Important things to know:
- This story requires the DLC Justine to run.
- It requires the Amnesia game itself of course.
- The CS is meant for Windows (I am not sure if it works on mac too.)
- This mod is quite large, about 1 gigabyte, but the download itself is only about 300 MB.
- This is a full conversion mod.

Things to expect:
- An engaging story.
- Custom music, entities and sounds.
- Different endings.
- A death system (you cannot die too many times or you will be game over.)
- Unique puzzles (I hope not too hard :) )
- VERY creepy atmosphere (at some points even nightmarish.)
- Unique chases.
- Well thought Jumpscares (MAYBE some cheap ones, but they are very, very rare.)
- Boss fight.

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Last Version


Hi all,

It has been 4 years since the release of this, and I felt the need to make a couple of changes to this old Custom Story. I know about the bug in the cellar, and some other inconvenient things, so I decided to make one last patch to address it. I made a list of changes which i will list here, so you can see for yourself:


patch notes 1.1
- neccesary --> necessary in pre menu
- Removed a - in the overhead layer
- Gave all the orbpieces capital letters in their title
- Added pre menu text that specifies that it is impossible to revisit previous levels

- Davids diary 7:
a happening --> something to worry about
- Prisoner's Note:
waiting until I can leave it ---> just waiting
saybr] ----> say
Let me concentrate on the situation at hand now. ---> Let me concentrate on the situation at hand.
but then ---> but that's just a facade.
He is trying to feel you as relaxed as possible. ---> he is trying to make you feel as relaxed as possible.
put ---> puts
- David's Diary 5:
system ---> plan
With my 16 failures and 2 successes now ---> With my 16 failures and 2 successes
with good things also come bad things… ---> Bad things come when you least expect it
people that disappear in these. ---> people that disappear in these woods.
the policemen had left with his car ---> The policemen had left
- David's Diary 4:
incite the children also ---> incite the children
was working on ---> had worked on
- Anne's diary 3 :
that answer is 'yes' every time. ---> that answer is still yes every time
the huge wine storage beneath the library when we first encountered that thing. ---> since our encounter with that thing
Clark fell ---> Clark fell over a barrel
to put it on paper now ---> to put it on paper right now
- David's Diary 3:
sometime ---> sometimes
- Anne's Diary:
Clark told me later ---> Later Clark told me
He thought that was very strange ---> very strange if you ask me
and we need something to eat or drink also. ---> and we also need something to eat or drink.
- David's Diary 2:
so no unwanted visitors can come and have a look at my portal. --> so no unwanted visitors at my portal.
- Clark's Diary:
However, ---> I am sure
Because there surely wasn't a door there, in óur house… ---> Because I know our REAL house doesn't have a door in that spot
Added: When we first got here,
- 2 houses?:
It's 2 days ---> It has been 2 days
And then there is that glowing orb also ---> and then there is also that glowing orb

Other Things:
- Changed the 3 levers in the cellar to just 1 lever, that opens the 3 portcullis doors.
- Added a 'subtle' hint in the first house map to make the first orb piece puzzle a bit easier.
- Made the orbpiece that is stuck in the pipe in the crematory part of the catacombs non-interactable. (not the orbpiece you need to progress. Yes, there are 2 props, one that is stuck, and one that comes out)
- Repositioned the hatch in the sewer part of the catacombs so it is now easier to go through.
- Made it impossible to mistakingly go through the dark mansion part again if you reached the church
- Made it impossible to reach the portal in the last encounter without actually doing the boss fight (Yes, I am looking at you, people who used the pipes to get around the invisible wall)
- Added extra message that explains what you need to do in the last boss'fight'
- Added extra message that tells you to assemble the orb before moving on in the church
- Added a locked sound to the dark maze level door


I am sure I still missed some things, but the big problems are out of the way. Everyone who wants a good ending can get their good ending. :)

PS: I was quite a bit younger when i wrote the notes (16 years) and English is not my native language. Though I changed a couple of things, I still wanted that 'not perfect english' vibe to remain. I think it's charming.

PPS: I know that Frictional games released update 1.3 with a level editor, but when I tried out that level editor my computer almost exploded. This mod wasn't made with 1.3 in mind, But i think it still works when you play the game, just dont go around messing with my maps with that version because you are going to get errors for sure




Some hints about the first couple of puzzles that are quite hard. WARNING: there are obviously spoilers here....

BUGS and isolated conversion

BUGS and isolated conversion


information about the BUGS and an isolated full conversion

Beta release

Beta release


Our mod is out! but there is , however, a warning.



News 1 comment

Hi all, It's been a while since I posted the trailer for this mod. And I think it's time to give you a little update.

RSS Files
Number 7 Last Version

Number 7 Last Version

Full Version 1 comment

The last version of the game. Fixes a couple of things

Number 7 (Old version)

Number 7 (Old version)

Full Version 2 comments

fixed a couple of small bugs in this version. like a useless key in the final level

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Čeština (Czech translation):

Full walkthrough (English version):

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перевел на русский\translated to russian.

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I just finished playing Number 7 and I'm so impressed by what you have done here, Custom.

I loved the level designs and I really enjoyed the parts where it's completely black; it felt that something was going to come out at any minute. When that did happen, every time, I made too much noise that alerted my presence and I had to hide behind barrels by holding them so that I wouldn't die. It just kept me on edge and I appreciate CS's that do that, and do it well.

In terms of the puzzles, they were excellent in my opinion. I especially took a lot of interest in the boiler room puzzle since I have never seen something like that before in Amnesia. Another puzzle that I thought was great was that whole sequence with the Alters in the Library; yeah, it was a fetch quest, but it was done right and actually required a bit of thinking in order to complete it. I feel what would've made this puzzle better would be to have hidden the keys in less obvious spots or maybe have two sets, with one of them being fake.

My only issue that I have with this CS is that in the very first level where you can find the first orb piece, there are two combinations of '19' that you can make that fulfill the requirements of "three up and three down". It did throw me for a loop when I didn't get it right, but I think that both of them should have been able to work instead of just the one combination. The other thing too was that the death system was interesting, but it was easily exploitable. Maybe in the future you could incorporate something where if someone tries to cheat the system something could be taken away. I understand that doing that would take a lot more time to do, but it would make cheating the system less likely.

Overall though, great job and I look forward to you making more Custom Stories! 9/10

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I forgot to ask you back then: Is the mapping heavily inspired by the mapping from the Harry Potter games? :P There's music and sounds from it already.
If yes, GOOD choice! :D Not because it's Harry Potter or so, but because the games were really well made themselves. The developers (KnowWonder) really knew how to make games... :)

Also forgot to rate this game a looong while ago. 10/10, because it's long, challenging and was good throughout the whole thing. ^^

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Were number 6? xD

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I`d say,all bugs aside,this is one of the best mods for this game. No idea why it has such a low rating and popularity

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Because it is too hard for some newbies. :3

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I'm hopelessly stuck in the basement level where there are three lever
rooms (three levers have to be pushed
and then a key appears to to open the forth room). In my "version" no key
appears after the third lever is
pushed; rather, a distinct unlocking click is heard and the forth room is
unlocked but unlike all other
"versions" there is again a lever but no button. Pushing the lever does
nothing and progress is halted -- the
grated door does not open and progress is stopped. Sooooo frustrating. This
is more than just a glitch, no? Am I missing something?

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Just a little question, are you dutch or belgic?
Even een kleine vraag, ben je nederlands en/of belgisch?

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CustomCriticNL Creator

Ja, ik ben Nederlands.
Yes, I am Dutch.

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