What is it?
A private passion project of mine I figured some people would appreciate, so I'll upload it here as well. Really barebones first release version. All voices done by me. Voices aims to be as realistic and close as possible when it comes to callouts and radio chatter.

Equipment used:
Minimal mixing done in Audacity. My microphone is an Audio-Technica AT2020 with a TIE mic stand and Focusrite Scarlet Solo interface. Models edited with GIMP.

Kit weapons:
As it stands with totally vanilla weapons, I have come up with something that kinda fits Norway at the time of game release and after (2005-2008). Yes, the assault/medic balance is totally out of whack.

Norfor 2005:
Spec ops - M4 (As Colt C8)
Sniper - L96 (AWM)
Assault - G3 (AG-3)
Support - M249 (closest thing to the rpm of a MG3)
Engineer - Remington 870
Medic - G3 (AG-3)
AT - MP5, Eryx

Norfor 2022
Spec ops - M4 (As Colt C8. You can go G36C as well, as it's used by some Norwegian spec-ops)
Sniper - L96 (AWM)
Assault - M4 (HK416)
Support - M249 (FN Minimi)
Engineer - Remington 870
Medic - M4 (HK416)
AT - MP7, Eryx (Eryx is not used anymore)

-Models based on EU forces skins. They have really similar camouflage pattern to Norway as it is. I only applied Norwegian flags on top of the EU flags.
-Includes one skin of a CV90 which is uploaded by A_teletubby. Get it here: Moddb.com

To do list
-Rerecord most of grunt sounds and others parts. I'm not content with many lines. Volume mixing.
-Reskin the soldiers with true Norwegian camouflage based off images of my M-04 uniform at home.
-Include more vehicle skins:
*A_teletubby's K9 Thunder
*A_teletubby's NM142
*Find a suitable Leo2A4 to reskin
*PoE's G-wagen,
*AiX2.0's F-16.
-Make a faction specific medal and a badge.
-Implement win and lose jingles

Nice things I'd like to do, but is way down the line if ever
-Create a map or two
-Reskin soldier uniform for desert environment
-Change AT model hanging from AT soldiers back to an Eryx
-Force some of my friends to record Grunt/SL or Commander parts for voice diversity. Alternatively changing my pitch and covering my dialect on grunt/SL/commander voices
-Get some general 3d modelling skills so I can change some stuff about the soldiers to be more in line with Norwegian equipment.

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Version 0.2 released


Attention: As of 0.2 this mod is now a minimod of Point of Existence 2. It also needs the xpack and a CV90 by A_teletubby.

I felt being dependent on PoE2 was a natural thing to do considering I am in no position to create any models of weapons and vehicles other than simple skins. By having PoE2 as a base, many interesting weapons become available that helps Norwegian forces stand out.

New features:

  • MG-3 as main support weapon. From PoE2 New, HD weapon icons by me
  • Mercedes G-wagen Wulf from PoE2 serves as MB Feltvogn. Stand in for both light and heavy jeeps.
  • DM-61 hand grenade from PoE2. Reskinned by me.
  • NM248 smoke grenade. Reskinned vanilla smoke grenade by me
  • Hawk Hill originally called "Risen", this PoE2 map is a great looking map that fits a Norwegian environment. Originally Germany vs Ukraine, it is now Norway vs (xpack) Spetsnaz.

Requirements to run the mod:

A_teletubby's CV90 addon:
Be sure to not overwriting the custom Norwegian skin that already lies in objects_client.zip

Point of Existence 2:
-Download and install into the battlefield 2/mods folder.
-Find the map "Risen" in levels and copy the client.zip over to "hawk_hill" in norfor/levels folder

Anyone is free to use my creations as they want. Just give me a heads up.

Gameplay video with new features:

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NorFor v0.2

NorFor v0.2

Patch 3 comments

Version 0.2 brings various of new features, primarily being the mod is now kind of a minimod of Point of Existence 2.

norfor v0.1

norfor v0.1

Demo 1 comment

Really barebones version of me screaming into the microphone. It works, but it needs some refining.

BF2all - - 1,151 comments

Norwegian in karkand :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hjaldrgud Creator
Hjaldrgud - - 155 comments

lol, yes. I felt I had to include a couple of maps so people could quickly check it out without manually creating init files. Karkand and Zatar are both stand-ins. Karkand for desert camo, Zatar for forest camo.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
JVAS15 - - 93 comments

It would be cool if you use some POE maps, specially the ones with snow.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hjaldrgud Creator
Hjaldrgud - - 155 comments

It's been on my mind, as they fit pretty well. As a bonus I want to use 1-2 of their vehicles, so making this mod dependent on PoE fits well.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
BF2all - - 1,151 comments

How about Arctic Warfare? Moddb.com
Yukon Bridge would suit well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hjaldrgud Creator
Hjaldrgud - - 155 comments

Excellent idea. I had forgotten about that mod

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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