheVengeful’Vadam (Steel colored Elite Ultra who specializes in Needlers.)
⦁ GreppiM (Differently colored Elite Major who specializes in blue Plasma Rifles.)
⦁ Markel (Purple striped female ODST who specializes in Assault Rifles.)
⦁ Myself (Assault armor clad Elite Ultra who specializes in Carbines.)

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ODST: Inferno Main Maps

ODST: Inferno Main Maps

Full Version 5 comments

Main download with all the playable maps. Only download necessary to play the mod. Yes, you still need to use map replacement with the mod. :(

ODST: Inferno Cutscene Maps

ODST: Inferno Cutscene Maps


(Optional) Cutscene maps for the mod. Not necessary to download, but included for completeness.

ODST: Inferno Mod Documentation

ODST: Inferno Mod Documentation


Standalone mod readme that goes into more detail about the changes. (Because it didn't fit in the description.)

Guest - - 692,766 comments

Crash when loading mission, say unreal engine crash

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KingFeraligatr Creator
KingFeraligatr - - 4 comments

That's because the maps are out of date and only work before the August 31st update. The mod has not been updated for that version for the reasons I mentioned below. Once these editor issues are fixed, I'll continue working on an update to the mod. Sorry. :(

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KingFeraligatr Creator
KingFeraligatr - - 4 comments

I am working on ODST: Inferno 2.2 over time. However, for meantime, I have to halt some progress of development on 2.2. This is due to some bugs and issues with the latest version the ODST Editing Kit. These issues mostly deal with the level editor Sapien and include AI issues. Besides me considering the AI the biggest draw of this mod, it just means it's too much of a pain to work with Sapien at the moment. There's also issues with AI pathfinding on compiled maps. So I will be suspending development of 2.2 until these issues are fixed. I believe 343 will come out with a fix for the ODSTEK (and H3EK) soon-ish (no official word though), so it won't take too long hopefully.

Sorry all. :(

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